Rivian Will Show Adventure Electric Pickup at L.A. Auto Show

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First, we saw the Workhorse W-15 electric pickup truck followed by the Havelaar Bison, Bollinger B2 and Atlis XT. Now Rivian Automotive has entered the electric pickup field.

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Headquartered in Plymouth, Mich., Rivian hopes to have its adventure-themed electric pickup truck ready for sale by mid-2020. The nearly 9-year-old company is ready with two new concept vehicles — the R1T pickup and R1S SUV — that will debut at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show when it opens to the public Friday. Given that Rivian leadership includes employees who previously worked at McLaren and Tesla, the R1T's "skateboard" platform looks like something that could pan out rather than fizzle as many electric pickups have.

Typical of the electric pickup class, the R1T concept boasts impressive specs and numbers. Rivian claims the pickup truck will be able to tow 10,000 pounds, accelerate zero-to-60 mph in less than three seconds, offer a 400-mile-plus range, four-corner air suspension, off-road capabilities superior to a Range Rover or Jeep, and deliver it all on a cleanly designed, reconfigurable platform. The RS1 SUV will likely have many of the same features but, of course, offer three-row seating. One thing Rivian has going for it is that it already has a functional plant in Normal, Ill. (formerly a Mitsubishi Eclipse production facility), which, we're told, once produced 250,000 vehicles per year. Check back for more information about these concept electric vehicles after we get a closer look at the clever bed technology.

Base prices (after the federal tax rebate) will start at $61,500, with deliveries starting in late 2020. Fully equipped models with the largest battery packs will be produced first; expect base-level variants 12 months later. Rivian is currently accepting refundable pre-orders of $1,000 now.

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The 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show kicks off with a media preview Wednesday and Thursday, and we'll be reporting straight from the Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S. Figueroa St. The show will be open to the public Friday through Dec. 9. Hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday-Dec. 2 and Dec. 7-8; 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Dec. 3-6; and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Dec. 9.

General admission is $20 for visitors age 13-64 ($15 if purchase in advance online), $10 for senior citizens age 65 or older and $5 for children age 6-12; kids younger than 6 get in free. Dec. 3 through Dec. 6, general admission is discounted to $15 at the door and $12 in advance online. Early entry tickets, group discounts and guided tours are also available; visit the show's website for more ticketing info.

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Looks cute I guess. I worry about reliability and range when hauling freight.

this electric pickup was unibody very hot!


It "says" all the right things. But overpromising and under delivering has been too big a part of the EV industry for some time now.

Delivering those features, and capabilities at a comparable price is what we are all waiting for and the sooner it shows up the better it will be for all.

LOVE the "trunk" under the hood. Removes much of the need for external tool boxes or even extra cab for many.

Hoping to see things like this come to market at reasonable prices.

Sorry RAM, this interior is better!
sorry Ford this truck is better

Big fan!

Scoured their website to get details and they actually have more than Workhorse and Atlis does at this point. Hoping for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration. This is probably the best so far for those who live in the city/suburban areas (like home owners) who love to haul and tow things.

Once details about charging infrastructure are made available (please license Tesla's Supercharging network AND have a CCS charger for good measure) I think this could be the front-runner of the truck EV race. Now we just gotta wait 13 more months...

@ Clint
It's called a Fronk. Wished it was a little less long and they made the cab a little more forward, and then made bed longer. Seems those big tires are a bit self defeating for getting a better cab forward design.

I'm all for EV and the future, but this must clearly still be a concept. Are those side steps really supposed to support a 250lb guy stepping onto them? The tailgate looks innovative, but is it really really functional and durable.

400mile range is a great target. Would love to see that in reality. Of course we know that that is not towing anything and flat highway. Remember, from the Tesla plant to Lake Tahoe, Ca is ~220miles, and that includes getting over a 7200' mountain pass. Did that the other week for the dirt biking buddy's reunion. 220miles is to Tahoe City Lake Tahoe which is half way between north shore and south shore on the West side. The lake is 72 miles all the way around, so Tahoe City seems like a good average point in general. Peddled round lake a few times in the distant past. Quite beautiful, and saw many Tesla 3's this time around.

The host of the dirt biking group is a tried and true Chevy 1500 guy who needs to load up his bed when he has work to do at the cabin, or what not, ie two big long dirt bikes, so these short beds just won't cut it for him, let alone the rest of the entire group.

