Toyota Rolls Out Style Package for Base-Level 2019 Pickups

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Toyota used the 2018 State Fair of Texas to reveal that for the 2019 model year, both the mid-size Tacoma and full-size Tundra pickup trucks will offer a new, base-level black-out package — called the SX — to cater to buyers looking for more style without spending lots of money.

2019 Tacoma SX

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The Tacoma SX Package will be available for the base SR trim level; it can be had only as an Access Cab (Toyota's name for mid-size extended cab), but it can be had with 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrains. The Tacoma's SX Package features black-out badging along with black fenders, mirror caps, grille, door handles, headlamps and 16-inch black-matte finish wheels.

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The new package will be offered in six colors: Super White, Silver Metallic, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic, Barcelona Red and Quicksand. It adds $560 to the cost of the SR.

2019 Tundra SX

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As with the Tacoma, the SX Package can be added to the base Tundra SR. It is only available with the Tundra SR double cab (Toyota's name for full-size extended cabs) with the 5.7-liter V-8 and a choice between 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrains.

The Tundra SX Package features color-matched front grille surrounds, front bumper end caps and rear bumper for a cleaner look. All exterior badging is removed to distinguish it from the Tacoma, but it will also offer front bucket seats and 18-inch black-out alloy wheels.

The Tundra SR with the SX Package will be offered in just three colors — Super White, Midnight Black Metallic and Barcelona Red Metallic — and will cost an additional $1,630.

The SX Package for the Tacoma and Tundra is available at Toyota dealers today.

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News for the Tundra should be way more exciting this time next year.

I still like the looks of the tundra but its needs to improve on the FE. Engine has enough power. They just dont get any gas mileage. Cousin went through 3 of them. Loved them, couldn't stand the mileage. Best he ever got with it was 16. Now has a Cummins ram


the fuel economy you get with a half-ton pickup is determined by the TYPE of driving you do, and the WEIGHT of the truck you are driving.

Type matters more if you do a lot of Interstate driving
Weight matters more if you do a lot of stop/go driving

Engine, transmission, rear gear are all factors but the above (Type/weight) matter far more.

For me personally the Toyota Tundra would be a great choice as long as your requirements can be met with a basic truck. The local dealer is not likely to have a lot of selection---compared to Ford, RAM or GM

Its a cost effective minor improvement in styling.

I would really like to see the Tundra get cutting edge with multiple modern engine offerings, trannys with more gears, use modern materials and bring some suspension innovation. I would love to see it move beyond "competent alternative for those who have been burned by the big 3 minus 1" and into serious contender territory.

ya spend all that money for a vehicle to be blacked out and it has chrome/bright lugnuts, so lame


Early this year Toyota announced that the Tacoma and Tundra would be getting a hybrid of some sort.

An improvement for sure for both trucks over the large black plastic front ends on the SR models. The Tacoma in particular looks strange to me with the plastic bumper that just ends randomly with sharp edges, at least the previous model had a defined line where it ended.

I can't see buying one of these. Back in 2007 it was a cutting edge product but it has barely changed and it competitors have left it in the dust in terms of fuel economy, refinement, and capabilty.

Hot DAMN! That's the best looking grille I've seen in over 20 years! That Tundra finally got something right! The Tacoma? Looks too much like the Ranger, now.

@ BD,

What are you talking about? The SX for the SR Tacoma is the same as my current 2016 SR Tacoma, same grille and front end.

Do you even own a Tacoma?

I ordered mine from the Texas plant with satin wheels and SR trim package with black front grille. I added 265/75 KO2's immediately and she looks suburb and gets second looks and good comments out on the street.

Can you get the blacked out badges and rims on a Tacoma TRD Off road or just the base model?

Last I heard, new drivetrain numbers are 450hp+ & 550lbtq+.

So your point is that its a redundant package? That makes sense seeing as how boring and interchangeable Toyota products are, like choosing between cold oatmeal and rice cakes.

@ BD,

Who cares about boring and style points. I want a truck that works, costs little to maintain and lasts many years and when I sell it I get more value than other trucks!

Go buy a gurly suv or sedan if you only care about looks or style. Trucks are meant to do shyt like work or off-road.

I own two Tacoma's and they get what I demand out of them. I am not one that has low self esteem or lacks confidence that I need a stylish vehicle to show who I am or what I am made of.

A hybrid powertrain is a big step in the right direction. They still need 2 or 3 more.


Where have you been all my life. Totally agree.
Most guys use a truck as a mask.
What are they hiding?

Toyota makes competent pickups for the pragmatic buyer. They also tend to follow the evolution over revolution approach to updating their products. As old as it is, the Tundra can still hold it's own against the other half tons for what they're commonly used for. But hopefully they'll use the money saved by not making expensive investments in short term gains that they'll produce a real game changer. Maybe beat tesla to an all electric pickup? I'm not personally confident in the short term reality of electrified vehicles. But truth be told, As soon as a truly efficient, affordable, practical and robust electrified pickup is produced, I'll be in line for one.

Eh nice but still to fancy for me lol. Ill take my 2011 reg cab with roll up windows and a 4 banger. Goes through blizzards, creeks and bogs and cant even dent or scratch that composite bed even with 90 lb logs heaved over my shoulder. Ive pulled out stuck jeeps and even my local boys in blue in the last blizzard. I see other companies putting in electric steering and air ride into their trucks and its just gonna break. My tacoma i just bash it, overload it, dont wash it and it never lets me down. The last true manufacturer of a "25 year" truck as far as im concerned. Hell my old 90' pickup is still running up in the central pa mountains somewhere...

ugly plus eat lot of gas so no thank

I have two Toyotas. The problem aside from the horrendous (they're all horrendous but Toyota is the most horrendous) fuel economy, is the very soft metals they use in the body that get damaged extremely easily. Just try to find a tundra that's more than 3 years old that doesn't have a severely dented tailgate and probably other body damage in the bed area. I don't see this happening on other makes.

As far as blackout wheels, buying it from the factory doesn't save money, it just enables the buyer to finance it on their auto loan. If you really want to save money buy aftermarket wheels. Or better yet, keep the wheels you have and paint them black. Nobody will know but you.

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