New Year Brings New Ad Campaign for 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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By Aaron Bragman

Chevrolet is excited about the momentum it's building for the new, expanded line of pickup trucks coming in 2019 and is kicking off new advertising in conjunction with new offerings. You'll see the new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 bursting out of billboards, print ads and even from the boxes you order from Amazon as the company begins a multifaceted campaign that builds off of the successful "Real People, Not Actors" series of ads that have run for the past four years. Starting during tonight's College Football Playoff National Championship game, Chevy will debut a new spot called "A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock n' Roll" using the lyrics from the iconic 1976 Donnie and Marie Osmond song and featuring some frankly ordinary truck advertising of people doing trucky things in trucky environments both rural and urban.

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Two other television spots were shown to the media at a briefing in suburban Detroit this morning, including one titled "Official Truck of Real People," which builds off the "Real People, Not Actors" campaign. It, too, isn't anything new to truck advertising, featuring cutaways of people doing more trucky things in trucky environments. The third television spot is more memorable; called "Tailgates" it shows the progression of Chevrolet truck tailgates through the years with period-correct actors closing them, ending with the latest 2019 model that features an industry-first, key-fob-triggered, power-closing tailgate.

Chevrolet is confident that the launch of the new Silverado lineup, which includes the new Class 4-6 2019 Medium Duty Silverado that has already begun production and the new 2020 Silverado 2500/3500 heavy duty that will be launched in February, will resonate with consumers due to the extremely thorough testing that has been done on the campaign already.

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"This is not only the most-tested new truck in Chevrolet's history, this is also set to be the most-tested marketing campaign as well," said Paul Edwards, vice president of Chevrolet marketing during today's ad launch. Chevy apparently has done a lot of pre-launch consumer research to formulate the latest ads, including a "neuroscience" approach that fits consumers with skullcaps to measure galvanic skin response to see how various marketing approaches affect them subconsciously. This isn't an uncommon practice in the industry and allows marketers to understand the difference between what a test responder says and what he or she may actually be feeling.

The new spots will be rolling out on television, in print, online and on social media over the next few weeks. If you're a fan of the mobile app trivia game HQ, you'll want check in at 9 Eastern tomorrow night when it's "Truckin' Tuesday Trivia." Participants will have the chance to win part of a pool prize of $50,000 and a new 2019 Silverado 1500.

Chevy also promises some "disruptive" advertising for the new Silverado, including a contest in conjunction with the American Cancer Society for NASCAR fans to win a weekend stay at the "Hotel Silverado," a truck-bed tent at the Daytona 500 race — a race for which the Silverado will be the pace vehicle, the first time a pickup has been used as a pace car at a NASCAR race.

Chevy also dropped hints about a "disruptive" Silverado it plans to show Jan. 19 when the 2019 North American International Auto Show opens to the public in Detroit at the Cobo Convention Center. photos by Aaron Bragman


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A "disruptive" Silverado is apropos for a communist Government Motors marketing initiative for sure.

Donnie and Marie Osmond. A perfect match for Chevy and GMC.

Ill take one of each please!!

Love GM.

Best trucks on the market!

When will Ford bring out a competing model I wonder.

They need new and better TRUCKS, not new AD Campaigns.

GM builds good engines. That is all. Sadly, the rest of the vehicle is poo. Ugly poo I might add.

I could not find one 2019 Silverado at the dealer that had the 2.7 motor in it, they all had the 5.3

nice frontal shot of the Bison...

Sadly, the rest of the vehicle is poo. Ugly poo I might add.
Posted by: dapetik | Jan 7, 2019

You communicate like a 4 year old. Not persuasive at all. Challenge yourself to do better in the new year. Good luck

When will Ford bring out a competing model I wonder.

Posted by: papajim | Jan 7, 2019 4:41:34 PM

They need new and better TRUCKS, not new AD Campaigns.

Posted by: Frank | Jan 7, 2019 4:54:19 PM

Agreed, that's all Ford has got right now is their marketing, they certainly can't compete directly with the new trucks from GM.

