Happy Thanksgiving From PickupTrucks.com

Thanksgiving Parade Ram 1

It's been an amazing and interesting year so far, and we still have another month to go in 2018. We certainly have more than we deserve and have plenty to be thankful for — not the least of which is a vibrant and competitive pickup truck market ready and willing to provide truck lovers with all sorts of new and improved technology and products. If they make 'em, we'll drive 'em. And you can count on Pickuptrucks.com to write about it all so you can know everything we know.

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But as chaotic and exciting as 2018 has been thus far in terms of pickup trucks, 2019 looks to be even more frantic and exhilarating — by a factor of 10. Although we don't know all the details yet, we've heard rumors that the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit is as likely to be packed full of news. The 2018 NAIAS is where we first saw the all-new half-ton 2019 Ram 1500 and 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, followed by the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 in March. The rumor mill is predicting surprises from Nissan, Toyota and possibly a few heavy-duty truckmakers for the 2019 show. We are stoked.

With all that said, we hope you stick around to enjoy the ride and see what's coming. And on a more personal note, everyone here at PickupTrucks.com wishes you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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To you as well Many thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving.

But it's not that I don't like American trucks.

It appears the dims are the worst at submitting pure crap on this site. A fare portion of your comments are biased. You guys brought this on yourselves.

Am I a midsize supporter or anti gas? Have you read my comments? I'm anti EV and the other wasteful energies like CNG for road transportation.

Why? Because tax payers are paying for someone else's investment. Similar to a subsidised job. I would support these alternatives if they were able to 'stand on their own two feet'.

Why should my mother, brother, nieces and nephews pay extra taxes so some person can feel good about themselves every morning when they jump into their EV or Prius or CNG powered pickup, that already has the most protection of any vehicle sold in the US.

My niece waitresses in NJ and she earn $hit money and drives a bucket. Is this fair to her? The same goes for your pickups, why should she pay taxes to subsidise some UAW worker? Or any of my family in the States pay additional taxes to support unviable practices.

I support free trade not market protectionism. That's my angle. But you simplistic rural types can't comprehend that. The protectionist approach is sending the US/EU/Japan broke. It isn't sustainable and is costing all of you your standard of living. What I just stated isn't communism. Read up on what communism is.

What I do support about midsizers? It isn't the midsizer themselves. I support the ability of any vehicle to be allowed to be sold without tariffs and protection. Its just this is a pickup site and the US has a very protected industrial base regarding the production and sale of pickups. If you can prove otherwise show me.

If you read TTAC under one of your many names you will know that I don't even support the subsidisation of our Australian auto industry. My view is I own a Mazda, why should I then pay additional tax for someone to buy a car they want, ie, Falcon, Commodore, etc just because it is manufactured in Australia. Who subsidised the price of my vehicle? I actually paid a tax on it of 5%.

Supporting our auto industry doesn't make me more Australian or driving a ute doesn't make me more Australian.

Just like in America, if you think you are an American because you drive a pickup then you are a sad person. I don't value a person on what they drive, let alone the brand of what they drive.

There is a subset cultural belief we have here with the Holden and Ford ute guys. We even have this attitude with some of the Toyota Hilux/Landcruiser ute crowd as well.

If you judge people by what they drive and judge your won patriotism just because you drive a pickup I feel sorry for you.

I enjoy my ute, not because I'm Australian or even an American. Because it allows me the freedom and ability to travel in a environment that most of you guys have never experienced.

I show my belief in my country by my work. I also view the US in a very similar light, along with the UK, Canada and NZ.

In the end you appear to be very narrow minded to the point you can't make an accurate assessment of a situation.

Your life is at the point where you treat an inanimate object with reverence, awe, that's why you use the word 'glory' which I do find offensive coming from the military.

How hollow is your life?

@Big Al

Thanks for the Thanksgiving sermon.

I agree with Big Al. Happy Thanksgiving.

