First-Ever Medium-Duty Chevrolet Silverados Roll Off the Line

2019 Silverado 4500 3 II

First shown to the public at the 2018 Work Truck Show, the all-new Class 4, 5 and 6 2019 Chevrolet Silverados are rolling off the production line in Springfield, Ohio, with a mission to reinvigorate GM's commercial truck lineup. These first-ever medium-duty Silverados mark GM's return to the medium-duty market after killing the Chevrolet Kodiak and GMC TopKick in 2009.

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With an interior similar to that of the Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500, the 4500/5500/6500 chassis-cab models have a bigger, stronger and taller exterior look, and are one of three truck lineups Chevy is updating. The March 2018 reveal of the medium-duty commercial truck followed the reveal of all-new 2019 Silverado 1500 at the 2018 Detroit auto show in January. We expect the all-new 2500/3500 models to make their debut in the next few months.

The good news for fleet and commercial buyers partial to the Bow-Tie brand is that all three model lineups — light duty, medium duty and heavy duty — will offer a chassis-cab variant along with a box-delete option. So housing, construction, landscaping and utility companies — just to name a few — can outfit a Chevy pickup exactly the way they want it.

New Silverado 4500/5500/6500 models are equipped with the same turbo-diesel 6.6-liter Duramax engine offered in the 2500/3500 models, but they also offer features such as a tilt-forward engine cover for easier maintenance access, a much-easier-to-access diesel exhaust fluid tank, more wheelbase choices and an easy-to-reach location for the two battery boxes (just outside the driver's door).

Pricing for a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 4500 regular-cab chassis cab with a 141-inch wheelbase starts at just less than $48,000.

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2019 Silverado 4500 4 copy II


Forward tilt engine cover, no thanks, I'll stick with my 99 Ranger 5 speed.


Ditto. I'm going to buy a 1988 S10 and to hell with GM's medium duty junk.

We have one on order, crew cab. It should be a fantastic truck , we have 2 Topkicks still and they have been fantastic. Drivetrain is second to none.

Nice looking trucks. Should sell very well

Such tiny wheels under such a big truck. You know the truck is big because of the way it towers over the two guys assembling it in that photo. This is a sign that the trucks have truly grown too large for their purpose. There is no reason what-so-ever that they have to be that large, even for the capacities of hauling and towing that they claim.

This is a medium duty commercial truck so it is bigger. I doubt very many individuals would buy this truck. This does fill a gap that was left by the departure of the Top Kick and Zodiac.

Oh yeah baby!! Can't wait for the comparison test! Game Changer!!

Good looking truck!

Tow truck body manufacturers and landscaping companies. Thats about it. Tilt forward hood is always nice and would make these trucks damn near impossible to work on without. Right now Ford is going to be their main competitor in the medium duty category. Ford also has 2 engine options. Gas and diesel.

'GM Chief Executive Mary Barra last Friday promised investors the company would boost 2019 profit despite tariff-related costs and investments in electric vehicles. She stuck to her plans to target five North American factories for closure and cut nearly 15,000 jobs overall.'

Global auto leaders urge T administration to end trade turmoil
Ben Klayman, David Shepardson

Always a weak ceo cut jobs, (that labor cost then turns into profits for investors) - it is clear Ms. Barra has no clear vision for profitability except to resort to cutting jobs and factory closures.
Very sad to see 15,000 of our people being kicked to the curb.

The tilting hood is a great feature. If Ford Superduty had that it would certainly make those failed power steering pumps, leaking and broken
water pump shafts, worn cam phasers, stretched timing chains, failed antilock brake modules and a whole host of common failed Ford engine compartment components much easier to change.

She stuck to her plans to target five North American factories for closure and cut nearly 15,000 jobs overall.'

@David Robertson

GM and the rest of the world's auto industry have been operating with excess capacity for more than 20 years.

Until the industry reduces its surplus in this regard it will be impossible to maintain healthy companies.

Without healthy businesses, neither investors, managers or line employees will have any kind of future security.

These new RAM 1500, 2500 & 3500 are the trucks that will propel RAM ahead of Chevy. This is the year !!!

