2019 North American Truck of the Year Nominees Announced


Finalists for the 2019 North American Truck of the Year award were announced at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, and they are as follows: the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (all-new frames, trim packages, interior and exterior design, powertrain lineup, and bed, safety and towing tech), 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 (all-new frames, cabins, interior and exterior design, powertrain lineup, and bed, safety and towing tech) and 2019 Ram 1500 (all-new frames, cabins, interior and exterior design, mild hybrid, and safety and towing tech).

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Voters of the award consist of 54 U.S. and Canadian automotive writers who consider each all-new or significantly revised vehicles for the model year.

"Full-size trucks are the financial engines that power the auto industry, and this year, we're fortunate to have three great new ones to consider," said NACTOY Vice President Chris Paukert. "From the new mild-hybrid system [of the Ram 1500] to a carbon-fiber bed and a Swiss army knife-like tailgate [of the GMC Sierra 1500], this year's truck crop is packed with customer-friendly innovations."

Some of the criteria used to judge the winner include perceived segment leadership, innovation, overall design, safety technology, handling, driver satisfaction and value. Winners will be announced at a press conference during the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan. 14. For more information about the award, selection process and who makes up this esteemed group, click here.

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We have driven and tested all of the new entries in our most recent Best Half-Ton Truck Challenge, where the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 won our contest. Additionally, our judges had quite a bit to say about the new Ram 1500, as well. Look for our own Best Pickup Truck of the Year award to be announced in early January. Our competitors include the same three players here, plus the addition of the 2019 Ford F-150 turbo-diesel 3.0-liter V-6 with a 10-speed transmission. More to announce later.

Cars.com photos by Christian Lantry, Evan Sears




No brainer. Ram gets it for the new design. Everybody can go home now.

Everybody can go home now...Posted by: Don -- Dec 7, 2018

@Don. I appreciate your nod to the RAM---the 2019 RAM 1500 really does run the table. Where I disagree is regarding the others. GM gets a big pass on their styling blunders, and that regards both the interior and exterior looks. GM's new angles on the drivetrain deserve some attention. We'll see what the public says.

The new Ford (is not new) and I'm waiting for Ford to do a real makeover on the F150, soon. But I'm loving what they chose to do with the refinements they've made to the global Ranger and that starts with the powertrain. All reviews I have seen praise the Ranger but made some qualifying remarks about the skimpy back seat.

Nissan and Toyota continue to lay an egg.


Let's go all in and bet a cold Coke on it!

@Don. I don't do soft drinks anymore. Sorry, but it's part of my medical treatments.

Unless there's a misunderstanding I do believe that we agree on the key parts---namely the superiority of the 2019 RAM 1500

I'm bullish on the Ranger and willing to avert my eyes when the new GM trucks roll by because they bring some focus to the drivetrains. They actually did a lot to refine the V8s in the upmarket models. Whether or not it sells is something else. Same with the 2.7

Apart from RAM's E-torque, they've pretty much carried-over the 8 speed and the Hemi from the last few cycles, not that that's all bad.

Ditto Ford and the way they've punted on the turbo sixes on the half ton.

I can see why you're a Ranger fan, but they're not on the market yet.

The truck of the year winner usually goes to the product with the more appealing appearance (interior or exterior). With that in mind, the RAM has a great chance of winning due to its interior. If the judging is based on innovation and performance the Sierra Denali with the multi-pro tailgate and innovative carbon fiber box and cargo management is the clear winner.

the Sierra Denali with the multi-pro tailgate and innovative carbon fiber box and cargo management is the clear winner.
Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Dec 7, 2018

I can promise you that this is not GMC or Chevy's year. Ditto F150. Logic dictates that it won't be the Nissan. GM has done some very cool stuff this year but it's not stuff that wins in the showroom.

Ford F150 did not show up this year. As you very well noted, the RAM has the styling covered in and out. Men like good looking trucks and women do too.

Women do not focus on the tech unless it's gadgets and buttons and touch-screen stuff. Telling the average customer about your latest variable displacement tricks will lose sales. Ditto all the cute stuff in the bed and tailgate.


