2019 Ford Ranger XLT STX Photo Gallery: Ready to Play

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We've seen a couple versions of the coming 2019 Ford Ranger — both the FX4 and the Raptor — but now we can add one more after visiting the 2018 State Fair of Texas, which runs through Oct. 21 in Dallas. This 2019 Ford Ranger XLT with the STX Appearance Package was dressed to hit the beach or lagoon with surfboards and kayaks on the roof. The display vehicle had all the same underpinnings we've seen on Ford Rangers at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and 2018 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

Compared to other models we've seen, there's nothing really different about the STX, but we do like the bare-bones look and quality of the interior seats, dash and console area. And we hope Ford will eventually offer a manual transmission option.

Here's a closer look at what we saw at the 2018 State Fair of Texas.

Cars.com photos by Christian Lantry


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Agree re Tech firms. Disagree about "unskilled" labor in factories. Shop floor personnel in most plants are highly skilled.

Officially they are classified as semi skilled labour they are finding it hard to get jobs in the more HY-TEC Industries such as Microsoft Facebook etc


Have you ever worked in a auto plant?

It does not sound like it. About 15 years ago I worked on a IT project that required the tier-two and tier-three vendors to adopt something called Dynamic Sequencing.

Care to take a wild guess?

@papajim--My workplace has change more in the past 5 years than it has over 40 years. Fewer if any paper records, fax machines have completely disappeared, conferencing thru my laptop, and secured shared drive. My office is in the process of moving to smaller space to save money--don't need the storage space since our records are electronic. Don't need flip charts, overhead projectors, use very little paper, hardly use a pen or pencil, and have gone from about 4 file draws to 0. Eventually we will use portable devices such as tablets or smart phones instead of laptops. It is amazing how much my workplace has changed over the past 5 years and even long term over 40 years. I started out using journals and ledgers and now use Excell, Word, PDF, and Power Point. My individual productivity has increased.


Are you on Windows 10?

The Colorado also was mostly designed elsewhere. Did it get cheaper because of engineering costs? No, it got more expensive.

Posted by: Chris | Oct 13, 2018 11:41:14 AM

Link to proof of statement?

Everything I've read shows that maybe a door and roof panel are shared with the global Colorado.

It use to be the XLT was the top of the line, Per this article it says a bare bones look with the STX??????

tag says STX, put article says it is an XLT with STX package

They are both start with the global design/archictecture and make changes with new parts.

Now I could say the same about the Ranger US version being all different: all new fully boxed frame, 10 speed trans, engine, front and rear styling, all panels tweaked, hood, belt line, wheel arch, bumper, grille, cargo box rails, wheels, cab sizes (global only has a standard cab), etc.

This was brought up because someone was saying Ford had the global design so it should be cheaper to sell. It doesn't work that way. It will cost what it costs and to what it matters it isn't the same truck.

I do not care for looks on any pickup, but it reminds me of an F-150 from the rear-side. That is how NOT to market a smaller truck!

It should look different from its full-size truck all-around!

It should look different from its full-size truck all-around!
Posted by: oxi | Oct 14, 2018 '


In six months we'll know if you're right

I am thinking that sales of the new Ranger will end up being close the Colorado. If Ford wanted to, they could put the 2.7 ecoboost in this, I think if they did that, they would pull ahead of the combined Colorado/Canyon in mid-size sales. The problem of course with putting the 2.7 in the Ranger, would be that it would further cannibalize sales from the F-150. Toyota is facing some serious competition overall in the mid-size class, they really need to take the next generation to the next level.

The STX looks like it SUX, like a Ridgeline but even more boring.

@papajim--Believe or not no, I am still on Windows 7. My work laptop is over 5 years old and I will not get a refresh until my employer gets Windows 10. For my own personal use I use an Acer chromebook. I had a Samsung chromebook for over 5 years that died about a month ago and I just replaced it with an Acer that I got $50 off at Costco--bigger screen, carrying case, and wireless mouse for the same price as I paid for the Samsung.