Must admit these look good, but you could not give them away as a work vehicle in Australia. Maybe as a " Caravan Tower"

@ David Robertson
Agree Barra is pathetic as a CEO. Her Ford CEO conterpart is equally as ineffectual. Pretty sad in times like these that both companies are lumbered with mighty poor leadership

The GM YPG had dually 3500s with 19.5” wheels and the big DAMA 110 or 135 axles running tow tests up and down the Salt River Canyon back in 2010-2014.
I guess they scrapped using the existing platform to compete with the F450/550 and Ram 4500/5500.
It really underscores how GM HDs aren’t competitive in the light medium market. Hence, the complete departure from the GM truck paradigm, and embracing the proven medium duty architecture.
The Duramax and Allison combo, in this style medium duty, game changer.

the trucks that will propel RAM ahead of Chevy. This is the year !!!Posted by: Ramtastic | Jan 14, 2019


GM had very few half ton pickups during the second half of 2018. RAM's trucks were hitting the dealers in big numbers by midsummer and there were terrific promotions. It was a great success for RAM to outsell Chevy in the second half.

2019 is different. The GM dealers are starting to get new 2019 inventory and the consumer interest is very high.

Watch GM set some sales records between now and the end of the tax season. A lot of down payments will be made with the generous tax refund checks between now and Mothers Day.

Pretty sad in times like these that both companies are lumbered with mighty poor leadership...Posted by: Robert Ryan


A clever guy once noted that it's better to remain quiet and have folks thing your a fool, that to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

Mrs Barra and Mr Hackett are longtime industry pros. Although Hackett's prior CEO experience was at Steelcase, he was a board member at Ford during that time and a significant Ford shareholder as well.

Mary Barra was a longtime GM manager and executive before rising to the CEO seat there. 30 years or so. You ran your mouth about something you clearly know nothing about.

Glad you think they are " Pros" I would use failures a more correct word . Losing market share, downgrading profits , closing factories, not a great track record
" A Clever Guy said you should remain quiet and people think your a fool, then open your mouth and remove the doubt"
That is why I wondered why you commented and removed the doubt?

Your opinion. I bet a lot of key people at Ford and GM would disagree.

" Your opinion. I bet a lot of key people at Ford and GM would disagree."
Both companies are floundering at the moment, so I am quite happy to have a very differing opinion


Floundering is a good word

I came, I saw, I conquered---Caesar
We have nothing to fear but fear itself---Franklin Roosevelt
Tear down this wall---Ronald Reagan
Floundering is a good word---Robert Ryan

Good listing

Poopajim loses again.

Mark Williams, it’s 2019. Time for some HD photos? Thanks


can Australia’s renewable-energy industry succeed without the direct support of the Federal Government there? Or will those nasty boys from Australia's coal industry give everybody a good beating?

Robert Ryan--I have stated that maybe these cuts are necessary if this avoids another potential bail out but if this is GM's long-term strategy just to boost the earnings per shares and the stock price then GM will not be sustainable. I question if maybe the strategy is to eventually liquidate GM payoff the CEO, board, and stockholders. I don't know but I also question GM going into the EV business especially not partnering with another automaker. This venture with Navistar is what GM should be doing more of especially since GM plans on making EVs.

I am not going to totally disagree with papajim but I don't think he has only kept up with the truck end of GM. Chevrolet can have record sales of pickups, crossoves, and suvs and GM is still being drug down by Buick and Cadillac. Buick is relevant in China but is a brand that is for the most part a dead brand in the US with 2 models made by Opel, 1 model made by Daewoo in South Korea, one model made in China, and just 1 model made in the USA with lots of Chinese parts. The 2 Opel made Buicks are extremely low volume and are hardly even advertised like the Chevy SS--these will likely be gone in another year. Daewoo is a thorn in GM's side with labor strikes. Daewoo sourced products are the Cruze, Sonic, Spark, and Encore with the Encore to be the only remaining model. Buick has no plans for any other models and will be down to just 3 models before the end of the year. At some point GM is going to have to either close Daewoo or sell it off. Buick sales have been declining in the US but have been growing in China. Either make Buick a Chinese specific brand or just sell it to the Chinese.

Cadillac is a brand that has totally lost its way. Cadillac was a maker of premium luxury cars that at one time had more prestige than a Rolls or a Mercedes 50 to 60 years ago. GM cheapened Cadillac in the 70's and by the 90's its prestige was for the most part gone. GM then decided to compete with BMW but did not convince those BMW buyers. Expensive cars with cramped interiors and turbo charged 4 cylinders was not an easy sell. Cadillac's money make is the Escalade which is a gussied up version of the Chevy Suburban. Cadillac at least has had the sense to keep the Escalade. Cadillac is now expanding their range of crossovers which is a little too late but at least it gives them something that people will actually buy. Again sales decline in the US but an increase in sales of 50 percent in China. GM either build the Cadillac brand up in the US since there is still some potential for growth or just get rid of it. My recommendation is to sell Buick off or make it a China exclusive brand and build the Cadillac brand.

