2019 Ford Xbox Ranger: Video


There were plenty of interesting and well-built 2019 Ford Rangers at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas, but the 2019 Ford Xbox Ranger built by racer and truck builder Greg Foutz stood out. Maybe it was the pair of giant TV screens on the roof of the truck set up as Xbox monitors for anyone looking to do some video racing on their favorite course in their favorite vehicle. Or maybe it was the Addictive Designs (which Foutz owns) Venom R front and rear bumpers or its 6-inch lift or the custom Katzkin interior leather.

No matter the attraction, this truck and its graphics package already have been scanned and will be available in the spring 2019 version of the Xbox One "Forza Horizon 4" game. Gamers will be able to choose the camouflage pattern shown here when they design their truck.

While you wait for the game, here's a closeup look at this lifted desert racer with the builder himself.

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the contemporary youth-oriented theme targets a group of young men who live in the basement at their mother's house, or those perpetually enrolled in college. Good luck with that approach.

Nice pickup and well themed to Xbox. It is great way for developing the young to become interested in pickups. Something kids can relate to.

Maybe poopajam could contribute something positive for change instead of the usual low grade inputs.


the nicknames you pick are literally pre-school playground stuff. Not a good reflection on you.

Big Al, please get cancer and die from it, thank you. We would very much appreciate it

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GM won't be able to rebate their way to stopping the Ranger from selling more than the twins. Toyota should be safe till 2021 when Ford introduces more engines and performance versions.

$5000-6000 just for the expensive ADD bumpers n lights...no thanks, maybe between sitting in a tree bow hunting for deer I could watch hunting videos on those tv"s

Toyota should be safe till 2021 when Ford introduces more engines and performance versions....Posted by: Dudlydooright Nov 11, 2018

Sorry Dudly but I can't agree.

The Ford's engine/trans combo will make Tacoma owners hungry for more. Unless Toyota offers a 2.7 w/turbo or roots blower it's hard to imagine them keeping up with Ford or GM.

The consensus among Tacoma owners has not been good since Toyota introduced the flaccid 2016 changes to the drive train. Tacoma still does not offer a diesel either. And drum brakes. No.

Toyota will introduce new engine and transmission tech around 2021. Tundra is now their priority for 2020.

I just don’t see what a video game system has to do with a pickup truck.

Tundra is now their priority for 2020.
Posted by: Dudlydooright | Nov 11, 2018

Obviously. The current Tacoma is mostly unchanged for over 10 years.

Toyota Tacoma owners are patient, if nothing else.

Take truck. bolt crap on... bolt more crap on... go to show.

It's nothing wrong with a truck being in a video game or anybody playing a video game. Just as long as they are not always constantly only playing video games and have mental health issues.
Papa jim needs to read up on the young man that was playing
the video game Gran Turismo and is or was driving Nissan race cars
for real. The simulation of the game taught him about car setup ect.
He played against others and they put him into real Nissan race car competing. Some of these samethings apply to other athletes
military flying planes drones ect.

Sorry Ridgeline but I've got a shuffleboard tournament this week. Please read about the gamer and get back to me.

Ford Ranger Xbox, really??? What's next, A Ranger Nintendo? LOL

We are so proud of this truck...we have teamed up with Fisher-Price and are coming out with a ranger called Wheels Fisher-Price Kawasaki-Ford. Folks we stopped building bad cars...now we can focus on building bad trucks!


The car looks very prominent. The car is very high. the car is very prominent.

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