Which Pickups Had Their Best Sales Month Ever?

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August 2018 sales numbers were quite good, especially for those manufacturers that report sales numbers monthly (sales numbers for GM pickups — Chevrolet and GMC — are now reported only quarterly).

The Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Titan/Titan XD and Ram had sales more than 30 percent better than in August 2017, and two of those four had their best month ever. Of course, if you recall, it was last August when Hurricane Harvey hit the southern U.S., which had a significant impact on sales.

As the rest of the auto industry prepares for a global economic contraction (including possible tariffs in Europe and China), the pickup truck sales are humming along as the U.S. economy continues to grow.

The Tacoma is benefiting from strong demand and clever production restructuring at Toyota's Texas and Mexico plants, with another plant in Mexico plant getting ready to come online as soon as 2019. Of course, Toyota is heavily motivated to get its three-plant strategy ready to better compete against the return of the Ford Ranger, expected to go on sale by the end of this year. Tacoma sales were up 35.3 percent month over month, with 23,534 registered sales.

Another big August winner was Nissan's Titan and Titan XD. Nissan lumps sales for the two trucks together just as Ram and Ford do (the Titan is a traditional half ton, while the XD is a bigger, heavier-duty model); together the Titans had one of their best-selling months in the last two years, with almost 4,700 full-size pickups sold. That's also an increase from August 2017 of 32.4 percent.

Finally, Ram was another big winner for August. While Ram's sales number combines half-ton, three-quarter-ton and one-ton models, you can bet the new 2019 Ram 1500 (now in dealerships) is having a significant sales impact, along with the discounted 2019 Ram 1500 Classic models also at dealerships now. In fact, we're told this was the best-selling month for Ram 1500 in its history; Ram Truck sold just a tick less than 50,000 units and is up 32.7 percent.

The rest of the pickup class, at least the ones that report sales monthly, has also done well, with the Ford F-Series selling more than 80,000 units (up 6.3 percent) and the Honda Ridgeline up 7 percent (2,792 units).

How this plays out for the rest of the year will be interesting to watch, with both Ram and GM delivering strong all-new half-ton pickups with significant improvements in ride, features and content to a hungry marketplace. Don't expect Ford, Nissan or Toyota to sit on their hands for too much longer either.

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It is an old but very quality car.

That was really smart of GM to go to quarterly reporting of sales numbers instead of monthly like the rest of the industry. This way they only have the public see 4 times per year instead of 12 how Ram is catching up with them and Ford kicked their tails once again, as they have for more than forty straight years. GM, always thinking!

and Ford kicked their tails once again
Posted by: Dale | Sep 6, 2018


GM built/sold more trucks than Ford for several years in a row. Please explain yourself if you're capable of doing that.

The way trucks are counted is "settled Science".
Full size are counted as a group.
Midsize are counted as a group.
Right or wrong this is the way it is.
But it does not matter as the first month the Ranger is out no one will be adding them. Also if the 23% gm sales loss is true it will not matter anyway.

GM built/sold more trucks than Ford for several years in a row. Please explain yourself if you're capable of doing that.

Posted by: papajim | Sep 6, 2018 11:12:58 AM

You tell em' daddy!! You got em' good! Where's big bro TNTGMC when we need him?

(changes username).......
I'm right here johnny. Thanks for asking about me. I love you guys almost as much as my 98 Chevy.

Silverado still #1 after 47 years.

Silverado still #1 after 47 years.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Sep 6, 2018 3:54:22 PM

The Silverado debuted in 1998, you f'ken id!0t.

Silverado down 23 percent

Posted by: beebe | Sep 5, 2018 10:54:57 PM

Next year when sales are up 15% these bow tie wearing ladies will be like "yeah, Silverado #1 selling truck for 47 years!! Look at them gains!!". LOL. Can't make up how dumb these Chevy guys really are.

Can't make up how dumb these Chevy guys really are.

Posted by: HemiSemi | Sep 6, 2018 5:52:53 PM

What is worse is that they're GM guys, they're twice a stvpid.

What is worse is that they're GM guys, they're twice a stvpid.

Posted by: That Guy Frank | Sep 6, 2018 6:22:52 PM

No one says "twice a stvpid" better than That Guy Frank........... Stupid!

That's the mark of BA, aka Big Al.

Also Biggie, also Ozman, and numerous others. That rapid adoption of multiple iD's is a very profound predictor of mental illness, or at the bare minimum, a lack of personal integrity.

Let's see what the ford fans were saying in May 2015 when Ford sales were sinking and Ford scrambled to come up with weak excuses and big incentives when Chevy on its own was endangering Ford's sales numbers...