Windows 7 machines will not take a "10 upgrade", despite what Microsoft might say.

Windows 10 is a very different system. I found it frustrating and finally went to the dark side (Apple) and have NO regrets. The Mac is so much more intuitive and i cannot imagine going back. In case you aren't familiar you can run Microsoft aps on your Mac.

@papajim--Agree, I am not that big of a fan of Microsoft or HP. I have a 6 year old Gateway all in one that I seldom use that has Windows 7 and Office 2010. The main reason I keep it is it is compatible with my work computer and I like it a lot. I had a Gateway tower desktop for almost 10 years which was one of the best computers I have had (pre-Acer and pre-bankruptcy). Acer bought Gateway and manufacturered them for a number of years. I also had a Compaq pre-HP and a few HPs which I did not like. Even had an E-Machine 1 time. I like the Chromebook a lot.

Be aware that Chrome is a Google product and they've been shameless about disrespecting the privacy rights of Chrome users.

Your finances should be safe because any banks or insurers you do business with have SSL technology (and others) to protect your identity and property.

Political speech is another matter. Watch what you say on Chrome.

They are working on the production line they are semi skilled workers if AU using AutoCAD etc they are skilled workers
Bulk of the US workforce 80% is as shown in both links works in the service industries

Gloal Colorado and the US version are very sinilar sharing rhe same diesel engine but Global version does not have Gas options


I had hoped you'd come to the topic in good faith but your agenda is coming through loud/clear.

I've worked around these guys and they are highly skilled (and some of the best paid industrial workers anywhere in the world). The facts reveal that US manufacturing is on the rise and Australia's is in decline.

The facts speak for themselves.

The US Ranger has similar architecture, but has all of the new parts Chris listed, and there is no diesel.

Big Al-- This is an insightful link into the consequences of income disparity. Most of the guys on this site assume that the ability to afford full size loaded down trucks will last forever not realizing that what created the American dream is no longer true.


Posted by: Jeff S | Oct 13, 2018 4:28:52 PM

I don't know what's worse. Liberals feeling they have the right to politicize everything or the GM guys who just can't stay on topic. I didn't read your propaganda, I have better things to do. But, I agree with one sentence in your post: "what created the American dream is no longer true." That one thing that is missing in 2018? Hard work. Hard work made the American dream a reality for millions. Now people demand income equality regardless of effort, work or qualifications. I worked minimum wage jobs as a teenager and a young adult. When doors were closed in my face, I joined the Army to give myself more options in life. I used my Army college fund to give myself a competitive edge. I'm not rich, but I am living better than the average American. I could have been killed, wounded or whatever, but that was a chance I took to have my piece of the dream. I should hand that to some liberal millennial punk who thinks he should have free college and management pay? Get a life dude!

I know about CAFE being frozen but it is still there, and I don't think you can blame Obama for all of the current CAFE issues. However, I'm not an Obama supporter.

These regulatory problems started back in the 50s in the US and have evolved into quite a mess to manage now. Back then the US represented a much larger part of the global market in both demand and production.

To create this quagmire of controls and regulations takes more than one government. The energy sector, UAW, vehicle manufacturers (Big 3) and more all played a role.

Many Dems and GOP have been in government since the 50s. You just can't blame one government.

As the US's market decreases in size comparatively in relation to the global market, change will occur for your country to remain competitive. It will align more closely to other markets.

The changes other than CAFE, ie EPA will not be that hard, as the Euro VI will be quite compatable. CAFE and the footprint method of rating for mpg's is the one that is the thorn in the side of the pickup manufacturers.

All of the protection has meant that the US didn't invest enough into your motor vehicle manufacturing sector. But over the past decade a huge improvement has occurred in vehicle quality and technology. The only problem alot has to come from overseas (read Euro).