And then there is the price of these EV's. The host just picked up a used 1500 last year for ~$10k-$15k, so over $60k would be hard for him to justify. Yah, we have a ways to go for mainstream EV trucks unfortunately.

if I pee on the tire, will I get a shock?


Are those side steps really supposed to support a 250lb guy stepping onto them?

NOT side steps...pass thru storage

Think back a few years, remember Mahindra and their entry level diesel pickup to be sold here?

This is similar, except Mahindra actually made pickups in other markets.

When Tesla starts showing a pickup it's time to pay attention, this is a scam.

Fake news

Looks like way overkill for the average person who needs a pickup. 10,000 lbs towing, come one, reducing the tow rating will make it lighter and get better kw mileage,

it would only take one stop to recharge getting to my hunting spot

Looks like way overkill for the average person who needs a pickup. 10,000 lbs towing, come one, reducing the tow rating will make it lighter and get better kw mileage,

it would only take one stop to recharge getting to my hunting spot

Anything is possible for $130,000.

Oops spelling. It's called a Frunk not Fronk.
Pass through storage. Yah, that will work great for a 2x4 that is 8' long. If one doesn't mind getting side swiped and having the step get ripped off along with the 2x4. Sure pass through storage.
Just kidding.
Your probably in the boonies so strap along solar panels for an all day recharge. Yah, when is Tesla going to show a truck mockup with a solar panel roof!

@budsy47 Pass-through. I cry FOUL! Study the pictures and it looks like it eats into the bed length by 3" or more. FOUL!
Quit designing these things to take more space away from the bed length. Just another Ridgeline, ie short box.
Ram does similar thing with their RAM box, but over the fender well. Pay extra for it, and get less bed space. But at least for RAM it is an option for those that have to have it.
I guess people these days need help organizing their stuff, at the expense of actual bed space. Kind of pathetic.
Isn't a Frunk enough hidden space. One write-up says it is for snowboards. Pathetic, just put them into the crew area covered with a blanket and misc. Most thieves won't bother if it is out of view, but an expensive snowboard or rifle, totally exposed, might not be there when one comes back.
Still, allow that flap as it is, and some genius short child will step on it until one day it breaks, let alone a 250lb'er! Concepts....

1 The bed is too small,
Truck must have 8 foot box otherwise its useles to a working man..

2 give me physical butons to turn on heater defrost,radio etc and leave the screen for Maps GPS only

3 at such high price it better be able to outperform and carry as much or more weight as One ton Chevy..

Interesting that Rivian chose to enter the midsize space. Midsize has the most growth potential, but also a sign that the technology is really not ready for the full-size space. Which of course makes it real interesting because the WILD card is Tesla. What space are they really going to try and enter? I hope the full-size space with a slight cab forward design that allows it to fit lengthwise in the midsize space.
Best of both worlds.


Everybody seems to have forgotten that the Mahindra pickup's US plans was actually a scam devised by Alex Perez of Global Vehicles USA, after his pyramid scheme for the Crosslander/ARO SUV fell through and he was on the hook for the money contributed by hundreds f dealers for franchises and showroom constructions. Mahindra had no real interest in selling its trucks in the US, but decided to go along with Perez. That deal took place back in 2007. It wasn't until 2010 when Mahindra realized something was wrong with the whole thing, and the company had a talk with the Romanian government, which still has an outstanding arrest warrant against Perez in Europe after he tried to scam Romania over ARO's assets. When Mahindra broke it deal with Perez and tried to market the truck on its own, Perez sued and got the courts to block Mahindra's attempts to sell its own passenger vehicles in the US for a 5-year period.

That period is now over, and Mahindra's trying once more to enter the US market. The Roxor side-by-side (a shrunken version of the Thar SUV, but for off-road use only) is the first run, and you can expect its first road-going model to come from its Michigan facility to arrive in a few years.

Meanwhile, Perez is still lying low because of the arrest warrants from Romania and Brazil, which was also caught up in the Crosslander scam, and all the dealers who are still owed money.

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I can’t figure out why John/Jane Doe would not love the Chevrolet Volt (the electric - green car of the future) for $ 34K but rather get into debt for $130K vehicle - the only conclusion - is the snake oil salesman for $130K vehicle have hypnotized their buyers.

Looking at GM management - I wonder their decision to abandon the green vehicle (maybe it is response to the campaign from certain quarters may have driven people to revolt on the green concept). Whether that revolt from GM is to please our leader by shelving Volt.

GM decision should be revisited in the future - whether they are right or wrong.

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