Nissan Champions Volunteerism With Calling All Titans

Ultimate Service TITAN 2 copy II

Ever want to make the perfect mobile command center for first responders? Well, you're too late because Nissan just did it and presented it to the American Red Cross.

As part of Nissan's new, ongoing Calling All Titans campaign that recognizes everyday heroes who use pickup trucks to aid others, Nissan teamed with the American Red Cross to create and build the Ultimate Service Titan. The one-off mobile command center based on a diesel-powered Titan XD Midnight Edition crew cab is loaded with first-aid supplies and ready to react to disaster. Along with donating the pickup to the Red Cross, Nissan will be donating $1 million apiece to the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and the National Park Foundation as part of Calling All Titans.

The Ultimate Service Titan has a solar power generator and built-in Wi-Fi hot spot, allowing American Red Cross volunteers to communicate as needed. With its well-stocked bed box, the pickup can help volunteers provide on-site care to the injured. It also can serve as a rest area for volunteers and features a refrigerator, stove, microwave and sink. The Ultimate Service Titan started as a stock Nissan Titan XD with the turbo-diesel 5.0-liter Cummins diesel engine; the wheelbase was extended and a 3-inch Icon suspension lift was added along with custom bumpers, extra body armor, bigger and more aggressive tires, and oversized fuel tanks. It also sports a customized pop-up tent command center filled with first-aid supplies in the custom bed box, a huge assortment of recovery tools and gear, and too many lighting parts and storage spots to chronicle.

The new emergency response vehicle will be on display at the 2018 Miami International Auto Show Friday through Oct. 13.

Besides celebrating everyday heroes, Nissan's Calling All Titans seeks to encourage community involvement through volunteerism; find out more at

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Hey PUTC, Ford Ranger Tow and Haul numbers have been leaked on TFLTruck. You might want to get on that...

Ford Ranger Tow and Haul numbers have been published online. I checked and it's pretty impressive.

Unfortunately, the new Ranger will not offer buyers a choice of disc or drum brakes. What? No drums?

Count me out.

Morons like you were never in.

What are you talking about Jeff?


Ford Ranger Tow and Haul numbers are class-leading.

Not surprised.

redbloodedxy I think the baby duramax twins get a hundred or so pounds better towing but if your towing 7,500 lbs or more with any kind of consistency then I think we can all agree you need a 1500 pickup and not a midsize. but your absolutely right. for gas powered midsize pickups, the ranger is now the one to beat. I see lots of Tacomas and Colorados out there and the Ranger will just make things better for midsize buyers. competition makes everyone better.

This truck is such a wanna-be. I put 1 ton leaf springs and airbags on my Tacoma and increased its payload rating to 4,500 pounds. I could haul two of these command centers on the back of my truck. The Ranger would need a new engine by the time my rusty drum brakes are ready for new pads.

"Ford Ranger Tow and Haul numbers are class-leading. Not surprised." ---- Posted by: redbloodedxy

No, they're not. Class tying, maybe, but not Class Leading.

That Titan looks like a local slideon camper with a Australian Maxtrak( in red) attached

“ Ford Ranger Tow and Haul numbers are class-leading. Not surprised." ---- Posted by: redbloodedxy

No, they're not. Class tying, maybe, but not Class Leading.

Posted by: Vulpine | Oct 4, 2018 4:42:57 PM

Says the guy who also thought there was a Ram Sprinter.

They are class leading for petrol.

Can't sell the Titans, may as well give them away.

@ Don E

I'd rather have a Titan with a load of ripe manure in the back than a F250 loaded with orchids.

As a first responder this vehicle looks to have great capability but very poor patient actress. Looks like loading would be a huge pain.
For better or worse it seems like 90+% of emergency vehicles are Ford's when it comes to ambulance and fire fighting pickups. Heard some horror stories regarding the 6.0 and 6.4 diesels but otherwise everyone seems to sticking with them.
I priced out new versions of the big three for a 1 ton truck a few years ago and Ram was much less expensive while Chevy and Ford were within 1%.
We ended up going with the f350 based ease and price of conversion.
Overall the truck has been flawless.

