Ford and VW Further Their Partnership

Ford & VW

Automaker partnerships seem to be popular these days — Toyota and BMW teamed up for the two-seater 2020 Toyota Supra sports car (quite the attention-getter at the 2019 Detroit auto show); in early 2018 GM and Honda partnered to do more with hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles; and now Ford and Volkswagen have announced they are amending their original memorandum of cooperation to include a host of unnamed future products. But we have a few guesses.

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With strong distribution networks in Europe and other global markets, VW brings strong assets to the table but could be looking to Ford to provide it with truck and commercial van knowledge. In fact, with Ford's decision to do away with most of its cars, it makes sense for the Blue Oval to partner with a maker of small- and medium-sized two-door and four-door cars, especially in global markets.

On the flipside, the partnership could net Volkswagen a shared-platform deal for the U.S. market. Think a VW-powertrain-sourced Ranger regular or SuperCab or chassis-cab version for the North American market. Maybe a fully loaded crew-cab version that could play in the $40,000-to-$45,000 price range and give VW access to a segment of the market it could never entered with its global Amarok mid-size pickup (it would need significant reengineering to meet U.S. safety regulations).

We also assume that Ford and VW could share many of the upcoming upgrade costs for the Transit Connect van as well as a possible shared platform with the one-ton full-size Transit van.

As you might have guessed, neither Ford nor VW have provided many specifics, but Ford did announce its intent to have a stronger presence in the electrified vehicle arena, possibly offering electric versions of the popular F-150 pickup and Mustang sports car. Of course, Ford had already announced that it would have a hybrid F-150 before 2020, but this was the first time the company implied it would build a fully electric pickup truck to go head-to-head with notable electric pickup truck companies like Rivian, Atlis and Workhorse.

Look for more announcements from Ford in the next few weeks.

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Working with VW should allow Ford to acquire access to some real honest automotive technology. But be careful VW, Ford has a history of love'em and leave'em. Just ask Toyota.

But be careful VW, Ford has a history of love'em and leave'em. Just ask Toyota...Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Jan 18, 2019


I'd be more concerned for Ford, frankly.

Can you imagine using VW engines in your own truck? Yuck. I can't think of a major automaker whose engines get panned more the VW. Was Toyota too busy? What about Hyundai?

This "proposed" alliance of VW/Ford is like the goofy dude and the fat chick holding hands at the high school dance.

Ford already is talking about a pure electric F150. VW with the MEB platform and the ID Buzz, Crozz and others coming down the line probably already has more of the electric technology ready that a partnership along those lines would benefit Ford by hooking up in that area.

Ford already is talking about a pure electric F150. VW with the MEB platform and the ID Buzz, Crozz and others coming down the line probably already has more of the electric technology ready that a partnership along those lines would benefit Ford by hooking up in that area.

I agree Papajim, VW would be one of the last manufacturers I would team up with, for that matter, any european manufacturer.

I am glad that it is just an alliance as opposed to a full tie-up. I will hope for the best.

others coming down the line probably already has more of the electric technology ready that a partnership along those lines would benefit Ford


You cannot be faulted for using the word 'partnership' in your comment because PUTC used it in the headline for this story. However I carefully read and re-read the remarks of VW's CEO (and Ford's) and they both were very careful to avoid any discussions of actual partnership.

Both companies have some serious cooties these days and you can be sure that Ford's American shareholders would probably freak out if Dearborn took steps to buy any kind of equity stake in VW.

If I were a Ford stockholder (I'm not) I could just as easily buy my own shares of VW or any other publicly traded carmaker if I so choose.

The discussions underway between Ford and VW appear to be in support of a strategic alliance, not a partnership. There's a big difference.

I'll say it again...electric is coming in all facets of the auto world

electric is coming, I agree but it is going to be shoved down our throats even if we dont' want it. What is going to happen when a natural disaster hits or some other even and the power grid goes out? I won't be pretty.