There's always the mute button.

Great looking HD, Now Ford will be put into last place for good.

I will not purchase one of these unless they offer the 6.2 liter in the LT model.

That 2020 HD actually looks pretty good!

What’s up with all the junk!! Garbage motors is nothing but PURE JUNK!!!. If you want a REAL TRUCK YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND IT.

What’s up with all the junk!! Garbage motors is nothing but PURE JUNK!!!. If you want a REAL TRUCK YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND IT.

“Real people, not actors”

I quit buying GM trucks when they quit building HD trucks.
Right after my K2500 split the aluminum diff case up front.
I guess 1st, low range, 4.10s, and a big block was “abuse” as they called it. They competition called it a “conquest trade”.
I haven’t owned a GM product, save for classics, since.

Sagging truck sales, due to uncompetitive products, impact in other areas.
Well, brand XYZ truck was good, let’s check out their SUV or CrossOver.

Oh another thing this year is gonna be bad for GARBAGE MOTORS AKA (GM) you know why? because they built the ugliest truck on the world besides Johny tho. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Have a good night GM ladies.

Chingon aka frank. go home you're drunk and shouldn't be drinking at age 12.

GM makes junk, that reminds me a couple of women moved in across the hall from me. These two women go everywhere together and I’ve One is a middle-aged gym teacher and the other is a social worker in her mid-twenties. Never seen a man go into their apartment or come out. Do you think they could be Lebanese?

General motors ads have been terrible for years. They literally do the opposite of make me want to buy a Chevy. Hope this one is better.

Easily the worst truck/car commercials... EVER! Insufferable jerk trying to sell me me before I get to the Stealerships and l have to deal with those insufferable jerks.

Marahk on YouTube knows how it is.

Hopefully they mention the added feature of the Al Dente frame and driving Dynamics.

There always 2022...

Only new ad GM needs is one that says 6.2 is a option on all trim levels.

All the truck advert is pretty lame with the exception of Ram.
@papa I think Ford already makes a pretty compelling line of trucks, in fact I think Ram has them both beat, but it’s doubtful I’ll ever purchase one because the factors to switch brands are NOT compelling enough. I’ve had the same brand since 1993 that has served me well. This is the condrum the truck marketers are trying to crack.

@papa I think Ford already makes a pretty compelling line of trucks


I respect your right to an opinion, but we need to respect the facts too. Ford F150 is not significantly different from the 2015 model except the (thank God) new front fascia. I realize the long delayed diesel may appear in 2019, so good for them. But the engine choices in the half ton still don't include a viable upgrade V8.

Despite the peaky 5.0's HP numbers it's still a small block V8 trying to make its way in a heavy crew cab pickup---stick your chubby kids and your fat mother in law in the back seat and you're halfway to making a load.

For this and other reasons the 6.2 SOHC Ford is aching for a slot in the F!50. Try as they might the suits in Dearborn have not convinced me to want a turbo six in a big crew cab truck.

Don’t have a dog in the 1/2 ton fight. My current ride is a 2017 CC 3/4 ton sporting the 6.2. My main passenger is a dog and sometimes an 8000# Grand Design. So far, Its been a good chariot for 30k miles.
Having previously owned a 5.0, pulling TT up steep grades required a bit of RPM but that’s where that motor lives. I don’t see that as bad, just a function of its design. Really, for all it’s critics the EB is the better truck motor if you want TQ now. Each brand has its +/-, pick what suits your needs and tastes and be happy.

@Grnzel--I don't have a dog in the half ton truck fight but the predominate half ton truck in my area is the Ecoboost F-150 and then the Ram. I see more GMCs than Chevies although both are present. The F-150 is a very popular vehicle where I live. Midsize I see a number of Tacomas and Colorados especially in crew cabs. Not saying that this reflects the entire nation but this seems to be what Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana, and the Greater Cincinnati drives.

When you think of Chevy Donnie and Marie is what comes to mind...

Chevy Returns to a 3rd market it had previously abandoned.

