Ford Exec Confirms: No Ranger Raptor for the U.S.

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So, here's a bummer: Ford's head of Performance Vehicles Thursday told a gathering of automotive journalists at the company's Dearborn, Mich., headquarters that there are no plans to bring the Ranger Raptor to the U.S. According to a report by Autoblog, Hermann Salenbauch, vehicle line director for Ford Performance, said that the Ranger Raptor is not coming to the U.S. for a variety of reasons.

First, it's not engineered for the U.S. — it's based on the global Ranger, not the slightly different American version, and bringing it up to U.S. specs would require too much time and investment. The changes to the truck would make it too expensive for the market.

Secondly, the purpose of the Ranger Raptor, according to Salenbauch, was to give the rest of the world the opportunity for a little Raptor love. The bigger F-150 Raptor is selling like crazy in the U.S., with just a 20-day turnover time on dealer lots, and always has — but most of the rest of the world doesn't get the enormous Baja-inspired off-road truck. The smaller Ranger Raptor just fits better in global markets.

Officially, word from Ford Performance is that no announcement is being made about a U.S. Ranger Raptor, one way or the other. "We don't have anything to announce regarding Ranger Raptor for North America," said a Ford spokesperson we contacted for confirmation of this report. The only official announcements have been about the Ranger Raptor for Asia-Pacific and European markets.

So yes, we're disappointed that we're probably not getting the smaller, more nimble, likely easier-to-park Ranger Raptor. But it just gives us more incentive to travel on the company dime to go try one out! Time to hit up the boss for that "research mission" to Australia ...

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Well damn!

...not engineered for the US.
So who started this rumor?

Right now Ford is hurting for money, so R&D for a US Raptor is out of the question. Plus if you convert the Euro Raptor cost to US money it would start at $48,000 with out options.

I was hoping it would be made here so my buddy who wants one(he is married into a Ford dealership) can be smoked by my's the cats

I am absolutely shocked! I really wanted ZR2 to beat it. Oh well. Zr2 is king! Toyota let's see what u can bring to table. Maybe Nissan and new frontier off roader.

More of a reason to buy a standard Tacoma 4x4 SR or SR5 and build it up yourself. Saves massive $$$ and you build what you want and it will be more capable!

But the Ford luvin putc still keeps posting the ranger specs and hyperboil. lol Why no jeep? Jeep is a 1/4 ton truck with a body on frame. Guess because its NOT a Ford. lol


Right now Ford is hurting for money


Please check your facts before making such a false statement.

Ford has over 10 billion in cash on their balance sheet. Ford is also a huge institutional holder of Berkshire Hathaway stock. Ford is NOT hurting for money.

Ford's financial issues are real, but they are "prospective" concerns. Future worries. Top investors in Ford are worrying about where the firm will be in 5 years, not today.

@ Peppajin
Ford has many problems, the future lokks pretty bleak

@Aaron Bragman
Seeing the US Ranger was designed and developed in Australia
the differences are pretty marginal
Major difference being the engine the 2.3 is not in the global version
Highly unlikely that the global Ranger Raptor will be much of a success 2L diesel would not be released in the US as regards ratification
Not to many people wood wood b hanging out for a 2L diesel anything in Australia

Many negative articles starting to appear

There wouldn’t be enough of a price gap between Ranger and F-150 Raptors either, that they’d cannibalize each other’s sales; the diesel engine in the Ranger Raptor would be new to the U.S. market, too, and probably require some reconfiguration for emissions standards. To bad Furd clowns.

Lol. Get over it. We got the better Raptor here already. Who cares about Zimbabwe or wherever the little gurleeman Raptor will be sold.

Outside NA( Canada?) Do you have any other country would be interested in the raptor especially Europe which pickups are as rare as hen's teeth

@ Chris
That should have virtually no countries outside North America would be interested in the Ranger Raptor especially Europe where pickups are extremely rare

As I stated a week ago, Ford will dream up excuses to limit Ranger availablility and ensure there is no significant cannibalization of the F-series.

@ Peppajin---Ford has many problems, the future lokks pretty bleak...Posted by: Robert Ryan | Oct 20, 2018

@Robert Ryan

So far only the morons on this website have messed with my name. Now you?

I replied to Dave's comment with specifics and facts. Why don't you do the same? Dropping a link into the comments is half-assed.

I notice you not post links would be advisable instead of opinion you actually posted link

Extra, Extra read all about TNTGMC got it wrong big time!
Like I told you no Ranger Raptor - that is for markets that do not have F series .
Have a nice day 💩

GMS, you state alot of things most of them sophmoric and or wrong. Back to your romper room.



@ gm blows

Its a great day. One less junk ford truck sold and on the road!

