2019 Toyota Tacoma SX Photo Gallery: Affordable Black-Out Style

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Just like the full-size 2019 Toyota Tundra SR5 SX Package we've already seen, the mid-size Tacoma benefits from the same black-out customized SX style package. Our video of both trucks shows the similarities and differences.

The Tacoma SX Package is stacked on top of a value-priced SR Tacoma Access Cab in 4x4 or 4x2 configuration and offers a stealth-type look with all badges removed except the blacked-out drivetrain designation on the tailgate. The unique matte-black wheels and clean look add $560 to the price of a 2019 Toyota Tacoma SR5.

We think the SX Package will resonate with younger buyers and thought you might want a closer look as well.

Cars.com photos by Christian Lantry


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disclaimer, I owned a taco for 200,000 miles
per article this is a value package but it shown with the optional automatic?
other thing, it says " a stealth-type look with all badges removed" there are Toyota badges on the front grill and wheel center caps...maybe I am just being to picky

should also have black tinted headlights too...most people replacing these with after market tinted head lights

Still has a JOKE of an engine and subpar mpg. Wake up Toyota, I've been a loyal customer but growing tired of your boring, subpar vehicles. Wonder if this frame will rust out too....

The tried and true Taco! Nice truck, but I prefer mine more spicy.

This whole blackout fad should have ended some years ago.

I think this interior is full of plastic. I'm not a fan of exterior styling. Previous generation was better looking.

If they are going for the black-out edition. Why do they black-out rear emblems but not the Front grille Toyota emblem. Would look better in matte black.

I do like the standard husky liner style mud floor mats. Those are a must in the Midwest here in the fall and winter

Does not speak well for Toyota's future in the midsize space.

During the next 2 years you'll have a new Ranger, a new truck from Jeep and maybe RAM. Nissan is still a maybe. By then it's hard to imagine that GM's twins won't be dramatically updated.

I cannot believe this is the product that Toyota expects to compete with.

Toyota finally comes out with Black out trucks, maybe show a black one, $560 extra for those winter wheels?

Blackout Style? Truck looks like it has 4 spare tire/rims on it.

Here come the haters, like the liberals they are...

@ oxi

So you can bash the bison on the other comment page and its fine, yet someone here doesnt like the Tacoma and they are a liberal?? You see how ridiculous that sounds?

Come on man! The new Tacoma TRD isnt the truck a new Zr2 is. Toyota got caught with pants down, and now they need to update this truck ASAP!

This thing again? Careful what you say about it or Oxi will come wandering in here to sass everybody about how unappreciatvely great his Marty McFly wonder truck is.

@oxi, do you have something against Liberals? more then half of the US considers themselves liberal.

If you appreciate the visual ( I do ) the package is a great value. $560 is more than reasonable. Nice looking truck in gray.


As an off-roader, pointing out low hanging shock mounts and low hanging spare tires is bashing? Wow, you guys need to get out more!

I will put it simply what you so-called guys are talking about: "Look Becky, wow like ehwwww on how that truck looks, just not my style and what I look for in the looks of a truck. I mean, where is the vanity mirror? How can I ride down the block in that thing?"

Looks are personal opinion, stating obvious FACTS is not!

I suppose you will have to resort to group think to respond, oh well...

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