The one with the biggest screen and the most fat-american gadgets and gimmicks will win because the big three cant sell quality or reputation on build quality anymore. They might as well remove the beds and put actual beds on the back of them lol.



This award is as dumb as any Oscar or liberal award program out of Hollywood!

Gee Oxi how do you really feel.

2019 Silverado

A game changer


I wish you were right. The powertrain additions and improvements GM is offering to the 1500 class trucks are more apropos to a mid cycle refresh than an all new model.

The changes to the interior/exterior styling are not winning many fans and risk overshadowing the really legit engine and drive train innovations coming from GM.

In the meantime GM is getting blasted in the press for discussing the potential for big layoffs right before the Holidays. I wonder which genius got the big bucks for THAT idea!

I'm gonna respond to my own questions.

Every year in December the big institutional stockholders (about 75% of GM stock is held by these groups) prepare to off load shares of stock to tidy-up their portfolios for tax purposes.

GM leadership might be chosing to take a dump on their share price in December so they can blame it on people balancing portfolios instead of blaming Mary B and the board of directors. GM and Ford both blasted Washington over the bogus steel/aluminum news stories instead of facing it squarely.

But that was a 3rd quarter story. Now the end of the 4th quarter is just a few weeks off and it's too late for any happy news about sales or EV or such to bounce the stock price again in 2018.

Why on earth would you not include ALL full-size 1/2-ton trucks in this contest? I thought this is supposed to determine the best truck, not just the best truck with new features! After all, isn't it possible that a truck unchanged from last year might still be the best truck available despite the changes in the other brands? If I wanted to buy a new truck this year, this article is of limited value simply because I can't tell from the article if the untested truck might actually be the best purchase this year. Come on, pickuptruck.com, wake up and consider real world buyers!


Allow me. Since we aren't talking about vehicles exclusive to foreign markets, I have to guess you've made reference to the Tundra, a truck almost entirely unchanged for about ten years now. If so, you can count on me.

1. The Tundra's six speed auto and DOHC 5.7 are---apart from incremental changes---the very same as 10 years ago.
2. Its interior? Ditto
3. Wheelbase, chassis, steering, etc/ Ditto
4. Colors? Easy to find and compare at Toyota.com

So in reality your comment is more about journalism that automotive (or truck) comparisons. Toyota has learned, as did Nissan, that the US is a brand-loyal market and the Tundra despite its many virtues remains an outsider even considering the fact that it's assembled and serviced in the US. Most objective reviewers and customer comments on the Tundra lean to the positive side.

Have you ever owned one?

@ Dale

The same reason when I watched an episode of Barnwood Builders and watched founder Mark Bowe driving to the site in what was clearly a toyota tundra interior and "pulled up" in a brand new shiny ford f-150. It's because the market is bias and there is too much money to be made in the domestic pickup truck market. Also the same reason why I read a 2014 issue of Motor Trend's half ton pickup truck shootout and also didn't include the toyota tundra again. Bias....paid off bias most likely. Same reason why the big three producing passenger cars is almost extinct. They get comfy with their reputation and start loading a car up with gadgets and lack on reliability and build quality. Then they're riddled with tsb's and recalls for some reason.

why the big three producing passenger cars is almost extinct


Surely you aren't suggesting that changing consumer habits didn't contribute heavily to the changes. Look at the sales of small, medium and large SUVs, and before that---to minivans, for the answer. More comfortable, utilitarian and capable of good fuel economy. American sedans were also castrated by the CAFE regs during the 1980s to such an extent that they were awful to drive. I'm describing for you external factors that weighed much more on consumer choice.

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2019 Silverado

A game changer

Posted by: TNTGMC | Dec 8, 2018 8:48:57 AM

Here's the thing. We all know you're not the real TNTGAY. He would have made 45 post out of the first 50 had he actually posted. He would have been tough and bypassed the swear filter with various symbols going on one of his tirades calling someone names. I do like your post. "This thing's gonna be a game chganger".......ahhh yes.....