I guess you can call that "progress"

Chevy obviously is very worried about Ram having passed them in sales in both the last 2 quarters of 2018. They no longer have to worry about looking in the Rear View Mirror. The only one there is GMC. Ford and Ram are out front and pulling away. There is a reason for that. Maybe GM can figure it out before they once again have to ask for government bailout.

I doubt GM is losing so many truck sales that it will ask for a bailout. GM is still on top. GM does need to focus on making Chevrolet more competitive and improving their interiors. This is where GMC has succeeded carving out their own identity. GMC for many years was seen as just a rebadged Chevrolet but they have done an excellent job in distinguishing themselves and their ads are much better than Chevy. I doubt GMC will ever surpass Chevy in truck sales but they deserve credit for how much they have done with the brand. Ram is the one to watch, Ram has continuously improved their product and they are gaining on GM and Ford. That is not to say they will over throw either brand but they are doing an excellent job.

I don't think the Donnie and Marie ads are going to make that much difference. Chevy needs to pattern their ads on GMC's.

the FAKE Jeff S

That's a very blah commercial by Chevy. Ford's "East bound and down" commercial is much better, pulling you in with a classic song and giving great images of old and new trucks. Ford also sneaks an original Bronco into that commercial as a nod to the upcoming new Broncos. I'm not a Ford lover, but they do have a great commercial.

I liked all 3 commercials. Its about time they get back to real commercials

Loved these from the 90s

Like a Rock:

I hope that the new commercial is better than the Howie "You don't need a step" and the "Please pretend with us that these are not paid actors" commercials.

Chevy wasted money on this Donnie and Marie commercial

Here's the Ford commercial

@papajim--Do you believe Donnie and Marie Osmond are going to convince truck buyers to go out and buy a Chevy truck? I haven't seen the ads but I think they would be better to just show the truck and list the features that Chevy has over its competitors. Maybe someone like Sam Elliot for Ram. I could listen to his voice anytime. Showing the trucky things that ordinary people do is not a bad idea but maybe get someone like Garth Brooks to sing a song--that would get people's attention. Garth doesn't come cheap but Chevy is spending. the money anyway for prime time so why not spend a little more. That would definitely be an ad I wouldn't mute

If you're going to pretend to be Jeff you need to learn how he writes.

His style & content are easily distinguished from the usual wheat and chaff you find on PUTC comments. Please go away.

Or, learn to write like Jeff.

@papajim--I presume you like Donnie and Marie. I am sure they are glad to hear that someone still remembers them. I prefer "Like a Rock".

Please go away

Great commercial! Again, lots of good stuff from GM. With FORD now having to rely solely on a quickly aging F-series line-up, they have no marketing angle left. With new models and powertrain offerings, expect GM to dominate the automotive media in the immediate future.

When you're about to lose the #2 sales spot because you badly missed the mark on you're all new truck, you go a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll. LOL....

When will Ford bring out a competing model I wonder.
Posted by: papajim | Jan 7, 2019 4:41:34 PM

They already have one jimbo, even with a 3 yr old platform, all truck critics rate it better than the brand new twins from shaky GOVT motor....

all truck critics rate it better than the brand new twins


Nobody calls me jimbo.

Are you friends with 'truck critics?' How do you know which critics agree with your viewpoint?

The average 'critic' at most magazines either rides the bus to work or she owns a minivan. Occasionally you'll see a 'truck critic' that actually knows something about trucks. Most of them whine that today's trucks are too big.

So, if you cannot discuss this topic without using second (or third?) references, please take a seat.

Mexican made. “ Silao-Built 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Regular Cab Will Arrive Soon “.

Closing USA plants and laying off American workers. What a disgusting corporation

Fuq you jimbo.

@ imposter

Hey 🤡@$$ !! Get your own name dip💩

S.T.F.U. you little sissy boy

GM should make a commercial about closing USA plants, laying off American workers while building more south of the border and employing more Mexicans.

Let Americans know how grateful you are for the bailout that you lied about paying back Mary Barra

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