Ram Rodeo Edition Beefs Up 2018 Laramie Longhorn HDs: Video

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Introduced at the 2018 State Fair of Texas, Ram's new Laramie Longhorn Ram Rodeo Edition for its 2018 heavy-duty 2500 and 3500 trucks seemed worthy of a closer look. So, in this video we focus on Ram's newest special-edition western-themed luxury package that HD truck buyers can't seem to get enough of. In 2017 we saw the Southfork Edition for the Laramie Longhorn trim and 2018 has brought us the Ram Rodeo Edition. For many shopping the luxury HD pickup class, it's easy to justify spending nearly $63,000 to $73,000 — respective starting prices for the 2500 and 3500 Ram Rodeo Editions — on your tow vehicle when you're towing something that could be worth three, four or 10 times more.

Cars.com photo by Christian Lantry



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Looks real solid, doesn't it?

I wish I had a proper excuse for owning a 3/4 ton truck. That RAM would be high on the list. If you could just find a new one with the old Cummins oil burner it would be really something.

Ram has really won me over and it started with the first time I saw a Longhorn. Now, this Longhorn Rodeo does it allover again but unfortunately just as I got to where I could swing a Longhorn, they jumped about 20 grand and I'm out of the running.
But boy these things look nice in pictures!

Not a Ram fan, but this looks better than new half ton Ram

Talk is cheap. If you wanted one you would buy one.

Too bad they have bad design on c as bin air , gets mold smell really fast, ongoing issue not acknowledge by fca.

Dis truk is da wurst ever. Nobudy by Ram stuff!

I got a chance to see this longhorn interior at the L.A. Auto show with some friends who like G.M. trucks. We sat in it and soaked it all in. Then we went straight to the top G.M. truck and sat in it. Even my friends were blown away at the level of detail and luxury. I only wish they offered this Longhorn in the original farm truck the Legendary Power Wagon. Ram is in another class so far ahead of Ford and G.M.

Not a fan of poop brown.

Ram makes a fantastic interior. I just don't know if the rest of the truck is that fantastic?

My cousin has a Cummins and its been in shop 3 times now in the past year. Loves driving it when he has it, but can't keep it on the road. Doesn't even have 100K miles on it yet

Posted by: papajim | Oct 9, 2018 2:35:20 PM


when will they ever learn?

@Hemi48--Not that there is anyrhing wrong woth thus truck, but there's a difference between sitting in a truck at the shows, and driving and owning one. Ram is still in 3rd place.

Posted by: Jeff | Oct 9, 2018 2:59:14 PM


when will they ever learn?

I gotta put my truck to the test and drive to the early bird buffet. I will report back will my findings.

@papajim aka FAKE why do you keep using my name? You are fake and you know it.

Posted by: papajim | Oct 9, 2018 3:21:53 PM

The FAKE poopajim.

G'day mate.

I see GM taking a calculated risk but by limiting options and colors they have lowered their risk and costs enough to make a profit on a much lower volume than the full sizes. There might be some taking away from their larger trucks but I don't think a lot because those that want a full size truck are probably going to pay a little more and buy full size and those like me will buy midsize anyway. For my purposes I could live with the base Colorado but I might spring for a Canyon and pay a little more just to get the cocoa colored interior. I tend to keep my vehicles a long time and I want to be happy with what I have. As I said I would prefer a mid gray interior to black as black is hot and shows dirt and lint. I have a black interior in my Isuzu but I do not wish to have another. Black interior would not be a total deal breaker for me but I would prefer cocoa or gray.

They must be taking the day off at the sheep station today.

Stood there boldly
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Felt like a million
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The height of summer
I'd never felt that strong
Like a rock

Like a rock
The seats were as stiff as can be
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No one ever likes to ride with me

Just so that everyone knows, and not that I expect anyone to care, but that wasn’t me posting at 12:14.

Where did everybody go?


Rams are in their own class when it comes to luxury, ride, and towing control. It's a very well engineered truck.


@Hemi48--Not that there is anyrhing wrong woth thus truck, but there's a difference between sitting in a truck at the shows, and driving and owning one. Ram is still in 3rd place.

Posted by: Jeff | Oct 9, 2018 2:59:14 PM

You got that right, Nobody handles towing better than RAM Trucks. Nobody even offers their exclusive features. You can own the rest i own the Best. RAM TUFF TRUCKS!!! Longest lasting trucks on the road.

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