Ford and VW Stoke the Pickup Fires at Brazil Auto Show

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As if we needed a reminder, pickup trucks are not just popular in the U.S., but in many other markets around the world. Case in point: The pickups revealed at Brazil's 2018 Sao Paulo International Motor Show that runs through Nov. 18.

We recently reported that Volkswagen was going to reveal a new urban-based pickup truck at the Brazil auto show and we shared an artist rendition of it. So, what did VW show? The new Tarok Concept. In many ways, the VW Tarok Concept is another version of a pickup built for people who don't want to drive or own a real pickup truck. Previous examples include the Subaru Brat and Toyota A-BAT hybrid concept; some might argue that the current Honda Ridgeline falls into this category.

This is not a new idea, but that doesn't mean different manufacturers won't keep trying to crack this nut. Shouldn't there be a pickup for hip and youthful buyers who need the extra storage and light-duty cargo capacity? Up to now, the answer has been a resounding no. But who knows? Among some of the more interesting details in the Tarok is the pass-through mid-gate, all-wheel drive and flex-fuel 1.4-liter engine.

At the other end of the Sao Paulo Expo & Exhibition Center, a company with a little more experience producing pickup trucks — Ford — showed off the Ranger Storm concept. As you can see, many of the same Ranger Raptor features we've seen before are at work here. However, where VW put the name of its truck in the bumper, Ford has a long-established pattern of putting the name right in the grille, where it belongs. Although we don't have as many images of the Storm (believe it or not, we decided not to send anyone to Brazil to cover this show), you do get a pretty good idea of what this truck is about.

Neither vehicle is slated to make it to the U.S., but both companies are in discussions about how to better supply their buyers with the right products through a partnership. Whether that means a Ford on a VW platform or VW with Ranger underpinnings, we'll have to wait and see.

Manufacturer images

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Ford would be making a huge mistake marketing a VW as a Ford. Though in those markets it might not be as big a deal. If there's any deal, it will be Ford making VWs.

Or it could be Isuzu making a pickup that's sold under the Ford/VW labels in their respective markets. Neither Ford or VW can build a compact of that size to sell at a price point that wins.

The proof is already there. Ford's decision to stay out of the midsize market was based on research they did back seven or eight years ago. VW would already BE here with a compact truck if their math said it could work.

In this country people have the expectation that smaller trucks will have a lower MSRP.

Surprise! They don't. So, I say look for an Asian or Korean third party simply because they are more nimble---and more able---than either Ford or VW to get something done at the right price and On Time!

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Did they really use the word NOVA in the second to last picture. Wow. The Chevy NOVA from ~40 years ago flopped in Mexico because NOVA means "doesn't go". I shake my head at the brilliant marketing personnel at some of these corporations. Must be a bunch of people in their 30's who don't have much marketing experience. I mean the NOVA is a classic example in marketing books from what I remember when in marketing class. I believe Harvard Business School did a whitepaper or such that reviewed how Chevy flopped with using the word NOVA in Mexico as a car name.

@ Mark Williams
VW has made tiny Pickupsi for quite a while on Brazil, nothing to do with
In fact their are quite a few Brazil only vehicles including a VW badged Class 8 truck.
Also at that , that show were concepts of Pickups from. Toyota a Hilux and two Ford Ranger Pickup concepts. As well Nissan had a Navara Pickup concept

@Mark Williams
Toyota Hilux Gazoo Racing concept at Sao Polo show

@ Mark Williams
Nissan Navara concept at São Paulo show

@Mark Williams
VW has been making mini pickups in Brazil for ages and this Pickup has no relation to any future Ford/ VW collaboration

Ford and Volkswagon--the perfect marriage.

They are both the masters of high volume junk.

Ford should merge with McDonalds and put a hamburger tray in the interior for each cupholder.

Come on, guys! Can we not all support the better quality vehicles, and send these companies a strong signal--that is, that quality really should be "job one"?

Can we not all support the better quality vehicles, and send these companies a strong signal--that is, that quality really should be "job one?"...Posted by: On point | Nov 13, 2018

@On point,

Answer: yes. Likely? no. Rest assured that Ford and VW executives have wrestled with these scenarios on their Power-Point presentations for the last 10 years at least. It works only as a business presentation, not as a profitable enterprise.

The world's big automakers cannot compete with Kia/Hyundai in the fast-paced realm of small-car product development. Hyundai could give Ford a two year head start and still beat them. Ford has known this for at least 10 years.

Hyundai knows they can't beat Ford in half ton trucks, which is why there isn't a Korean half ton in US showrooms (or anywhere else for that matter). Ford presently has much bigger fish to fry.

In order for Dearborn to fulfill their CEO's restructuring plan, Ford will need to spend in excess of 10 billion dollars between now and 2022.

Which means, don't be looking for Ford to be taking any chances in product development between now and 2025. BTW, the 10 billion dollar figure and the timetable is straight from Ford's latest shareholder discussions.


Nova means "new" in Italian and probably Portuguese.


Angelo believes every story he's ever heard.

Pickups are not the codevelopment they are thinking about. Ford and VW are behind in Commercial development, think Vans
The Transit and the Crafter are very similar both being powered by a now small 2 litre Diesel outside the US. The new 2 litre diesel outperforms the old 3.2 in the US Transit

Outside of now Indian owned SSanyong there is NO Korean Pickups
Like the Japanese they do not use Pickups . Japanese make them for other markets but do not use them in Japan. They are similar to the Europeans in that respect.

There is market for small and midsize truck like vehicles here. Provided they have less than full size prices.
They replace full size trucks for the "I haul something every once in a while" crowd. Which I suspect is the majority of non commercial pickup truck owners.