GMS, you state alot of things most of them sophmoric and or wrong. Back to your romper room.

Posted by: GM Blows Chunks | Oct 20, 2018 7:24:52 PM

2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison Photo Gallery: Ready to Rock

I'll wait for the Ranger Raptor.

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Oct 16, 2018 10:01:43 AM

FORD fans are soooo patient. Bless their hearts.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Oct 16, 2018 10:13:14 AM

2019 Ford Ranger XLT STX Photo Gallery: Ready to Play

Ford has taken this pricing approach knowing full well that Ranger success will come at the expense of the F-series, mainly their little full size the F-150. Look for the usual supplier constraint excuses as Ford attempts limit Ranger availability while it manages the cannibalism of their F-series.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Oct 13, 2018 11:33:07 AM

Seems i'm correct, again. HAHAHAHAHAHA

GMS , you are wrong again.

Ranger sales will hurt Colorado more than any other truck.

Ranger sales will hurt Colorado more than any other truck.


How many dyed in the wool Ford guys bought a Colorado in the last five years?

If you cannot answer that question, then you cannot propose "Ranger sales will hurt Colorado."

You keep blowing smoke.

keep up the good work ford. If I had invested (I didn't based on good advice from a cap investor) I would be down on your stock from $18.40 now at $8,51 a share in the past 5yrs. Nice... Ford can ALWAYS find a way to F up a good thing.

GMS , you are wrong again.

Posted by: GM Blows Chunks | Oct 20, 2018 9:36:51 PM

Ranger sales will hurt Colorado more than any other truck.

Posted by: just the truth | Oct 20, 2018 9:50:49 PM

You are both wrong, again.

I really think its a pity the US isn't getting the Ranger Raptor.

As for Ford. Ford is having challenges. The EU isn't performing well. In China Ford is 30% down over the year and September is down 40% over the previous year.

The F-150 cost Ford lots to develop, starting with retooling billions of dollars, developing new processes for building the aluminium wunder trux. Then the added costs of the materials. Then add the new taxes imposed on metals.

Ford will have challenges at home as well. It has become reliant on one line of vehicles in the US the F Series, as it is in Australia with the Ranger.

Here's some sobering Ford news. Oh, you'll probably disregard it.






So, peppajum you see Ford is doing very well indeed. I'd would not take your advise on anything!

I agree with Big Al 100%.


Please list the top-five automakers building cars or trucks in the glorious land of Oz today.


Drum roll, please!

I left those slots open to save you the trouble. Answer? NONE

Your economy is descending into the "services" economy where everybody fries burgers & chips for each other. The red hot BRICS of the last decade are all in deep doo doo lately, and your sorry leadership is still aiming for the target that nobody else is.

Best of luck to ya, mate!

The death of manufacturing — overrated and overstated
Australian manufacturing isn't as dead as some make out. And so what if it is?

There's a peculiar economic belief in Australia that is quite unrelated to partisanship or political ideology. It may reflect something more cultural than political, but it crops up right across the spectrum, from both the cultural and industrial left all the way over to the far right. It's the belief that manufacturing jobs hold some special status in an economy, that they're somehow more real, and thus more deserving of support and protection, than other jobs.

"Making things" seems to exercise some irrational hold on a variety of different minds. For example, on Wednesday, veteran conservative business commentator Robert Gottliebsen fretted that "we need to face the fact that, like the US, we decided to abandon our manufacturing base and overcame the standard of living implications of that decision by heavy bank borrowing to fund a housing boom".



like the US.

"Ranger sales will hurt Colorado more than any other truck." ---- Posted by: just the truth

--- Nope. The Tacoma is going to take the hit, just as the Tacoma took the gain when Ford abandoned the Ranger in the US.

@Big Al--I think the US will eventually get the Ranger Raptor. I believe Ford is playing it safe and doesn't want to rock the boat with the Ranger competing against the F-150 its cash cow. Also Ford doesn't want to release all of its enthusiasm at once saving a Ranger Raptor for a later date. I think Ford was dragged into the midsize truck market in the US not really wanting to re-enter it. The Ranger should do well but Ford still wants to play it safe.

@Vulpine--Agree I believe the Ranger will effect Tacoma sales more than Colorado. Colorado has some really good off road packages and the Colorado is the only midsize truck to offer a diesel. The Ranger might eventually force Toyota to redesign the Tacoma instead of just updating it.

@Sheep Station Sam

The US economy is having its best cycles in at least 30 years. Hoping that things pick up in the rest of the world's economies. All it took here was a change in leadership.

Ford is going through a bit a of hardship. They aren't even touting the ranger and it's due out pretty soon here. So far, the ranger seems lacking and likely on purpose as to not wade too close to the bread and butter f150. Hope it does well because if ti doesn't...

