2018 Toyota Tacoma Photo Gallery: Stalwart Mid-Sizer Offers Lots of Choices


One of the most impressive aspects of the current-generation Toyota Tacoma is how many different variations it offers. Although Toyota decided to kill the regular-cab model several years ago for volume reasons, the Tacoma still offers two wheelbases, two engine choices, two bed lengths (dependent on wheelbase and cab), two cab sizes, three TRD packages (out of six total trim levels) and two drivetrains.

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While we were conducting our recent head-to-head test between the new 2019 Ford Ranger and the 2018 Toyota Tacoma (we could not get our hands on a 2019 model), we discovered some interesting differences between the two mid-size pickups. We broke our test into 10 categories for which two judges addressed the issues and differences. The judges also scored each category for each pickup (10 points maximum per category) so you could see how the two trucks compared.

In case you haven't seen the full comparison story, we suggest you take a look to see where the two did well and where there were significant differences. We can tell you there were a few surprises, some of which we share in our video.

For your viewing pleasure, we're posting this photo gallery of the Tacoma. We had a lot of fun testing these trucks over a few long days, and we hope you enjoy taking a closer look. We've also posted a photo gallery of the 2019 Ford Ranger we tested. More to come as we consider what else to put up against the Ranger in the new year.

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@Robert Ryan--Agree. TTAC has a current article that says it is likely that Ford and VW will work on a medium commercial truck. VW has shares in Navistar and is increasing their ownership in Navistar. I don't believe VW is as interested in light passenger vehicles as much as commercial where they have a chance of dominating that market. Ford and GM are both pulling out of Europe and it wouldn't surprise me is they pulled out of Asia as well. Ford and GM will continue to shrink themselves and close out divisions or sell them. I would say Daewoo is next to go with all the labor problems and GM is abandoning the car market. Daewoo will become more of a liability than an asset. Will be interesting to see over the next couple of years what remains of GM and Ford. I predict both will have a much smaller piece of the market except maybe pickups in the USA and Canada otherwise they are shrinking and not relevant. PSA is another one that is eyeing the US market.

Ford and GM are both pulling out of Europe and it wouldn't surprise me is they pulled out of Asia as well.


Utterly foolish statement.

Europe is a total mess! They are almost entirely dependent upon Russia for natural gas. Their economy is in the crapper.

Asia is a dynamic and growing market. Mentioning Asia and Europe in the same breath is completely idiotic.

You also said "otherwise they [Ford/GM]are shrinking and not relevant."

The combined market cap and cash reserves of these two firms is huge. Ford is one of the few huge shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway stock, last time I looked.

You're better off sticking to what you know.

@Robert Ryan

VW is facing a major settlement that their shareholders will pay because they intentionally "gamed" the emissions testing. Estimates suggest the cost will exceed 20 billion dollars. There are still suits pending, so 20B may not cover it all.

Ford is presently setting aside 11 billion to rightsize the company. So you are reading a press release that proposes a strategic alliance between two badly wounded companies.

VW is hardly the colossus you seem to think.

Ford has already moved away from diesel in its European operations---they gave the numbers on that just this week, and they hardly want to join with a company as heavily associated with diesel as VW.

As long as unleaded is so cheap in the US, diesel is only attractive to commercial operators. A marriage of VW and Ford is a horrible merger/acquisition proposal.

At risk of sounding stupid it's worth mentioning that all of the world's automakers are struggling to compete in a setting where the whole industry has excess manufacturing and supply capacity.

This is a problem that the major firms have failed to address for at least 20 years because so much of their respective corporate success will depend on the precision that they can cut their own individual excesses without hurting their operations.

It's kind of like amputating your own arm or leg. Getting it wrong can kill the patient.

I do not think you get it or your exaggerating or you have misread what info you have.Ford and GM are shrinking , they are becoming regional rather than Global Corporations. VW sees a golden opportunity to expand in the US, taking over disused Ford factories and cooperation on Commercial Vehicles, mainly in the US.
GM is being looked at similarity by a few other Global players, for " cooperation " I see major changes in the ownership of the " Big 2" fairly soon

@Robert Ryan

Have you ever played tennis? One guy hits the ball and the other guy hits it back. Trying to follow your thought process in these debates takes too much work. You are all over the map.

For reasons I have already shared with you, VW is a mess presently. So is Ford.

Both firms have really big structural business problems that are not easily solved.

Although VW has become a much bigger player outside of Europe they are still heavily invested in that collapsing marketplace.

Let it rest.


Thank you for knowing how to handle me- or at least for pretending like you know how to, and doing an excellent job of it. I know I'm not always the easiest person to deal with, but you settle me down and make me smile in a way that no one else can.

You are obviously in an alternative reality. VW Corporation is the largest Global producer of Automobiles and the most profitable.GM and Ford are under threat. They are no longer Global companies. VW wants to slowly absorb Ford. GM is being sized up by others

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Tour way of agreeing with me thanks. I will leave you to your alternative reality and I will comment on the real world
I do not expect GM or Ford to be independent entities in tbe next two years

VW wants to slowly absorb Ford


If VW (virtually worthless) had half a brain they'd buy RAM/Jeep not Ford. Ford's own shareholders are bailing out. Ford's institutional investors have already hit the exits.

Why would VW buy Ford? What would they do about the Class B shares?

@papajim -

VW buy Ford because William Clay Ford is into baton twirling.
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you should use both sides of YOUR brain

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