GM's real asset is Chevrolet and this is where GM needs to put their resources into. Chevrolet needs to take a serious look at the new Ram and see what makes it a desirable vehicle. The new Silverado is an ugly duckling with a less than desirable interior. Tweek the front of the Silverado to at least make it passable and offer a Denali like trim on the higher end Silverados. Silverado is the volume leader and money make for GM at least make it worthy of that. As for Colorado they are for the most spot on. Offering the diesel good move and offering special models has drawn more attention and sales to Colorado. Yes there are other things Chevy could do with the Colorado but they have done more right than wrong so at least give GM credit where it is due.

My opinions but there are many others who have similar opinions especially when you read other sites and follow GM sales.

A few of the commenters here have long-winded opinions about subjects they that personally only have a passing interest in.

Having a diverse line-up is a strength for GM. The critical issues facing GM are to be found by reading their 10k and their stockholder messaging on GM's site.

As I've noted a number of times, GM faces the same challenges as other automakers---excessive government tax and regulation; excess manufacturing capacity; high labor costs, and (especially) long product-development cycles. It still takes Ford, FCA and GM more than five years to bring an idea from the drawing board to the showroom. The Asian makers like Kia and Hyundai are killing them over it.

It's almost comical that one of the readers picks on Cadillac. Cadillac is a diamond compared to the upscale Chryslers and Lincolns. Buick is GM's sweetest lineup in China.

Chevrolet is not a growth brand in the US. Nor Ford.

These are largely mature companies that need to compete at the blocking & tackling of the auto industry (cost control, customer satisfaction, time-to-market).

"First ever"...

Come now this is another market/segment Chevy abandoned its clients in and is now returning to. Try "First new" or "Chevy Returning"...

At least Chevy is not returning on their own. Much better to venture with Navistar that has the extra capacity. This is where GM deserves some credit.

Under the heading HOW NOT TO DO IT...

Today Ford and VW announced an alliance of sorts intended to co-develop some vans and midsize pickups. Not exactly Tesla.

After all the noise about Ford and autonomous vehicles paving the way forward, instead Ford and VW will jointly engage in discussions about the development of vans and pickups for presumably the North American market with first products supposedly hitting the showrooms in 2022, which in plain English means December 2022 (or early 2023) which means a lifetime in the auto industry.


Cadillac is a diamond in the rough. GM for the most part has let this brand become irrelevant. Papajim it seems to you that every decision GM makes is 100 percent perfect. With the Cadillac and Buick brands not so much. Cadillac has lost its direction and Buick is a languishing brand. If GM is going to keep Buick then make it a Chinese exclusive that is where Buick is flourishing. You will defend GM's plant closings and discontinuing their cars but you will not look beyond that. You have said in the past an auto manufacturer is in the business to make money. I totally agree and to stay competitive and profitable a corporation needs to continually review what is working and not working.

Agree having a diverse lineup can be a benefit but you have to do something with that line up. I cannot do anything about GM and at this point I don't really care. I stated my opinion. As long as I as an American taxpayer is never asked again to give any loan or another bailout they can do as they please. GM can make all the vehicles they want in China and bleed revenue from Cadillac and Buick but the moment they ask for another dime from the US taxpayer then they should be left to fail. Not a dime more. I have bought and driven GM products for over 40 years but I am not so loyal to them that I will just buy anything they make. If GM makes a crappy product I will not buy it. If GM disappeared it is not the end of the World for most of us including me. I have bought a lot of appliances and tools along with many other things from Sears but I will not miss them when they are gone I have moved on. I feel the same way about Ford and FCA. I might miss them but I will move on. Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Nissan, Honda will have something that I can buy that will meet my needs. Let Mary Barra and the board do whatever they want but if they ask for a bailout then NO. If the end plan is to sell GM off in pieces then Barra has the right strategy. Nothing wrong with selling a company off if the stockholders get something. This is done all the time. I let you defend Barra and Company but you have not convinced me nor many others that you are right. Maybe you are right and only time will tell but I am not all in on this. Again let GM do what they want to do but if it doesn't work and they ask for the US taxpayers to bail them out I will go to my Senators and Congressman and tell them I object and that they deserve to fail. I feel the same way about Ford and FCA.