@papajim--If I was a GM stock holder, Barra hasn't exited all the lousy markets. Still doesn't change my opinions of Daewoo, Buick, and Cadillac. Easier to sell off divisions than to manage them. You have no idea about the products offered by Buick and Cadillac and how vulnerable each of these brands are. Buick and Cadillac are teetering on the brink of extinction except in China. You are so much into the weeds with earnings per share and stock price that you know little to nothing about how their divisions operate. At one time Buick and Cadillac meant something and a premium image now they are seen as has beens. Both are shrinking and dying brands in the US and it is not all just because cars are dying. The Buick Encore is a cheaply made South Korean Daewoo and the Buick Endeavor is an over priced Chinese Buick that is way overpriced and cannot compete with Honda, Toyota, Ford, Subaru, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, and a few others. Turbo 4 between the size of an Encore and Enclave maybe a shade close to the Encore in size. 40k for a semi luxury crossover that doesn't have the features of a loaded CRV or RAV4 but more expensive. Guess how the Endeavor is selling? Hint people are not actually running to buy one. The Encore sells because it is a subcompact crossover that markets itself to seniors looking for a newer smaller vehicle with easier ingress and egress to replace their aging LeSabres, Impalas, 88s, Crown Vics, and Grand Marquis with an American name plate. What could be more American than a small Buick made by Daewoo. Buick is an epic failure except selling small South Korean crossovers (some people refer to station wagons on stilts) to seniors. Buick sales are for the most part dependent on a cheaply made South Korean crossover the rest is not so much. Just take the Encore and put a Cadillac grill and emblem and toss the rest of US Buick into the trash bin with Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Saturn, and Hummer. Take US Buick out to the woodshed and put it out of it misery it does more damage to GM than its worth. If GM wants to make Buicks in China just sell them in China the US buyers don't want them.

The latest news with Cadillac is that they are not going to cancel the CT6 they just are not going to build at their Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, but possibly in China. Imagine the added prestige of buying Cadillac's flag ship sedan with an Hecho en China label. I am sure all those luxury car buyers will be waiting in line to buy one at 50 to 60k for a turbo 4. The only good thing some enthusiasts will say about this car is it is rear wheel drive and offers an optional V-6. Notice I left out V-8 because there is none offered in this rear wheel drive soon to be Chinese made luxury car. Real prestige I am sure it is going to lead the pack in sales and make Cadillac great again. At least the new Lincoln Continental is made in the USA.

If you call this management of Buick and Cadillac a model to be held up in high esteem then I would like to know what you are smoking. Must be something very powerful and hallucinogenic. If this is some of Barra's expertise that is worth 25 billion then there is little hope for a future GM. Maybe Ford stock is down and their earnings per share is low but I believe Ford will outlast GM and Ford stands a chance of coming back. Ford still makes more vehicles that customers actually want than GM even after cutting all their cars except Mustang. I will bet that GM will ask for another Government bailout before Ford asks for their first one.

off topic, I just stopped by the local Ford dealer, on the way home from the gym, to look at the 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat FX4 they have sitting in front. It looked nice, 3 salespeople were in side watching me. It was all locked up so I peered through the windows. Sticker showed just a little of $46,000. That is an awful big number for a midsize truck. Only thing that I know of that cost more is the Chevy Bison, an it is So much More of a Truck...
When I left in my ZR2 they were still standing there

GM is doing well enough, their is even talk about bringing Pontiac back again as a performance division to compete with Dodge.

GM is doing well enough, their is even talk about bringing Pontiac back again as a performance division to compete with Dodge.

their is also talk about bringing the Pontiac Aztek back again.

the FAKE papa responds to the REAL Jeff S. Too appropriate

Posted by: papajim | Jan 18, 2019 11:42:09 AM

Fake papa.

VW super duty
Ford Jetta

If I were a Ford stockholder I would be concerned about a partnership with VW but it could work out well. I doubt if Ford is going to buy VW stock it would be more like VW buying Ford stock because globally VW is much bigger than Ford. I think VW is less interested in buying Ford stock than Navistar. If VW gets enough stock in Navistar they might want to end the GM and Navistar joint venture in making medium size commercial trucks. VW might want to use Navistar as a launching pad for their own commercial trucks.

Ford Needs cars... (whether it wants to admit it or not it does as soon as fuel prices rise or the economy turns), and VW has them.

VW wants trucks and Ford is the best truck maker in the US.

It makes a lot of sense for both. I had always hoped Ford would do a partnership like this with Honda. Honda is much better received in the US than VW.

Don't worry GM and Fiat... Since youre NEVER gonna make small and midsized cars worth a damn deals could be had with Honda, Subaru, or Mazda... or there is always government money, bankruptcy and foreign takeover with they are intimately familiar with.

@papajim--Doubt we will ever see a new Pontiac again. GM is shrinking the number of models under their brands. FCA consolidated their dealerships under one dealership Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram. For the most part the only dealerships GM consolidates are Buick and GMC. It was a good move for FCA to consolidate CJDR otherwise there would be no reason to keep Dodge or Chrysler since they could no longer stand alone. Pontiac could consolidate under Buick and GMC dealerships but it might not be worth it to restart Pontiac once it has been killed off. Chevy still has Corvette and Camaro.

the FAKE Jeff. Probably the FAKE Clint too

VAG don't require Ford's commercial vehicle expertise. VAG globally does quite well.

