Ram Concepts Test the Water at 2018 SEMA Show

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The world's largest automotive trade event — the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show — will once again take over Las Vegas with displays of hundreds of custom-built cars and pickup trucks. But the wild creativity that is SEMA is not all shiny bits and impracticality. It's quite common to see the big pickup truck makers float specialty projects that often, if they garner the right amount of enthusiasm, become popular special editions. From the early images we're seeing here, it looks like Ram is playing with a few ideas that we could see incorporated into the Ram 1500 stable soon.

The Ram 1500 Rebel Concept has a dramatic customized exterior look with its 2-inch Mopar coil lift kit; 35-inch Goodyear tires; satin-black 18-by-8-inch cast-aluminum wheels; bed-mounted light bar; performance hood scoops; and 5-inch satin-black exhaust tips all designed to give the already-aggressive Rebel an even more capable off-road personality. Mopar offers more than 200 parts and pieces for the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 pickups, and this is the best way Ram knows how to inspire its customers.

But if you're thinking the only way half-ton buyers want to dress up their pickups is with lift kits and flashy 4x4 design features, you would be wrong. Emphasizing the street-performance side of its personality, the Ram 1500 Big Horn Low Down Concept will appeal to those who want the best of on-road performance and driving dynamics. Just a few of the parts included on this special pickup is a 2-inch lowering kit, 22-inch wheels, wheel flares, custom pedals and a prototype one-piece hard tonneau cover.

Both concepts have custom paint schemes and specialty logo accents to help them attract attention in the huge Mopar display booth. We'll have more to say about these pickups and many others as we walk the show and bring you photo and video highlights.

An industry-only show, SEMA is not open to the public. It takes place Oct. 30-Nov. 2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. More to come during the next two weeks. Stay tuned.

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Light bars looked good on the older 2 door regular cab trucks but not so much on 4 door trucks.

Charp chruck!

My next truck, just as soon as I get my next Suburban and my next Ranger, and my next Nissan XD, and my next Frontier

You'll need to buy a lot of those Tesla shares that you said were going to go up to $800 ……. and hope Tesla doesn't sink, like Ford.

not the REAL papa, you idiot. He's up in woods this week.

Classic trucks looked good lifted with a roll bar and lights like the big obnoxious KC daylighters. This looks like a cheesy child's toy that a kid designed. Dark and boring, unhappy dusk colors and motifs. Where's the fun and excitement that Ram (Dodge) had years ago?

That lowered version is as boring as a silver toyota. "Down low"? That's the club that Barrack "bathhouse" Obama and his man-wife belong to.

Ugh, that 'Low Down Concept' looks like something from a 'vehicle fail' thread.

Yo, I be pimpin' now!


There is no reason for a stock pickup truck to be seven feet tall; none at all.

I think there is a market for both trucks. The Raptor is not jacked up but has big tires on it. and there are lots of short contractors that would buy the lower rider.

I'm putting 34's on my ZR2 but not raising it..

Light bars looked good on the older 2 door regular cab trucks but not so much on 4 door trucks.

Posted by: just the truth | Oct 26, 2018 12:51:25 PM

could it be for function?

What function? Blind on coming traffic.

the lights could shine through the sunroof and light up the dashboard??! cool.



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