2019 Nissan Titan XD: What's Changed


By Andy Mikonis

Most significant changes: All grades gain a new, 7-inch multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A gooseneck hitch has been added to the frame, with an electrical plug in the bed. The diesel exhaust fluid tank is larger. Four-door models get Nissan's Rear Door Alert as standard.

Price change: Prices have increased in the $1,700 to $2,000 range depending on trim level and configuration.

On sale: Now

Which should you buy, a 2018 or 2019? 2019. Significant rebates or discount financing (or both) are available on the 2018 model, but the multimedia upgrades are substantial. No Titan has offered Apple CarPlay and Android Auto before now.

Introduced for the 2016 model year, the Nissan Titan XD lineup offers crew, King or single cab body styles with diesel or gasoline V-8 engines. For 2019, the Titan XD gets an integrated gooseneck hitch, nominally increasing trailer and tongue-weight capacities on most configurations. Diesel models have a larger tank for diesel exhaust fluid, now 26 quarts (6.5 gallons) versus the prior 18.

Also new, a 12-speaker Fender Audio system is standard on SL and Platinum crew cabs. A 10-speaker version is optional on Pro-4X crew cabs and King Cabs. All trims get a new 7-inch dashboard touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A second USB port is new, and higher trims add two USB-A charge ports for a total of four.

In the cosmetic department, a new grille treatment with body color outer and black inner portions replaces chrome on the SV. Two new metallic paint colors, Midnight Pine and Moab Sunset, are available.

Single cabs get an 8-foot bed and a choice of the two lowest trim levels. The extended King Cab gets a 6.5-foot bed and three trim levels. Longest in wheelbase and length, crew cabs have four full doors, a 6.5-foot bed and the full complement of five trim levels.

All cabs come either with the 5.0-liter turbo-diesel Cummins V-8 or Nissan's 5.6-liter gasoline V-8 in either two- or four-wheel drive.

The Nissan Titan XD is slotted as a half-ton full-size pickup with beefed-up running gear and the diesel option. It strives to bridge the gap between light- and heavy-duty pickups for increased capability with the drivability and lower expense of a light duty.

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A reminder that the Titan is there.

I think Nissan should bump the GVWR to 8400lbs. This wills till keep them out of 3/4tone zone but above 1/2ton territory. I think the biggest flaw for the XD was being tool heavy and too little power and tool little GVW.

These are way too massive for their ability. The lighter F-150 has higher available payload and towing numbers.

Everyone knows the F150 has inflated numbers for bragging purposes. In fact, all halftons shouldn't even being rated to tow more than 9k. They get squirmy due to their mall rated suspensions.

what's changed?
looks like the mirrors fold, yellow

Everyone knows the F150 has inflated numbers for bragging purposes. In fact, all halftons shouldn't even being rated to tow more than 9k. They get squirmy due to their mall rated suspensions.

Posted by: uh huh | Oct 31, 2018 11:21:06 AM

I totally agree. I would really like to some testing done with a half ton truck pulling a 13,000 LBS enclosed trailer or camper. Not just a low flat bed with a goose neck. And not a perfect flat highway either. Real world testing. Can it pull the load? sure but can it do it safely??? I say NOPE.

I would have thought Apple CarPlay/AA would have made it on the 2018 MY.

The half-ton needs to have a lower gear ratio available imo.

Take the F150 with a 13,000lbs trailer and go up I70 towards the Eisenhower tunnel, let's see how far it gets going up and more importantly, how will it do going down with 13,000lbs pushing the "lightweight" F150!!

TFL did it. Forget 13,000 lbs, the F150 wasn't great with 11,000 lbs.

Watch the video, and these guys love their Fords.


I remember a towing test done and the F150 was squirmy with 8k. The F150 is tool light to be able to handle the weights it's rated for. There's a reason heavier trucks(Titan XD and 3/4ton+) handles bigger and heavier trailers better.

Towing is hard on trucks and dangerous without a careful skilled driver. That said this Titan looks like it could easily bumper tow a tandem trailer loaded with a skidsteer and a couple of attachments. 4 or 5 passengers and all their tools.

I don't understand these manufactures, they make the truck lighter so they can tow more???

All you whiners whine about the F150 tow rating and post falsehoods about it being overinflated....

The truck is J2807 certified. Learn a thing or two before you you post lies haters.

“ Here, according to Consumer Reports, are the 10 least reliable vehicles for 2018, presented in rank order, counting down to the least reliable model. “

4 out of 10 are GM products

Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD, Chevrolet Traverse, Cadillac ATS.


J2807 was all hype. It's just a joke now. We're back to square one. Manufactures found loopholes in it that's why Ford can still sprinkle spring dust and get 13k tow rating when 8k was clearly too much for it to handle already.

October 2018---Ford's truck sales fell 4.9 percent to 88,725 units. Car sales were off 17.1 percent. SUV sales rose 6.7 percent, the automaker reported.

Ford's average transaction price hit $36,800, up $1,400 more than last year.

FCA had an awesome month, with their trucks hitting an ALL TIME HIGH. RAM is up 7 percent year to date.

In early January we'll know what GM sold in October.

FCA has stated the goal of being #2 next year in full size truck brand sales.

Granted that RAM had a great year, but FCA will need to do WAY better than a 7 percent YTD uptick next year if they want to catch GM's full size models.

@ Uh huh

“ Manufactures found loopholes in it “

Prove it

What's there to prove, just read the J2807. Everything has loop holes.

Well, it's still ugly as hell so THAT didn't change.

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When is the Nissan Titan going to change the body style of the truck it's time for a new body style a truck with a sunroof

When is the Nissan Titan going to change the body style of the Nissan Titan Truck it's time for a new looking truck with a sunroof

Yes I would by The Warrior it's a nice looking truck

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