@ Don E

I'd rather have a Titan with a load of ripe manure in the back than a F250 loaded with orchids.

Posted by: papajim | Oct 4, 2018 6:47:49 PM

Nobody has ever thought you were the least bit intelligent.

Wrong. My mother says I'm the smartest kid she ever saw. Ditto for grandma.

As handicapped as I am in the brains department, I'm smart enough to appreciate the irony of a guy who calls himself Brick would have the nerve to talk about anybody else's smarts.

Cracks me up.

papa jim I bet you are so bright your daddy called you sun.


To his everlasting credit, my late father said if I didn't get my s**t squared-away pronto I would have a size 11 stuck in my b**t

To my own credit, I never doubted him

I would rather take this Titan over an F-150. I like GM Mussel cars but when it comes to trucks I don't care for GM or Ford's.

Would a mussel car drive clammy.

News Flash: Announced today.

Honda buys a big stake in General Motors valued at 2.75 billion (with a B) dollars.

If you are on the board of directors at Ford you've got to be wondering if you can just get a bleeping break these days.

That means ridgelines will be counted in GM truck numbers.
And GM fan boys have to like ridgelines.

C'mon JTT, is that the best you got?

Honda's board of directors drops damn near 3 billion bucks on GM stock and all you got is some wisecrack about GM fanboys?

10 years ago this fall GM was on the verge of going under, now just 2 years after we get a pro-business president in the White House and Gm is the toast of the town.

@papajim--You ate all ovrer the place today. Here's a tip. Stick to the topic.

the FAKE Jeff

Too bad Nissan won't extend their wheelbase on regular production vehicles to offer a crew or king cab with an 8' bed.

Good job with the donations. Maybe it'll help save all the poor saps whose fords broke down or caught fire.

@papajim--You ate all ovrer the place today. Here's a tip. Stick to the topic.

Posted by: Jeff in FL | Oct 4, 2018 8:58:53 PM

That’s what happens when one becomes senile and forgets to take their medication. He’s probably still wearing the potty filled and pee stained diaper he slept in.

@ Brick

Stay on topic.....thats what your line always is..

Now, I wouldn't mind having me a Titan truck to go along with my Sierra 6.2L. I think they are nice looking trucks. Good job Nissan!

With that P.O.S Sierra in the shop more often than not, you’ll need something to get you and BF boyfriend around in.

Might as well be a Titan. Or is that Tight End? Not for you or your boyfriend eh TNTGAY.

They are class leading for petrol.

Posted by: Brick | Oct 4, 2018 6:15:58 PM

Oh my, Ford kool-aid dunkers screaming defense again:

- you shouldn't include mid size sales as total truck sales.
- You can't include diesel engines in the same class.


@ Brick

Stay on topic!

You can't even debate without insulting. If my 18/sierra is so bad, what do you drive thats better? Very interested in what the foul mouth all mighty Brick layer has!?!?

And yes I would buy a Titan over a Furd any day

The article is about the Titan... but Ranger Rumors and GM/rear drum brake clods have stolen the comments.

So back on topic. This thing has an insane wheelbase. It naturally scores high on cool factor points but as far as practicality mobile command centers are more about flash. Not saying they aren't important or a great high profile way to showcase your wares. They are. What they aren't is the truck that brings aid to and takes people out of situations. They CONTROL those trucks. This truck will never see a patient or victim or deliver physical aid. It will coordinate such efforts somewhere near the front. Honestly its probably not large enough to be really good at that for more than a small incident and using buildings is usually preferable to mobile and especially small mobile posts. So what you got here is really mostly a show pony.


In that market you have two basic types---there are make-to-order vehicles that are built by custom shops from from the ground up to be an ambulance or a fire truck or some other kind of emergency vehicle. The other class of vehicles are modifications of standard box trucks, heavy duty vans and HD pickups.

Smaller communities often can't afford the scratch-built make to order machines that cost upwards of a million dollars. They do buy the modified trucks however and this Titan in the story today is no exception.

Just in time for the next Haitian earthquake.

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