New Tech, Trims and Trucks Ready for 2018 State Fair of Texas


The unofficial beginning of auto show season begins this week with the Texas Auto Show at the 2018 State Fair of Texas, set to run at Fair Park in Dallas from Friday to Oct. 21. Given that more pickup trucks are sold in Texas than any other state, the fair will feature a massive Truck Zone filled with all the major — and minor — pickup manufacturers displaying every pickup they make.

We're at the show this week, pouring over each pickup for all the news we can find and making videos. If we're lucky, we'll get some intel on project vehicles we'll see at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, the huge aftermarket love fest that happens Oct. 30 through Nov. 2 in Las Vegas.

In the meantime, look for stories and videos later this week and next from the State Fair of Texas about the pickups that catch our eye. Here are the state fair particulars:

  • When: Friday through Oct. 21
  • Where: Fair Park, 3921 Martin Luther King Blvd., Dallas
  • Hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays
  • General admission: $18 for adults, $12.50 for folks 60 and older and children less than 48 inches tall; discounts available for online ticket purchases
  • Information: or 214-565-9931

Feel free to let us know if there's anything special you want to see in the comment section below. photos by Christian Lantry




We want to see a truck that is its own power station. It uses its own engine to charge a block of houses and welders and shops and campsites.
All trucks should be this way.

Ask the Big Cowboy if HE wants to ride in a minivan or a mid sizer. I know what he'll say!

Sorry Carl, This just isn't ready for production yet...

MLS956, yes, you really ARE sorry.
And this is just a small SUV.
Imagine a full truck engine as the generator.

LIke this.

All trucks should be this way.
Posted by: Carl | Sep 26, 2018

Seriously Carl. Don't you think that consumers and producers can decide for themselves what they want in regard to features? Maybe I have already determined that I don't need a truck that lights up a city block.

This "one size fits all" mentality adds huge expense to your truck.

LOL Carl! your funny man. That mitsubishi can only tow 1500 lbs! It might as well be a car not a truck. And VIA has been around long enough that if they were going to unseat IC pickups, they would've done so already. But hey, Keep belittling people, I'm sure that earns you lots of respect and credibility...

That Big Cowboy was around long before trucks got so big. In Texas it doesn't matter what size of truck you drive as long as its a truck. Lots of pickups in Texas always have been long before pickups became a family vehicle.

Via Motors trucks are IC trucks.
Just like your comment, I don't belittle people, their comments belittle themselves.

And papajim, electrified trucks are MUCH cheaper to own than pure IC trucks. Try educating yourself--just a little.
And consumers and producers HAVE ALREADY chosen vehicles that light up a city block. All the major auto makers have put their billions into the and re right now electrifying their entire lineup.
And try to figure it out. "Electrified" does not necessarily mean "pure EV".
Several of you really struggle with reading comprehension.

The FAKE Jeff S

Sometimes I think Ecoboost Rules didn't leave the site as he said he would but rather has started posting under other usernames..

posting under other usernames


The continued (and childish) use of other's ID's on this site really threatens the viability of the comments page, and diminishes the enjoyment that the rest of us get from coming here and communicating/debating.

It's really hard for a sensible person to understand the value that a person could get from hiding behind another person's ID on a site where you ALREADY have complete anonymity.

@papajim ,

The only one that is constantly "diminishing our enjoyment" is you always caring about personal things like this.

So please stop posting controlling comments about people unless you have something to say about the truck issues they are talking about.

@ big truck

I have never seen you post on here before. How about you listen to those of use who have been on this site for a while now.

Comprehend what papajim is stating. The person who is using other peoples user name because he doesn't the b@lls to use his own name is cowardly, childish, and its annoying for all the rest of us who enjoy commenting.

Its not that hard of a concept to grasp. Be respectful to someone else's user name. If you want to insult someone, or brand bash them. Get your own username and do so! Don't be an impostor! It's that simple.

@TNTGMC @PAPJIM I agree, but kids will be kids right?


