Honda Rides High at SEMA With Twofer Concept

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Grabbing attention at one of the wildest and craziest auto shows in the world is not easy, but Honda managed to grab some spotlight at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show with its open-air, half pickup, half side-by-side ultimate off-road vehicle.

Designed for extreme desert duty, the Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept was clearly created to satisfy those looking for a fun-to-drive open-air desert trailer toy with the strong-as-steel underpinnings of a mid-size pickup truck. In fact, everything underneath the concept is from a stripped and modified Ridgeline that's combined with the side-by-side design of the Honda Pioneer 1000 all-terrain vehicle — meaning doors, hood, steering wheel and a few bed modifications. The concept also boasts Civic Type R seats, complete interior sprayed with Rhino Lining, and five-point harness seatbelts; we could easily picture this running through the Baja California Desert at speed, on the beach with a lifeguard, or in the backwoods with a group of hunters.

Of course, this is a one-off concept and Honda has no plans to put it into play; however, we would suggest providing some advanced bed technology (again) could help separate and distinguish the a new Ridgeline ROAV from the growing number of mid-size pickups in the class. If we find out more (and we just might at the LA Auto Show), we'll pass it along.

The industry-only 2018 SEMA Show runs through Friday at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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How apropos that this photo was taken on Halloween. It's a Honda Pilot dressed up as a real Sport Utility Vehicle. I wonder if they have any photos of the Ridgeline wearing its costume.

So I'm wondering how much it now weighs and how much less that is than a standard Ridgeline. Could be a real fun time with some serious performance. This more resembles a HUGE Side by side ATV than a pretend truck. Would love to see price as well.

Considering how many Polaris Rangers & RZRs I see, and how much they cost, I bet Honda could sell quite a few of these if they were to put them into production. Sort of like luxury trucks, it seems like the maximum price hasn't been found yet. Those with the money to spend on toys seem willing to part with whatever it takes to get the biggest/best/most luxurious.

Side by sides are gaining popularity but they're pretty expensive. Especially for something that isn't always street legal.

Honda is all show no action, 450HP Sema Ridgeline puked out a minivan with a bed the last time they did this. Idiots

This is exactly what I've been asking for for years. And from Honda! Glad to see it at least made it to concept. One step closer to reality.

That is one butt ugly half whatever...only honda could come up with

@ Clint
What's a pretend truck.
Search 2018 Honda Ridgeline proves itself 700 mile camping.
Search 2018 Honda Ridgeline Big Truck Big RV.
Search Mid Sized Trucks Don't Need Frames.

We have had the first Generation Ridgeline nearly 12 years.
It is a great vehicle for everyday use a pleasure to drive on long trips.
This is exactly why we got it to use on occasion to do Home Depot Costco runs.To do dump runs but it has no problem going on long highway trips.

As a work truck I see this Ridgeline not to far from my house.
The guy has had it since 2006 not sure if it's a early 06 or 07 but had it before we got one. This guy has used his for decorative tile and flooring business. He has company name on it but he is well into 12yrs using it for his business. I was looking at that truck when we
were shopping one.

It would be cool to see Honda take an Accord and modify it to look like a homely pickup truck---oops, they've already done it. Nevermind.


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