Not BA but wish you were more with it
Top 5
All of the above designed and built locally
Parts industry which supplies OEM and aftermarket globally much bigger now in then when Australia be used to produce cars
Ford design Centre designs and develops vehicles for Ford globally
Toyota Hyundai and GM modify and test overseas vehicles Australia
A lot more examples that is enough
MANY MORE VEHICLES are sold in Australia now then when we had a car
Manufacturing Industry Many of the manufacturers have gone into medical ,military, civil engineering shipbuilding and mining industries
Real concern is what happens and it appears to be obvious if Ford collapses. Knock on effect would be disastrous for the US industry GM before the GFC looked ok but it collapsed

Real concern is what happens and it appears to be obvious if Ford collapses.

@Robert Ryan

I'm ignoring your comments about the auto industry in Oz. Instead I'm focused on your frantic comment about Ford.

As I noted in another comment recently, Ford is not in immediate trouble. Don't make it sound that way if you want to be taken seriously. Ford has massive investments and a vast amount of cash in their portfolio.

Ford's problems are prospective, i.e., in the future. The auto industry globally has been "over-capacity" for nearly the last 30 years.

Few exceptions. As a result, any company looking for suitors or partners has to suffer the whole industry's embarrassment instead of simply being viewed as an individual.

Because the rest of the industry is so over-built Ford's board of directors has fewer options for resolving their present concerns about the declining consumer interest in coupes and sedans.

Unless Ford suffers a big loss of investor confidence during the next three-to-five years they're going to be ok. In the meantime GM and FCA look better on paper in the short term.

My opinion is that Ford had to do what they did in cutting most of their cars. My concern is that Ford should plan for the future. Ford shouldn't let their product line get stale because the competition will keep their product lines new and fresh. Also Ford should not put too much of their budget into electric vehicles. Keep the truck line, suv line, and crossover line fresh and up to date. Keep options open for cars if the market does change to cars then be prepared to import cars from their global manufacturing and/or have a plan in place to produce a car if they have to. I realize that these things do not happen overnight but hopefully Ford has a contingency plan. This would be the time to start saving and building up funds for future products and product redesign. I am not that negative on Ford but they need to plan for their future. Ford also needs to get a car and truck guy or gal who eats, works, sleeps, and dreams vehicles.

How about posting links instead of opinions. Looking at those links it appears Ford is in seruous trouble. If Ford goes down then it will ve curtains for rhe US Automotive industry.

I realize that these things do not happen overnight but hopefully Ford has a contingency plan.

@Jeff S

Ford has a plan. They started executing on their plan before the price of gas fell below 3 bucks /gallon in most of the US. As a result they've been fighting the last war for the better part of ten years at a time RAM and GM were optimizing their bigger & heavier (and more popular lines).

Ford went so far as to spend billions on a small IT company that has never built a car before hoping to build a robot driver electric car. Their first PROTO will not be finished until 2022 or so. That decision caused a lot of share holder money to evaporate. By then Tesla, GM (and others) will have these models ready for the showroom.

Ford made the bigger mistake of burning bridges and saying they're getting out of sedans and coupes. Not a bad idea except that it caused a rout in the stock market and their share price has cratered in the months since the announcement.

Robert. Do some homework so you can keep up with me. Your comments make you sound like a child. Sorry.

Not a good answer unless you put in some reference your comments are worthless

Sorry its not working for you Robert. Good luck!

Ford has taken this pricing approach knowing full well that Ranger success will come at the expense of the F-series, mainly their little full size the F-150. Look for the usual supplier constraint excuses as Ford attempts limit Ranger availability while it manages the cannibalism of their F-series.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Oct 13, 2018 11:33:07 AM

Seems i'm correct, again. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Oct 20, 2018 8:54:21 PM

What exactly do you feel you're correct about here?

@papa jim--I didn't say Ford didn't have a plan but I question what their long term plan is. I don't have any ill will against Ford but it remains to be seen what their long-term plan is. Again I will restate what I said previously that I do not fault Ford for cutting most of its car lines. I just hope that long term Ford's plans don't just include cutting without a plan for sustainability. I wish Ford the best. For now Ford needs to cut and reserve funds and if that means getting out of the IT and robot self-driving cars then so be it. Sometimes it is better to take your loses and move on.

I don't have any ill will against Ford but it remains to be seen what their long-term plan is.

@Jeff S

It's published online. There are two ways to read it. The easy way is to follow a financial commentator like Seeking Alpha. Ford is one of the big firms they follow.

The hard way is go to google and search for Fords 10k filings. These are the SEC documents they file with the Securities and Exchange commission. This is for serious students, but you can do it.

Believe me, Ford has a long term strategic plan but they are presently having a hard time selling it.

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