Could Ford's Hybrid Mustang Engine Be Used in the F-150?

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The next-generation Ford F-150 could possibly have an all-new hybrid V-8 powertrain option that uses a traditional longitudinal drivetrain (meaning power runs through the driveshaft to the rear axle) while a pair of electric motors provide power to the two front wheels.

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According to AutoGuide, Ford applied for a patent for the new powertrain, which is expected to motivate the Ford Mustang Hybrid. AutoGuide is among the media outlets that have asserted that this system, in theory, also could work just as well with a V-8-powered full-size or smaller pickup truck.

A hybrid engine would deliver efficient four-wheel-drive capability while also providing plenty of grunt for hauling payload and towing with a traditional ladder-frame truck. The limited ability of a hybrid pickup truck to perform those tasks is what has kept truckmakers from offering hybrid powertrains in full-size pickups. They've been waiting for a hybrid-engine technological breakthrough that would allow half-ton and heavy-duty trucks to perform the work for which they are purchased. Could this engine be what Ford's been waiting for?

Of course, having smaller hybrid pickup truck choices might make even more sense, but mid-size sales numbers don't justify that kind of investment. Creating a hybrid system that could be used in F-150, F-250 or F-350 pickup trucks, especially in regard to fleet buyers who purchase tens of thousands of pickups each year, will clearly be more in Ford's best interests.

There's no word yet as to when or how this Ford engine may get included in the next-generation F-150 or Super Duty lineup, but it would shake things up in the pickup truck class — especially if fuel prices begin to creep up.

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@ Franky boy

You want to talk about a joke. How about you spend $70k on a new Rustang GT350 and then have to add 21.5 extra quarts of oil to it, just to keep it onto the road. That's pathetic.

BTW...its states in article that owners in forums are having more oil consumption and Ford says it's normal. WTF!!!!

Now leave


I think you made some very good points about GM's previous hybrids. I agree with everything you said, and in the end, I think GM was losing their gluteus maximus on the hybrids. I think people are generally more accepting of hybrids now, largely because they have been around for quite a while and have been mostly reliable. My guess is that a full hybrid in a truck can be produced at a substantial savings versus what it cost back in 2007 when GM first brought them out. I think it might make good business sense for Ford to put a full hybrid in a truck now, probably even making a direct profit. I think GM trucks will follow suit with a full hybrid of their own in the next year or two. Toyota will probably do the same, but I think it will be several years before Ram perhaps gets into this game.


We're talking SBF vs SBC, why are you changing the subject into the GT350.

Oh, I see, you can't debate that SBC is inferior. I agree, there is no question about it, and History will tell it.

@ Frank

Again, I said your video has no validity. It doesn't!!

I also said that GMs small blocks are far superior, and they are otherwise Ford would be still building their own SB's and make them available to the public at a decent price! But they don't

Third, The voodoo motor is a V8 and a new one from Ford, and it's not all it's cracked up to be, just like other Ford V8's.
Do you see a pattern here?

Have a great day!

That's what I thought. Can not answer why chevy threw a rod first.

You cry way too much.

Frank & TNT
here's some advice for you

@ Frank

I'm not crying.

I gave you proof on the voodoo motor being garbage

And proof that you can build a chevy motor far cheaper than a Ford bc they are available to the public. Plus, if you have half a brain, people who are redoing/restoring older cars aren't concerned with money because they know going in it's going to be a ton of money....think a little bit!!

Who is crying?

You gave me a video with no validity behind it at all!

Now go away like you said you liar!!

@ Drools

Then explain to me how Motortrend did everything Ford asked of them to break in the motor properly and it still guzzles oil like crazy!!!

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