Kids should be raised and taught proper RESPECT and INTERGRITY!

but, yes, that's what our newer generations of kids are lacking greatly!

papa- once they get rid of blue tnt and gms, we will be ok and the names will be fine....

Big truck, the first guy says listen to us, thats the one you dont listen too.

Lets just all not have user names at all.
Then you girls could just stick to the topic, rather than getting all possessive.
Now, to get on topic:
I would like to see some GMC trucks set up with the 6.2 that are more off-road capable than the current offerings. If it has to be third party, so be it.

Respect is passed to the younger generation by practicing respect. Redicule of others will always destroy respect.

@ Nitro

Again please revert from commenting until you check for understanding. All papajim and I are asking is that you show RESPECT and INTEGRITY and use your own name! Pretty easy concept right?

Why do you want confrontation with me, and gms constantly? Do you have nothing better to do? Do you get sh!ts and giggles out of it for your own amusement?

Are you one of those kids who wasn't raised with respect and integrity?

If your saying that I have other usernames, your dreaming and wrong. I have had this username from the start, and some other clown has used my name, along with 25 other names to make himself/herself feel better!

@ Jay

Totally agree. GM in general needs to put the 6.2L in at least its LT and SLE trim levels.


Kids should be raised and taught proper RESPECT and INTERGRITY!

but, yes, that's what our newer generations of kids are lacking greatly!

Posted by: TNTGMC | Sep 26, 2018 10:21:00 AM

the problem isn't the children, the problem lies with the parents, parents are this countries biggest problem

Respect and Integrity has nothing to do with screen names, unless you are a control freak.

On to this page's subject. Are we going to see GmM's I6 Duramax? Or maybe RAM's Gen 2 EcoDiesel? It is now an option for the Jeep.

Which half ton diesel will have best MPG or highest trailer towing.

I vote for no names as well, so papa stops trying to be everyone's overlord and we get on with pickups. That's why we come here. Not for his social club.
So anyway, it is possible we will see the new Cummins with its graphite block? I'm guessing that will save a few hundred pounds off the nose and added to the payload of my new one ton. Any word?

@big truck

You had better shape up or I will have you thrown off this board.

It's really hard for a sensible person to understand the value that a person could get from hiding behind another person's ID on a site where you ALREADY have complete anonymity.

@bigtruck, big al, biggie, fake Jeff S,

Please read and absorb the above statement. Try to integrate it. That's not asking too much. Your fellow commenters will thank you for it.

Please inquire with Toyota as to when they will finally update the very outdated Tundra. I understand that it is a capable truck that is reliable however it's very dated. The fuel economy alone is very poor to the other players in the 1/2 ton segment.

Will the 2020 model year be the year for a new Tundra? The current truck had a minor refresh in 2014. However the 5.7L power train is 12 years old already.

There was also talk from Toyota that they would update the Tacoma power train to stay competitive in the mid size market that keeps adding competition.

Thank you.

The Big Cowboy is an inanimate object that has been around a long time. If he is riding around in anything it would be a semi.

toyota announced many months ago that the tundra and tacoma would be given hybrid options. in the announcement, they did not say anything about updating the interiors or body etc.

btw, the guys like TNTGMC and papajim please not clutter the discussion page with off topic posts and threats.

I wouldn't mind an option on a truck that allowed it to serve as an emergency generator for a single home... say 6 or 7K surge to 10. But by no means would I personally want/pay for more nor ever care to see anything but a single or double 120 outlet for some tools/lights as standard. All that kinda stuff should be market driven and I got a feeling youre out there pretty much by yourself on your own block dreaming of that much electricity from your truck.

@ Ben

“ Respect and Integrity has nothing to do with screen names, unless you are a control freak. “

Exactly. Scan over that mentality disabled PapaJoke comments. 90% are telling others what or what no to do. It’s absolutely sickening.

Not the REAL Jeff S

Hey PapaJoke...

A username is not a persons ID here you moron.