Looks like the guys at the sheep station got the day off again.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Just read this and had to share as it is Thanksgiving related.
The real Turkey is the GM truck, Lol!

@Big Al

Thanks for the Thanksgiving sermon.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Nov 22, 2018 4:17:30 PM

Stop hi-jacking my user name...........LOSERS!

"The rumor mill is predicting surprises from Nissan, Toyota and possibly a few heavy-duty truckmakers for the 2019 show. We are stoked."

Maybe finally a whole new Tundra???

@Big Al--I don't entirely disagree with you but it is not that simple. Agree that the 25% tariff stifles competition and for the most part agree about Government loans and bailouts except that this last bailout was during one of the worst economic crisis in recent history and it would have left millions without jobs and gutted an entire industry. It is simple to say just let GM and Chrysler go bankrupt and if they go out of business then that's too bad it was their fault. I cannot disagree that GM and Chrysler were at fault but it is more than GM and Chrysler it is all their suppliers and the people who are employed in the auto industry either directly or indirectly. Even Ford, Toyota, and Nissan were in favor of Government aid because they use many of the same parts suppliers as GM and Chrysler and they did not want to hurt their own suppliers.

As for being an American I had the fortune of being born in America and have been blessed with a life that is a dream for many that are less fortunate. I don't need a car, truck, or any type of material object to prove that I am an American. A car or truck is something that has become a necessity for most people due to a lack of mass transit and other viable options. I do believe in free trade but I believe in equitable trade that doesn't come at the expense of another country. I do believe that in the past the US has gotten a raw deal on trade and that we can negotiate a better deal. Don't agree with the methods of how our President is addressing free trade but I do agree that we as a country need to do something and at least the President is doing something. I don't want to get political but most Americans believe that we need to do something to make trade fairer.

Having said that I do give thanks for our country even though it is far from perfect. We have many things to be thankful for and we take our freedoms and opportunities for granted (I include myself). It is good to have a day to remember everything we have and to be thankful. Thanksgiving to me is one of my favorite holidays because it is a day of being with family and friends and sharing all the many blessings we have.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Great to see people are still adding the value to the internet. Thanks for the wonderful post.

My niece waitresses in NJ and she earn $hit money and drives a bucket. Is this fair to her?...why should she pay taxes to subsidise some UAW worker? Or... pay additional taxes to support unviable practices.

@Jeff S

You were nice to respond as politely as you did to the comments from the sheep station. But I won't.

The above quote about his niece shows very clearly how dis-ordered his mind is. He complains about subsidies, but evidently believes there's something wrong with our system because his niece isn't earning a Silicon Valley income slinging burgers & fries for a living. No one should be made to feel ashamed for working in a kitchen, but someone who chooses that life has no right to expect to live like a sultan either.

His rants about the US are thread-bare socialist UK stuff.

The working class in the UK has been unhappy about their lot ever since WW2. Probably won't change as long as their economic system stays that way. Ditto New Jersey for that matter. Conditions for workers in this country have improved considerably during the last couple of years, and millions of marginalized Americans have moved off of disability and food stamps to good jobs.

The reduction in unemployment has forced employers in most states to offer better wages, even in waitress and retail jobs. The sheep-rancher-down-under cannot grasp this because he has hated the success that our current president has earned both personally and politically.

Even Americans of average means have seen big improvements to their 401-Ks

The impression that we have a real businessman (instead of a college professor) in the White House inspired enormous confidence, both here and abroad. Too bad these realities have so upset the noisy guy with the Mazda ute.

The cold weather is here time to refresh those old truck batteries, try this out https://bit.ly/2PSWryn

Liberal logic: Thanksgiving Day is racist!

Probably too late to miss this thread being hijacked by Welfare, and Fiat fans.

But happy thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day is Racist, heck, they showed the NFL Redskins vs Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day, you can't get anymore racist then that.

I think it's pretty sick.

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