Costner's Custom Tundra Is Ready for the Rockies: Video

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When Academy-Award-winning director and actor Kevin Costner wants the ultimate full-size pickup truck to get him from his Colorado ranch to his favorite mountain fishing hole, what does he do? Call Toyota. That's how this custom-designed Tundra came to be part of Toyota's display at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas (the industry-only show runs through Friday). The avid outdoorsman told Toyota what he'd like and with the help of Complete Customs of Texas, Toyota decked out this Toyota Tundra Platinum CrewMax to Costner's specifications. In this video, we take a closer look at the end result and have Costner show us how he uses it. photos by Mark Williams



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Great choice of truck. The Tundras are bulletproof when it comes to reliability.

Anybody want to speculate why Toyota has decided to curtail Tundra production in favor of the Tacoma?


Do you mean midsize?

Speculation is not required. It's obvious. They can outsell GM and Ford without breaking a sweat.

Upgrading the Tundra to effectively compete for market share against Ford and GM is a task that would require Toyota to completely revise the way they sell and price their products.

Coster could totally afford a 1794 instead. A bed inside the bed? Yeah you'll need a place to rest after the boring Toyota puts you to sleep.

Nice Tundra, congrats Kevin, great work!

Kevin is posting some cool videos on his band's Instagram (@kevincostnermodernwest) and Facebook (Kevin Costner and Modern West)... Super cool!!!

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From one Kev to another, nice truck. I got a 2006 crew cab limited and I love it.

The Tundra is about as reliable as a dentist attempting brain surgery!

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