"Ford is currently having supply issues with the frame and other parts. When those are sorted I'm sure their sales will rebound."
Posted by: Truck1 | Jun 2, 2015 12:15:52 PM

"Frame deleys and not running plants at full capacity due to the shortage is ultimately hurting Ford."
Posted by: freedomidi86 | Jun 2, 2015 12:37:15 PM

"Ford concentrated on building their higher end models in the beginning, which is why the per truck transaction price is up. Once they start building more lower end trim models, the price per truck transaction will go back down. All the dealers in my neck of the woods (north of Chicago) have the higher end models. The entry level models are non-existent here. XLT through platinum is all you typically see. So if that's all you can buy, you have no choice but to buy the higher end models. I personally am a Ford fan and plan to buy one of the new F150's in the near future. But the numbers don't lie. Ford needs to do something to get customers through door if they want to remain #1. Like it or not, GM is doing what it takes to take the #1 slot."
Posted by: Breakdown02 | Jun 2, 2015 12:43:36 PM

"KC plant right now isn't at full capacity. I'm not giving excuses just the facts."
Posted by: freedomidi86 | Jun 2, 2015 1:01:11 PM

"A lot of Ford's inventory are remaining 2014's. There are not a lot of 2015 F-150's and the ones that are at the dealers are the higher trim models. Ford could get additional frames from Toyota."
Posted by: Jeff S | Jun 2, 2015 1:38:23 PM

"I'd feel good about these numbers given the constraints and facts if I was Ford.

Half the inventory and both plants have slowed and one plant isn't at full production yet. Didn't run any Memorial Day sales. Virtually no incentives."
Posted by: Thomas Lemon | Jun 2, 2015 2:03:18 PM

Now it's still early but GM combined is back to beating Ford's single truck line again but only after Ford shut down factories and have half the normal inventory.
Posted by: Scott C. | Jun 2, 2015 3:22:23 PM

My local Ford dealership has 3 2015 model F-150s and the are all Lariats vs a 2 dozen 2014s of all configurations. They can't meet demand for the new F-150 plain and simple and that means low sales. By August Ford will be back to normal, so many people forget how the new Silverado struggled in 2014 for over half the year and that was only a redisign vs Ford's redisign with new materials. It'll be closer this year but Ford will still come out on top, financially they already are
Posted by: Rick | Jun 3, 2015 1:02:02 AM
My oh my how the situation has changed. Now the 2019 GM trucks are a rare sign on dealer lots. So is that suddenly not a valid reason for the unverified claim that Silverado sales dropped in August? Seems like a perfectly *OK* thing for F-150 sales to lag behind so bad that GM was a mile ahead of Ford in sales. Even financially, GM seems to be in a vastly superior position compared for Ford, who lost nearly half of its value over the last 4 years.

"As for the success of the new F-150 it will do well enough but production delays and the higher cost of production gives their competitors a chance to gain market share."
Posted by: Jeff S | Jun 3, 2015 2:55:58 AM

"I think the verdict is still out on the 2015 F-150. When dealers have a handful of 2015s to sell versus many more 2014s it is hard to judge. Once the 2015 F-150s reach full production and the dealers have ample supplies then we will know how well it will do. Ford, GM, and FCA are not going to sit still without a fight. I think if someone really wants the new F-150 and can wait a while they might be able to get what they want at a decent discount--maybe not as large of a discount than Ram or Chevy but there will be some incentives. It is possible that Ford will lose 15 percent of their sales but it is still too early to tell and even if they did they are still selling a lot of trucks and making a sizable profit."
Posted by: Jeff S | Jun 3, 2015 3:44:38 PM

Gotta love that kind of irony. "Production shortages" "frame shortages" "lack of inventory" "too many 2014 F-150's holding 2015 sales back". Yet this kind of situation is even more present today with the Silverado, yet the same fanboys that defended Ford are ignoring that GM is in a similar situation as only the Indiana plant is building 2019 GM trucks so far. The rest of the 2019 trucks are the old Silverado 1500 LD aka 2018 models . Think that might have something to do with that dip?

No one says "twice a stvpid" better than That Guy Frank........... Stupid!

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Sep 6, 2018 7:01:33 PM

You mean how you keep saying the Silverado is #1 selling truck for 47 years.

It was released in '98, so what's you're excuse now, it was a model trim.


FCA has clearly found its new era of profitability, and that comes in the form of Jeeps and Rams. I'm already seeing a decent number of the new Ram running around.

I also saw a brand new GMC Sierra SLT in the hands of an owner last week, so those are now on the table. And I'm also amazed how many ZR2s GM seems to have sold over the last year, including the diesel-engined ones. Definitely a good time for trucks.

We're getting gouged.
The problem with buying trucks is most truck buyers will pay whatever just as long as they can get financing. Hence the inflated costs. It's a lot like the housing market in a lot of places.

Has Ford sold any f150 diesels? I have never seen one on the road.

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