Nissan Titan XD Gets Some Upgrades, Price Increases for 2019

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For model-year 2019, the Nissan Titan XD will get a few minor tweaks along with price increases that range from around $1,700 to a bit more than $2,000. The class-splitting XD pickup truck will offer a new grille design for the SV trim as well as a larger diesel exhaust fluid tank for Cummins-equipped models. Buyers also get two new color choices: Midnight Pine Metallic and Moab Sunset.

It will cost approximately $3,000 to move from a Titan XD 4x2 to a 4x4, and the turbo-diesel Cummins engine and stronger six-speed transmission will cost roughly $5,000 to $6,000 more than the gas version depending on trim. Maximum payload capacity for the XD (when properly equipped) is 2,990 pounds, while max fifth-wheel towing is 12,710 pounds (also, when properly equipped).

Here's how pricing shakes out by cab and trim level for the 2019 Nissan Titan XD (all prices include the $1,395 destination fee):

Single-Cab 5.6-Liter V-8 Gas/5.0-Liter V-8 Diesel

  • S 4x2: $34,065/$39,665
  • S 4x4: $37,195/$42,795
  • SV 4x2: $38,135/$44,245
  • SV 4x4: $41,265/$47,375

King Cab 5.6-Liter V-8 Gas/5.0-Liter V-8 Diesel

  • S 4x2: $36,055/$42,665
  • S 4x4: $39,185/$46,305
  • SV 4x2: $40,625/$46,735
  • SV 4x4: $43,755/$49,365
  • Pro-4X 4x4: $48,205/$53,305

Crew Cab 5.6-Liter V-8 Gas/5.0-Liter V-8 Diesel

  • S 4x2: $39,315/$44,625
  • S 4x4: $42,455/$47,755
  • SV 4x2: $43,655/$48,495
  • SV 4x4: $46,735/$51,575
  • SL 4x2: $52,015/$57,315
  • SL 4x4: $55,145/$60,445
  • Pro-4X 4x4: $50,465/$55,775
  • Platinum Reserve 4x2: $57,305/$62,615
  • Platinum Reserve 4x4: $60,995/$66,295

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No larger gas tank huh? Not sure why Nissan and GM don't offer larger gas tanks on 1/2 tons and 5/8 trucks. Nissan's 26 gallon tank is disappointing and 24 gallon fuel tank on the 2019 GM 1500's is down right insulting (decreased from the 26 gallon fuel tank in 2018).

So Tyler can we presume you won't be choosing the GM or Nissan alternative to whatever you're driving now?

Transfer Flow makes an aftermarket 50 gallon fuel tank for the Titan XD. Not a bad upgrade if you're going to use the truck for long trips. I think this truck is a good option for those that tow in the 10K Lbs range once or twice a month. There are half tons that can get 10K Lbs moving but keeping a load like that under control is a different matter.

@ Tyler

i agree i'v got a 36 gallon tank and love it if i'm running back and forth to work i can go a month with out having to fuel up,
with the MPG's the Titan gets compared to the competition you will be spending a lot of time at the gas stations,
GM i don't feel is as big of a deal as they get better MPG's

If your using 2500 class truck for little more than to go back and forth to work, you've probably got more truck than you need. But hey, it's your money...
But I don't see a 36 gallon tank lasting a month if it's towing and hauling regularly.

Don't care. Wake me up when Nissan offers the XD with a king or crew cab and an 8' bed.

@ MLS956

2018 F-150

2018 F150???

@Ford Rules GM Drools

You're saying that choosing a bigger fuel tank means you're willing to forgo the awesome Titan XD and drive a Ford instead?


i probably would buy any other 1/2 ton before i would a Titan,

the fuel tank was just an added bonus didn't sway my decision one way or the other, but sure comes in handy not having to always worry about filling up all the time

A larger Def costs an increase of $1700 and if you get a SV, it's an additional $300 to a total of $2000. Must be a special Def tank.

No stick shift?

I would rather get the Ram 2500 or 3500 pickup.

Fuel tank size is a major factor for me when buying a truck. I have been on an F150 kick lately and the 36 gallon tank combined with great fuel economy is something I have to have. If I stepped into a regular v8 titan (non-xd) literally my driving range on a tank would be cut in half (given average mpg difference and fuel tank being 2/3s the size). I live in a rural are and that's a deal breaker for me. Liked the titan too.

The Titan's stock fuel tank is too small for the truck. But if you're pulling enough weight that will push a 1500 around, yet not enough to warrant a full on 2500 (or you don't pull that weight often), this truck should meet your needs.

My gripe about the Titan XD is not the truck but the value proposition - for similar money you could be in any of the B3 with much greater capability for the $.

A very few, very minor refinements.

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