Maybe TNT clicked on that link above in Mike's post and his computer and/or phone stopped working!! We can only hope!! ;-)

Fu@k you!! I never said that!! I only post facts you stupid Pu$$y!!

@Don--I have seen several new Rams on the road and the design has grown on me. The new Ram is one of the best looking pickups on the road. Ram also has one of the best interiors especially on the top trim models. FCA is on a winning streak with Ram and Jeep.

North American truck in 2019 very beautiful car very sure. beautiful design.

Someone should let them know the F150 already beat 2 of these 3 nominees for best half ton truck.

This will be a measure for people interested in whats going on behind #1. Which really is where the real battle today is in full size trucks. Seems to be a big shift from Chevy to Fiat.

Good luck in the battle for 2nd.

Seems to be a big shift from Chevy to Fiat


Product-wise I agree. Just remember that GM generally outsells RAM 2:1

If RAM maintains the very cool stuff they've been doing during the last few years (and GM stumbles on the styling) it could change.

Man i see the imposters are in full force.

Why dont u guys stay on topic for once instead of being jealous all the time

Now GM made huge improvements on their trucks, except for the interior...ill agree

Ram has a very luxurious interior but all those electronics come with a price....now and later on

Good luck to the winner.

"Why dont u guys stay on topic for once instead of being jealous all the time"

You should take your own advice TNTGMC(in blue)…
1) You are just calling on "those imposters"...
2) You twisted your story Dec 5th, 6th, and 7th into a lie...
3) Your personality or should I say..., "those demons that control your personality" are just waiting for somebody to respond to you..., well, here it is...
Post Responsibly and Behave

@ lawn ranger

Man, you again, give it up man.

I had 2 conversations going

Your about the biggest hypocrite on this site

You will blast me, or gmsrgreat but u wont say anything to your Ford guys

Seriously, move on. If u could read for comprehension, i proved u wrong. Somebody has issues letting go we can see. I bet you and full of $h!t get along real well. Or possibly your 1 of his 22 multiple personalities?? We shall see

LOL..., Just watch what you post..., Post Responsibly and Behave

Your about the biggest hypocrite on this site

Posted by: TNTGMC | Dec 10, 2018 11:27:33 AM

No papajim is

@Ford Rules GM Drools

Hurry! they're having a sale on panty liners down a CVS!

Do you remember what was the 2017 North American Truck Of The Year? Hint Honda made it.

2017 Truck of the year? Must have been a car shaped like a truck. Right?





Taking everything into account, it looks like a toss-up between the Ram and the GMC; they both have VERY new things coming online and both have other advantages.

When it comes to appearances, the RAM has it all over the other two. Its lines are cleaner and it has dropped that fake Big Rig look, though it's still much too tall at the nose than is really necessary, even counting the big diesel and V8s that have to fit there. Add the 48V mild hybrid system and you see a notable improvement in fuel economy, especially in town.

On the other hand, the Sierra has that unique tailgate which offers a lot of functionality. My personal concern is that it's not stout enough for long-term usage in that multi-function manner and if it is, that tailgate must be notably heavier than the others' more conventional tailgates. Using that tailgate as a step up into the bed is a clear indication that the truck has become too tall for easy access otherwise.

So both have their possibilities and the differing technologies offered by each are what make them stand out. I think it will come down to which becomes the better value in the long run that will make it the winner.

My personal pick is the RAM.

I expected an whole bunch of futuristic cars and bikes to be launched in the year's car expo and I was not wrong. Many companies displayed driverless autos which are doubtlessly an idea until further notice however organizations guarantee that these vehicles will keep running out and about by late 2020.

And CUVs. Think tall Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and Taurus and you get Eco Sport, Escape, Edge and Explorer.

They are eliminating the low profit, slow selling sedan derivatives. It's subject to change of course.

Some of the criteria used to choose the winner include perceived segment management, innovation, basic layout, protection technology, dealing with, driver satisfaction and value. Winners can be introduced at a press convention all through the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan.

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