What VAG requires is a greater presence in the US market. The Big 3 US strength lies in pickup trucks and we know why. Artificial support is offered to them.

Ford's performance is wanting globally, like GM. VAG has a great opportunity using Ford to improve its footprint. Ford in the longer term has not much choice other than accepting an ever increasing increasing VAG presence.

Hopefully Ford will learn how to run a successful global operation and move its outmoded business model into the 21st Century. Protectionism and reliance on such systems generates an unhealthy and unprogressive industry.

Papajim claims everything is fake. Man is this guy paranoid or what?

VAG globally does quite well

@alex, bafo, big al, ozzie, etc

If I had burned through 20 billion dollars in shareholder capital over something as stupid as their diesel fiasco I'd want some brown-noser like you to brag about me as well. Protectionism is a global issue, but one commenter always puts it on the US.

Try to remember the last time VW did anything relevant in regard to product development, or the last time their contributions to design excellence were at all competitive or timely. NOT.

The real issue challenging the world's automakers continues to be excess manufacturing capacity. Auto-maker profitability will improve sharply if they can ever get that monkey off their backs.

@Big Al--See my comment above about GM. GM and Ford are pulling away from much of the global market to concentrate on China and Asia. GM, Ford, and FCA rely on the protectionism otherwise without trucks they might all cease to exist. I don't see the Chicken Tax going away anytime soon. Chrysler decades ago had a presence in Europe with Simca. Might be the best strategy for GM and Ford to scale down global operations and build up their home market.

the FAKE Jeff.

Fake papajim. Fake, Fake, Fake papajim

@Big Al--Papajim is not interested in the global market. VW is a failure in the US but it is not globally. VW has been buying Navistar share with around 17%. VW is interested in commercial trucks which the plant in Springfield OH produces medium duty commercial trucks. If VW gets enough control of Navistar then they might decide to produce their own trucks in Navistar plants which could possibly be the end of the GM Navistar joint venture at the Springfield OH plant. VW seems to be more interested in trucks than in increasing their car business--for one thing light passenger cars are not selling and this is a very weak product for VW in the US. I can see VW working with Ford on a line of vans and medium sized commercial trucks. Ford will probably share the Ranger with VW and that could very well be the next Amarok. Doubt VW would be interested in the F-150.

@papajim--You seem to like to call people fakes just like a certain leader does when he is backed into a corner. After a while the word "fake" loses its significant and the rest of us ignore it. There have been others using yours and my user names but calling them fake probably will not stop them.

Fake Jeff.

There have been others using yours and my user names but calling them fake probably will not stop them.
Posted by: Jeff s | Jan 18, 2019

That's the whole point Jeff.

Go back to the PUTC comments back in 2013-2015 and commenters like Lou_BC got so tired of the fool from down under hijacking his ID that he started using a secure log-in and even then decided to simply do his commenting elsewhere.

That wasn't your doing or mine. You know damn well who instigated all that stuff and it drove a lot of people away from PUTC.

Just so you know.

Papajim true. Lou_BC had some great comments. Lou was on TTAC for a while but I haven't seen any of his comments since November.


Stop the crap really.

Terroristic tactics aka Union tactics don't work on me.

If this site wants you to call everyone fake I suppose that is their decision.

But I have a hunch that papajim is the source of all the trouble.

Working with VW should allow Ford to acquire access to some real honest automotive technology. But be careful VW, Ford has a history of love'em and leave'em. Just ask Toyota.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT

What a clueless comedian
You should do a little history reading or have you conveniently forgotton about the GM/Toyota NUMMI joint venture plant in Freemont California. You know the plant where Toyota taught GM to build cars that could actually make it off the assembly line under thier own power. Unfortunately GM could not make what they learned from Toyota and had to close the Vsn Nuys plant. Toyota was smart to leave GM.

...had to close the Vsn Nuys plant
Posted by: GM Blows Chunks | Jan 18, 2019

Can you write even a sentence that does not make you look like a fool? Try looking at your screen before pushing to Post button.

Yeah, Papa my bad for using voice typing and not spell checking it. Aside from my typo everything else I said is 100% correct, So no I do not feel like a fool and if that's the best you can do to retort ,we'll I guess that kind of sums up the story there doesn't it.

