Nissan Ultimate Service Titan: Video

Ultimate Service TITAN 3 copy II

We've seen quite a few photos of the special Titan XD that Nissan built for the American Red Cross, but the recent 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas gave us our first chance to see it in person.

It's impressive. Nissan added 4 feet of wheelbase to the truck to accommodate the Australia-built custom fiberglass camper shell. The mobile command center, we're told, weighs about 11,000 pounds with another 2,000 pounds of projected payload capacity.

Here are few highlights of the Ultimate Service Titan that will be used in U.S. disaster recovery efforts.

Manufacturer image



Ultimate Service TITAN 5 copy II



Thank you for your donation for a good cause.

I bet the Titan will beat the Tundra to the HD pickup segment.

Pop Top campers very similar to this are reasonably common in Australia

Good Guess, just noticed it was an Australian built Fibreglass she'll for the Ambulance section

The but the UGLIEST truck ever besides the CHEVYOTA TUNDERADO.Lol

"I bet the Titan will beat the Tundra to the HD pickup segment."

Posted by: uh hu

There's a reason why Toyota hasn't yet revealed their new truck. My guess is their working on a lighter, more efficient half ton and an 8-lug 3/4 and/or 1-ton. Their current truck's biggest fail is fuel economy and the Titan hasn't answered that bell either.

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