2020 Jeep Gladiator Is Ready for Adventure: Video

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Returning to the pickup truck side of the automotive universe, Jeep has finally bought back an option for buyers looking for a serious off-road vehicle with the functional benefits of a cargo bed. The 2020 Jeep Gladiator made quite a splash at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show as the newest mainstream mid-size pickup player.

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What do we think? We'll go ahead and say it: This is not necessarily the perfect small truck Jeep and pickup enthusiasts have been waiting for. We're guessing that Jeep will discover that many of the Gladiator buyers will come from its Wrangler SUV customer base. The truth is, once you remove the Toyota Tacoma (and even the Chevrolet Colorado) from the mid-size pickup class, there are not many sales to be had, especially with the aggressive pricing and incentive spending going on in the much bigger, more capable and more powerful half-ton pickup class. Pricing for the new Jeep pickup has not been announced, but the cost of a fully loaded Gladiator could set a record for mid-size trucks.

Despite those concerns, we have no doubt the Jeep Gladiator will sell quite well and have Jeep's Toledo, Ohio, production plant running two full shifts (and possibly a third) for a long time to come. But we strongly advise parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to improve the bed and provide a better trailering setup during the mid-model refresh.

There are plenty of details to look at on the 2020 Jeep Gladiator; this video covers just a few of the unique selling points that stood out to us and the tons of showgoers we saw eyeballing the new pickup.

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The Chevy Bison will be $48,000 with out options, I am thinking the Jeep with out options might be around $45,000.

The Ranger Raptor if you convert what it is listed for sale in Australia, would be right at $48,000

A guy at the gym said he might get rid of his Escalade and bu one of these Jeeps, if he can get the dealer to add all the after market stuff he wants on it, all show, no go stuff..

@Dave -- We hope your ballpark guesses on pricing will be correct but we're never surprised anymore when marketing folks want to mess with pricing in the wrong way. Good feedback about who some of the first adopters might be. Time will tell.

As a midsize truck owner I have to say that the extra rear leg room appeals to me.

avg midside now over 40 grand out the lot,no thanks!

I own a 2016 Colorado. I am excited about the Gladiator. This is about as excited as I was when the Colorado was announced and ended up buying one of those.. Pricing is going to be a concern though, my guess is low 50s for the Rubicon. Which is a bit pricey but probably realistic. Otherwise, I think Jeep may have a hit. This thing should tow well. Most Jeep's do not tow much currently because the rating/suspension is just not good enough. At the same time someone who owns a Jeep is probably someone who would own a dirt bike, atv, etc. This is new JLT will fit that bill. It has a bed and appears to have the same Wrangler off road DNA. This is the midsize pickup market in a nutshell. The bed/towing comment to me is coming from a full-size pickup owner. Yes, those are features one would expect in the full-size market but these midsize consumers are the weekend warrior type. We want a truck for fun, not work. It needs to work but it also needs to fit the lifestyle.
BTW, I fully believe Jeep has an opportunity in the full-size market too. I think they could probably do very well with a full-size pickup based on the upcoming Grand Wagoneer platform.

The Rubi is going to price into the $50K+ range; the base model probably about $42K+.

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Stop watching CNN. That's an order. It will make you crazy. Your comment is silly.

Commodity prices are very steady, gasoline is cheaper than it's been in years. Employment numbers are the best we've seen since the Reagan days.

Even the federal reserve is running out of excuses for bumping the interest rate, but you'd have us believe that people should hoard paper money. Fool.

Would be nice if they offered a 2-door version with a longer bed. Empty-nesters don't need more than 2 seats. Other than that and the probably too-high price, it looks great!

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