They replace full size trucks for the "I haul something every once in a while" crowd. Which I suspect is the majority of non commercial pickup truck owners.

@limited slip

If the above is true, why do full size pickups outsell compacts by such a large margin?

@limited slip
Misdsize and full size in Brazil?


Ford and Volkswagon--the perfect marriage.
They are both the masters of high volume junk.
Ford should merge with McDonalds and put a hamburger tray in the interior for each cupholder.
Come on, guys! Can we not all support the better quality vehicles, and send these companies a strong signal--that is, that quality really should be "job one"?

Posted by: On point | Nov 13, 2018 2:45:02 AM

@ Off point - get yr facts right before posting;

This thread was primarily about a made for Brazil VW Mini Pickup, and some Ford concepts at the Sao Paulo show

there is NO Korean Pickups
Posted by: Robert Ryan | Nov 13, 2018

Give Hyundai designers and engineers 30 months and they would have a competitive compact pickup in showrooms. They would hit the timing (and the price-polnt) right on the nose.

Ford and VW are hoping they don't.

They would be selling them now with their SUV's if that was the case. There are NO Korean Pickups

I believe Hyundai and/or Kia could come up with a competitive compact pickup. I agree with papajim that if anyone could come up with a competitively priced compact pickup it would be the South Korean manufacturers. I doubt a compact pickup would replace a full size but there are enough buyers that would buy a competitively priced compact pickup with a decent sized bed for a second or third vehicle for Home Depot and other weekend runs along with businesses that need a small delivery or service truck that is inexpensive and economical. Base it on a front wheel drive cuv platform and have it share an assembly plant with that cuv to keep the costs down and the price competitive. Don't need any more than an extended cab so as not to make the bed too small.


Unibody construction would drive up cost and extend development time to market, but a front-driver is not out of the question.

Unless the automakers involved can keep MSRP in the $20k range for base models the whole thing becomes moot.

Buyers will embrace a lower priced model, but something in the 30-40k range just becomes a novelty, not a new wave.


I'm ignoring your comments.

Jeff S
They hace NO intention of building a pickup for the US. The SUV 'S are what they sell Globally

@papa jim--It would drive up the costs more to have a separate platform for a compact pickup and to produce that truck in a separate plant or line. The unibody has already been developed if you base the pickup on an existing cuv or car. Ford is considering a compact pickup based on the Focus. All you need to do for most of the cuvs is take the back seat out and develop it as part of the bed. That is basically what was done when the Ford Falcon was first produced is that you took the basic Falcon and added a bed for a Ranchero. Not to different than the original ute in Australia. The pickup would share not only the platform but most of its parts with the cuv or car its based on.

@Robert Ryan--The fact that Hyundai has shown a Santa Cruz concept pickup says that you are not correct. Maybe a Santa Cruz will get built for the US or maybe not but to say they have no intention of ever building a small truck is not accurate otherwise why would they bother to come up with a concept. What is to prevent Hyundai and Kia from selling suvs or cuvs if they offer a compact truck? Maybe pickups in Europe or not as popular but the US is not Europe--entirely different market. It is easy enough for Hyundai or Kia to take an existing cuv platform and make it a truck.

@Jeff S
That Sante Cruz concept was shown now several years ago initiator of the concept at Hyundai US has left the company
Hyundai and Kia are only producing vehicles in the US they are producing Globally.
There are no Pickups coming from either branches of the combined company

@jeff S
This was a US iniative, and the Korean Company put it on hold
Do not expect a US only vehicle to happen, they do not have the capacity and its profitability is questionable

@jeff S and @ papajim
They will pump out SUV's.all day long but no Pickups
This was caught in Russia

@Robert Ryan--So you say that Hyundai or Kia will never ever come out with a pickup even if Ford or another company come out with a compact pickup and are successful. I am going to hold you to your word that it will never happen regardless of what the competitors do. Usually I am reluctant to use the word never because just as soon as you say it will never happen it happens.

Ford owners don't report their Ford pickups because Ford owners don't read Consumer Reports(or don't read at all).

In order to be surveyed, you have to be a Consumer Reports reader.

Only the more educated drive GM's and RAMs. The rest just follow the herd. Like the herd of people you see going to McDonalds.

These trucks will be about as useful as a Ford car or a VW diesel!

Jeff S
They are a country ,like Japan that only uses Trucks ( all sizes) and Vans for commercial uses. Japan makes Pickups for other countries,
Korea is now becoming a SUV base. They are pretty successful in that regard

Ford plans to launch self-driving service in multiple cities.

“The world doesn't understand how much progress we've made," Ford CEO Jim Hackett said in an interview Wednesday in Miami. "The world doesn't see smart. I've got to kind of get you to live in it. It's come a long way."

Ford plans to spend $4 billion over the next few years building those vehicles and the business model it will run them through to make money. Ford has been secretive about its self-driving vehicles and future plans, much to the displeasure of the investment and analyst community.

the takeaway: Ford will spend almost 3x as much to restructure the company (est. 11 billion dollars) than it's planning to deploy for the latest iteration of the car-of-the-future.

In this country people have the expectation that smaller trucks will have a lower MSRP.

I doubt self driving vehicles are really the aim here. Trying to stem massive lossess outside NA is one aim. Tie ups with VW and Mahindra could help
"Striking deals with VW and Mahindra could further improve Ford’s outlook. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas predicts Ford will lose $3.6 billion in Europe from 2019 to 2021, making it the least-profitable automaker in that market.

In South America, where VW also operates, Ford has lost more than $4 billion since 2012. Sharing costs to develop cars and new technology with another automaker could help reverse those losses. "

,.,.,.. You see the new ford F450 truck for 2020

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