Not a fan at all. Looks like a Taurus! Wonder if it will have recalls for fires?

I see the new Ford GT is getting recalled for fires. UNREAL!

Posted by: TNTGMC | Oct 13, 2018 6:45:13 PM

"Mr. Always stays on topic", never on topic....again. The Colorado looks more like an Equinox than this looks like a Taurus. Not even close. You wonder if it will have recalls for fires? You should wonder how far the Colorado will fall into 3RD place in sales. Kinda like the Silverado was in 3rd quarter behind the Edmunds.com confirmed, superior 2019 Ram.

Sorry....I let those communist get me off topic.... I like The STX package. Rubber floor reminds me of the 70's and 80's trucks. I hope it doesn't flop in EPA testing like the Silverado 2.7 did. I still think the 2.7 EcoBeast in this truck would change the rules.


You did not listen manufacturing ia growing in Australia . US is primarily a,service ecinomy

@ 2.7L

I thought u weren't going to respond to me anymore?

Who's the liar? Huh...interesting, its you!

The Colorado was out before the redesign of the equinox. So the new equinox looks like a Colorado! Wow. Your terrible!

The ranger looks like Taurus bc the Taurus design was out first. You struggle really bad!! Please keep up

And yes Ford is known for fires. Go take another nap...its exhausting trying to explain this to you. Ugh!


Truth hurts...LMFAO!!!

ANT TO KNOW ALL ABOUT THE Ranger 4x4 and all oxpen for the 2019 ext cab and price I want one loaded with a big screen cd player bucket seats cruse power window and locks and auto atart I woud like to order one as soon as possible so I can have it the first of feburday color white withdark int coud you send me a book on them asap
Think you
Michael vint
161 longbranch Rd
Danville WV 20053

@papa jim--I usually use my chrome book to go on this site, the truth about cars, Leno's Garage, some of the sites with junk yard finds and interesting old cars and trucks, Amazon, and access to my Aol account. The chrome book is easy to use and I don't have to worry about updating it. Also for $249 a chrome book is a real buy especially since my last one lasted 5 1/2 years. Hard to find a new laptop that cheap. I prepare tax returns and access my bank account on my desktop. Most likely will replace my all in one desktop and my wife's desktop with a new all in 1 when I retire but for now both work fine. I do like the all in one it is much less clutter. I might look at a Mac if they make an all in one desktop. Price would not be as important since my wife uses a computer daily and we plan to downsize to something on one level in a warmer climate. Most of the time I use my chrome book. I plan to get rid of most of my things when I retire and do some major downsizing.


I remember when Frank was running his mouth and said there was no way the GT would lose to the ZR1. LMFAO.....

Posted by: TNTGMC | Oct 13, 2018 9:14:31 PM

Poor Freak, I mean Frank.


Awesome! Looks nice and feminine. Just the way I like it.


More off topic gibberish. Hurt because they know the Ranger wil make Ford the #1 selling make and manufacturer of pickup trucks. No more 8 model claim to fame for GM. Let's talk about halo cars! That'll throw them off!! Let's talk about the new Silvetado finishing 3rd in the 2019 review!! Let's talk about stock prices. Let's lie about fake fuel economy!! LOL

I like the real steel bumpers, they make the truck look rugged. I think the size is right. Its a good looking truck and looks well built. Only real concern is the 2.3 ecoboost. Time will tell if its durable. Wished ford would offer a V6 to the lineup.

My best friend works at the largest Chevrolet dealership in the mid west. He told me he's never seen a 6.2 Silverado get over 15 mpg. I feel like such a hoodwink for making up all the stories about owning one. I'm sorry I post so much, but I don't have a job or a life.

My best friend works at the largest Chevrolet dealership in the mid west. He told me he's never seen a 6.2 Silverado get over 15 mpg. I feel like such a hoodwink for making up all the stories about owning one. I'm sorry I post so much, but I don't have a job or a life.