GM/Toyota, aka Nummi plant gave tours when it existed about about a decade ago. I went on one. They had little Disneyland like trains pulling open carts around the plant to various areas. But it never really got close to the action unfortunately. I remember seeing a spot welder giving off sparks. Now Tesla plant. I found this Detroit show boring because nothing really new in the 1/2 ton midsize space. It seemed to be all 3/4 ton and up. I understand there are people who need those really capable trucks. Anyway, we will see what Nissan comes up with at Chicago Feb 8, and hopefully more info on Tesla's truck. Ford always kills me with how much they say they are investing in EV. Always, years ahead of time. Well that seems to be the norm. The Ranger took forever to get to us, trickle news feed. Well Tesla is no different.

I found this Detroit show boring because nothing really new in the 1/2 ton midsize space. It seemed to be all 3/4 ton and up.


Unfortunately, neither Honda or Ford had a new product in the midsize and halfton spaces, respectively. Sorry you were bored. Someday Tesla will have a truck. In the meantime you can drive Chevy.

@Mark Williams
Your article has some pretty glaring errors and as such does not make sense.
VW is using the Ford facilities in the UK to design and produce the next Transit and VW Crafter. VW will also produce the Crafter in its new Polish factory. Current Crafter only appeared last year and the Transit is also fairly new

Ford is going to design the base for the VW Amarok and next generation Ford Ranger . Global Ford Ranger will use the 3 litre 250hp, 430lbs ft of torque V6 VW engine currently in the Amarok
This replaces the 3.2 current 5cylinder engine

To correct some errors: (1)No there will be no Ford sedans based on a VW platform, joint SUV's and VW produced EV versions yes
(2)VW is producing a smaller Caddy based Van for Ford and itself
( 3)No Amarok engined Rangers in the US, they are all VW Diesdls anyway
( 4) US safety regulations are almost identical to European regulations except for heavy trucks where they do lag

article has some pretty glaring errors and as such does not make sense.

@Robert Ryan

I've made many sensible comments to you in the past and you could "not make sense" of it. If given a choice between the two, I'll gonna choose Mark Williams version of the facts over yours. Sorry.

@Jeff S
VW Corporation owned , in this case Scania and MAN heavy trucks have pooled their resources to buy Navistar
Neither company was affected by the Dieselgate scandal, in turn changing their name to indicate their independent heavy truck status. Tacton or something like that
VW Corporation is on a roll excuse the pun

From Reuters
This spells out the overall deal, it does contradict the main article on this site
"Ford will engineer and build medium-sized pickups for both companies, Volkswagen said. Ford officials said the VW pickups will initially be available only in the South American, European and African markets.

Ford will also engineer and build larger commercial vans for European customers, while Volkswagen will develop and build a city van. Vans could be built in Ford’s plant in Turkey, VW said.

The companies estimate the commercial van and pickup cooperation will yield improved annual pretax operating results starting in 2023."


Ford's CEO remarked this week in Detroit that their relationship with VW is still in the discussions phase. There is no partnership (equity stakes) being discussed. At the most an alliance.

So, you either believe some cub reporter at Reuters, or you believe the CEO.

Back to you

It is an Alliance and they are the general issues they have agreed on . Their have been a few press release saying the same thing.
Primarily Ford will design the next large Vans, VW the smaller City one.
Amarok/ Ranger will sell in the same markets they are now, but Ford will be able to use the VW Amarok diesel outside NA

@GMSRGREAT - "Working with VW should allow Ford to acquire access to some real honest automotive technology...."

Reeeeeealy honest technology from VW ...have you been living under a rock?

Poor Ford can't get anything

It is an Alliance...
Posted by: Robert Ryan | Jan 19, 2019

Actually it's called a photo op.

With the announcement of Ford missing its 4th quarter profit guidance their stock took a sh*t to the tune of SIX BLEEPING PERCENT that day. We aren't talking about a high flying tech firm being down 6%, we're talking about a global automaker whose stock has recently been selling at half its 2018 high! That's bad.

Good to see you agree both Ford and GM are floundering
" about a global automaker that's stock is selling at half its 2018 high that's bad!"
GM is also in the Doghouse as well. In need of a suitor
Both are dramtically becoming regional manufacturers rather than Global ones

Unfortunately you only get US news sources, that are pretty strange . VW is number one globally in size and profit not the impression you would get from reading those sites


New Technology
VW wants to put a vast amount of money into EV's

New Technology

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