Ram 1500 Big Horn Low Down Concept: Video

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If your tastes run more to the street-performance side of the pickup truck spectrum, you'll want to take a closer look at Ram's latest concept truck, the Ram 1500 Big Horn Low Down. It debuted at the recent 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show  in Las Vegas. Called an "exercise" by the folks at Mopar, many of the upgrades on the Ram 1500 are or soon will be listed as parts in the Mopar catalog.

Although we didn't get to pop the hood at SEMA, there is a new Ram Airflow intake and filter with a not-so-subtle Ram logo molded into the air intake. We think the silver-and-black paint scheme would be a perfect special-order option for a new 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Low Down special edition. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears



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The idea of a Ram logo on the intake really gets my juices flowing. Good job, Ram!

I like it. How do I get the lowering kit?


Looks good but I would go for fender flares that don't have pockets for a street truck. Pocket flares are associated with off road oriented builds more than anything.

Would like to see a little less ground clearance at least 2 more inches

Two words, Aftermarket Crosshairs...

I do believe the sport/street truck market has been for some time and is currently neglected. To me this is surprising as the modification for a credible one would be pretty simple (as demonstrated here on this truck). With just a lowered height, big wheels, street tires, exhaust, special shocks, some visual cues one would at least bring something to the market nobody else is offering for a price those interested would probably pay and make it profitable.

For someone interested in making a street version premium Super Truck (what the Raptor is to off Road), one would have to mimic the typhoon, cyclone, SRT 10, or Lightning. Ideally it would be AWD and carry the boost in power in addition to the modifications mentioned earlier. I can see where a toy like this like the Raptor would have high costs and might not carry the sales needed to justify it, especially if more than one manufacturer were in this market.

But I'm confident the market could support a more simplified version like the Fiat shown here.

my preference would be options to RAM up the HP on my 5.7.
the look-see stuff is cute but not as interesting.
one suggestion to the FMC design team;
how about optional solar cargo bed, hood, and cab cover?
keep my A/C running on sunny muggy days.
that aside....looks great.


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