Posted by: TNT GMC | Oct 15, 2018 6:46:21 AM

It's all good buddy! We almost pulled it off too!! 1/2 of these losers didn't even realize I'm you. Or are you me?? LMFAO!!!

Hey, I only post in blue!! Opps. LMFAO!!!

@Jeff S

One important thing. You can confirm this fact independently if you wish. Please buy a Chromebook that you reserve exclusively for your financial affairs and taxes, bill paying etc. No commercial platform is perfect, but with a Chromebook you can be sure that your $$$ is safe.

Use a DIFFERENT computer for the rest of your websurfing, etc.

@ TNT GMC the impostor

LMFAO. When the truth hurts you have to try and impostor us GM guys bc your to much of a coward to use your own name. So pathetic!

The reason many of these young Americans believe they can have anything for free is this:

1. They have lived in a family where everything is given to them and its a learned behavior/process, so they keep doing it, and the government allows it. A child is a paycheck to these clowns instead of a life!

2. These professional athletes are out of control and they think they all need MAX $200 million dollar contracts, and our youth see them as role models and they look up to these clowns.
I mean come on, Laveon Bell for the Steelers misses out on $825K per game! That is down right embarrassing to the HARD working Americans.
Heck, I have 7 years of education, plus going on 2 more years, will have 2 Masters, and won't even touch that in a year!

3. @2.7L ecoboost Roost, I don't know you, but I do thank you for serving our country. It takes a special kind of individual to do what you did!

Now back on topic. this Ranger even though I don't like it, will sell very well bc its has followers. And the new half ton trucks have grown so "BIG" the past 10 years. Many people don't need that size of a truck.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Oct 15, 2018 6:49:37 AM

A little reality check for the fake GMSRGREAT post above.



But 2.7L Ecoboost Roost claims no one with a 6.2L can get ecoboost fuel economy. What a joke! Looks like to me my claim is correct.
Small block GM v8s are where its at! Thanks for the fact. I appreciate it!

If the Bronco is getting the 7-Speed Manual, I don't see why the Ranger wouldn't get it.

"what's your point Vulpine? Surely you do not suggest that he supports the GOP platform. He simply did not want to run as a Democrat or Independent. He was gaming it." ---- Posted by: papajim

-- Nope. He was a life-long registered Republican up to and during his stint as Mayor. He then went Independent and later Democrat because he disagreed with the direction the Republican party was going. The level of obvious ignorance in the Tea Party members of Congress should raise questions in any thinking person's mind.


So let my understand---you're not taxed enough? You actually want to pay more taxes?

You have to be on acid to think that Bloomberg is a Republican.

No, he wasn't a lifelong Repubic. He was a Democrat. Then decided to become a Republican for political purposes. Political party
Democratic (before 2001, 2018–present). Now he is back to being a Dem. It's not that Vulpine us ignorant, there is just so much that he knows that is wrong.

Was Vulpine sober last night?

Not near as good looking as the older Ranger. In fact, it's just plain ugly! I'll keep my 2008 Ranger thank you!

Ford needs to make this 6 foot bed an option with a SuperCrew configuration!!! All of the mid-size competition has a crew cab log bed option available. I'm not the only person who will shop another brand for this reason.

I want the longer box to put mountain bikes, whitewater boats and camping gear in the bed with the tailgate up so I can still use a hitch for carrying more gear.

Well just buy a full size you say? NO FULLSIZE for me.... too big for the back country areas I travel and too expensive.

"So let my understand---you're not taxed enough? You actually want to pay more taxes?" ---- Posted by: papajim

The people who need to be taxed and can afford to be taxed are the ones not being taxed. There's no such thing as "trickle-down economics."

Look at the liar TNTGAY run his mouth off topic. Claims he never is off topic. Just like he said he never claimed the 2019 was a game changer - and then was shown his quote stating just that. Let’s nit forget the lies he spews about his fake mpg.

What a sad P.O.S

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