Papajim you can call me names, call me crazy, tell me I know nothing about business but you will not change my mind, I am adamant about this.

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I stated my opinion blended with intelligence, experience and a big splash of up-to-date information.

you stated your opinion.

I let you defend Barra and Company but you have not convinced me nor many others that you are right.

@Jeff S


Are you planning to publish the results of your reader survey?

@papajim--Try to be civil to your fellow blog readers.
Stay on topic. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post.
Your email will not be shown.

It must be 2am in Australia. Don't you ever sleep?

Getting back to the GM " Meduum Duty" pickuos I hope GM can make that segment successful. In NA, demisecof the Top Kick MDT was not good.
Ford and VW? VW Corporation wull increase its market share in the US

Ford and VW? VW Corporation wull increase its market share in the US

@Robert R.

I sure hope they do. Their present position in this country is pathetic. With the exception of the Atlas the rest of their product line in this country is stuff they designed in the 1990s. Passat? Golf/Rabbit? Toureg?

No van. No pickup. They've got some pretty serious product development to do if they want to compete in this snake pit.

They are not interested in making a huge effort in the US, but using Ford to increase their market share in the US . VW's massive profits come from elsewhere. GM no doubt will have a "suitor" as we'll as it as weak

Referring to VW Robert Ryan said: They are not interested in making a huge effort in the US

@Robert R.

Can you say Chattanooga, Tennessee? Can you even spell it? That's what I call a huge effort.

Referring to VW Robert Ryan said: They are not interested in making a huge effort in the US

@Robert R.

Can you say Chattanooga, Tennessee? Can you even spell it? That's what I call a huge effort.

@papajim--No not going to publish anything. Again you have not read any news about Buick and Cadillac. Bad news about GM does not fit in your little box. Your opinion has nothing to do about intelligence or research. I will agree about selling of GM assets and closing plants and I will also add that once they sell off some more assets and close some more plants GM then will not be too big to fail. I would ask our elected representatives to let GM fail. One of your prior comments you said that GM should just pull out of Canada. I completely agree and most Canadians agree since they are closing their last remaining plant in Oshawa, Ontario. The Canadians were suckered into a bailout of GM Canada. So much for free enterprise and capitalism which only exists in theory. Papajim you go on and on about Government interference in the auto industry but you selectively leave out Government loans and bailouts to the industry. Seems like you are in favor of no regulations but do support Government loans and bailouts. You claim to be for capitalism and free enterprise what a joke.

@Robert Ryan--Papajim lives in his own world of reality. Papajim does not believe there is a world beyond Amurica. He is not interested in the rest of the World they are a bunch of Commie Socialist and his view of Australia are that you are a bunch of nutty Ozies that are hanging upside down (Down Under) and that you are socialist.

" Can you say Chattanooga, Tennessee? Can you even spell it? That's what I call a huge effort."
No I said it before it is a plant to protect there Established Chatanooga plant. If the EU had tariffs against it then they would be making transmissions there
Tie up with Ford changes all that , new ball game as you say in the US, now bigger opportunities for VW in the US
GM is waiting for it's knight in shining armour. They desperately need one

@Robert Ryan--There is an article that the next VW's Amarok could be based on new 2022 Global Ranger.

Both companies also said they were open to considering additional vehicle programs in the future,” the joint statement read.

"The timing of the truck production is interesting. Just last week, Road & Track published details on the next-generation Ford Ranger, tentatively due out in 2022. Meanwhile, Volkswagen’s overseas-market Amarok, a body-on-frame midsize pickup produced since 2010, is growing long in the tooth. The automaker registered the Amarok nameplate in the U.S. early last year.

Producing a next-gen Amarok using co-funded Ford bones would save VW money compared to a ground-up redesign, and these days VW is all about slashing costs to fund its EV product wave. That wave gets underway in earnest in the 2020-2022 time frame.

In this relationship, Ford would develop and build the VW-badged trucks. As for the commercial vehicles, Ford is also tasked with developing and building larger vans for the European market, while VW would develop and build a smaller city van. The companies insist the respective models will differ from each other in more ways than just a badge."

@Robert Ryan--GM's knight in shining armour is the US taxpayer. Bye bye Buick, hello China.

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