The California Air and Resources Board is holding hearings on Thursday and Friday this week to decide about raising the incentives to $4,500 if Washington, D.C., does not lift their own caps. The $4500 incentive is the total of California money to electric car buyers. The Feds add even more, yet for some reason the market is not responding with sufficient enthusiasm to assure a future in the US for alternative power. Why do you think that is?

Sure, not everyone wants that much electricity, but the truck's combustion engine is perfectly capable of producing the amount of electricity that several houses need. The via motor truck only has a small 4.3 v6, and it easily does it. The Workhorse W-15 does also.
And the truck has to produce ALL of the power from the engine anyway since it uses it for powering the electrical motors to turn the wheels, so no big extra expense to output to a welder or to homes.
In fact, you are not aware, that PG&and many power companies have been advocating this kind of thing for many years so that all neighborhoods have at least one vehicle capable of powering the street when the power grid goes down(and it will and does go down at times), for backup. So your comment about me being "on my own block" is completely incorrect.
This page is specifically for pickups, but for some reason, the ignorance about trucks is quite strong here.

.......It’s absolutely sickening.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Sep 26, 2018 12:20:04 PM

.......a persons ID here you moron.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Sep 26, 2018 12:52:05 PM

PUTC, please stop posting comments sent via the above posters i.p. address.

Wow, finally a comment of auto industry substance from papa. That's like, 1 out of 8 at last count.

The industry has not fully mass produced "electric drive" vehicles yet. The old kind of hybrids have given electrified vehicles a bad name because they were still mechanical based vehicles that were too complex and expensive(so as to keep the old auto industry pockets happy.
But now that the tens of billions have been finally spent in the last couple of years to develop the full electric drive vehicles(mostly still with combustion engines mind you), we will see the costs and complexity go way down for the consumer and it will all make sense to them shortly. You can actually buy some of them already in some of the most mainstream vehicles. They are quietly coming online. But they will soon be the mainstream.

@ Ben Reverse powering the electrical grid could get you in deep trouble. With most utilities when the grid is down you must NOT put power back in for safety reasons.

Hey Mark Williams do not show us no Garbage from GARBAGE MOTORS aka (GM). Shows us real trucks like the F-Series. No junk like the chevyota tunderado or fiat trucks. Just the F-Series plz.

I wanted to respond to your article, but
the calls by a few posters here for you to block other posters are far more a problem than the commenters they are trying to block. They are just trying to control people that don't agree with them. So if you are going to block someone, block them. But as for me, I don't want anyone blocked--unless they are regularly trying to turn this place into their personal chat page rather than a page about pickups.

Now, the Texas fair usually focuses more on heavy duty trucks since I think those come a little later than the reveals of the half tons. But the new L5P and the new Ford is probably not going to change much. But the RAM is the oldest design especially when you consider the engine and transmission. Can we get a word on upcoming changes?

@ Just the truth,

You don't know the issue well. PG&E knows all about grids going down and putting power into it from each house and their generators. This has all been worked out years ago. I encourage you to go read all about it. You can't teach the power companies much about their own grids. | And they very much want us to have our own backups to feed into the grid.

We ought to go to login with password on this site. Not everyone is here for the same reasons obviously.

This page is specifically for pickups, but for some reason, the ignorance about trucks is quite strong here.
Posted by: Ben | Sep 26, 2018


Did you ever take any classes in persuasion? A really rotten way to convert people to your point of view is to start off by offending them.

Papa, the only reason you are here is to control some kind of social club you think is yours. So there are sites for that you can join. Please go do so.

Here, we are talking about our trucks etc.

@ Ben I may know since I work for an electrical utility.

You are obviously not very high up in the company, since many utilities have been advocating feeding power into the grid from their vehicles for many years.
Don't shoot the messenger. Again, I encourage you to go look it up.

We ought to go to login with password on this site. Not everyone is here for the same reasons obviously.
Posted by: papajim | Sep 26, 2018 1:28:44 PM


@ben Yes one of us needs to look it up.

Well, since you are calling me a liar, you are the one with the responsibility to look it up. I have followed the development for many years.

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