Ram Goes Dark With 2019 Ram 2500 Laramie Black Edition: Video

2019 Ram 2500 Laramie Exterior

One of the big surprises at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit was the reveal of a new special-edition package for the Ram 2500 as part of Ram's reveal of the updated 2019 heavy-duty lineup. The show gave us the chance to get an early look at the all-new — or as some readers are saying, significantly revised — Ram 2500 and 3500. We also got the complete download on the big and little changes to the chassis and powertrains straight from the Ram team.

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But what we didn't see during our early look was the Ram 2500 Laramie Black Edition the truckmaker saved for the press conference reveal on the first media day of the auto show. The new Black Edition will be offered only for the 2500 Laramie crew cab; it sports a classic exterior look all painted in Crystal Black with a hint of meta-flake along with a blackout grille, black headlight inserts, flat-black badging all around and blackout wheels. The special edition also will be offered with an optional painted full-length side step. The interior is a little subtler with black leather seats and Piano Black trim around the navigation screen and some copper trim accent pieces on the dash, center console and doors.

The Laramie Black Edition will not be limited to a specific production number, and we're guessing that dealers will want to get their hands on as many as they can get. In fact, we're predicting this special edition will likely spread to the one-ton Ram as well, but no announcement has been made to that effect yet.

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We expect pricing to sit below the Longhorn and Limited, but we won't know for sure until closer to the on-sale date early in the second quarter.

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meh... its black. pretty common "special" edition.

Love those new headlights.

If I wanted a blacked-out truck I'd also want no badges anywhere, except maybe just the Ram logo on the front and back. Also that cummins badge didn't look blacked out.

Pretty much another mild appearance package sold as a special addition. Enough people fall for it I suppose.

' Piano Black trim around the navigation scree'

Isn't this the very thing everyone blasts Cadillac for?

That truck would look macho painted lilac or pink or Prince purple. It's just the baddest looking pickup you can buy and it's been that way for about 20 years.

Ford should have sent some of their designers over to take a look but they were probably too busy hanging out at the Tupperware booth.

The only one who needs design help is polarized Chevy.

papajim is projecting again. Silverado is the ugliest and whimpiest full-sizer on the road.

papajim is projecting again. Silverado is the ugliest and whimpiest full-sizer on the road.

Posted by: Biggie | Jan 18, 2019 2:17:40 PM

What do you expect from a loser. PapaTROLL, and his fellow GM humpers ( TNTGAY, GMSRLAME, Johnny Dough Head, duh huh etc etc ) single handily have ruined this site

I don't know why some like the new look so much, it looks good, but lost it's tough truck look. The ones I have seen on the road almost look like a mid size truck.

@Clint--Agree the new Silverado is polarizing. The Sierra is the nicer truck of the GM twins. Both Ford and GM need to take the Ram serious. If Ram can get consistent quality it will be the truck to be reckoned with. I don't know who styles the Ram trucks but Chevy needs to hire them.

How anyone could think the new RAM 2500 looks wimpy is beyond all comprehension. That is a tough looking truck.

RAM's full size trucks have been great looking rides ever since the mid 1990s.

Now that you can get ETorque as standard equipment on the 1500 base model six cylinder there's no excuse not to get one.

Now that you can get ETorque as standard equipment on the 1500 base model six cylinder there's no excuse not to get one.

Posted by: papajim | Jan 18, 2019 7:45:35 PM

Then put your money where your mouth is. Get rid of your 20 year old gutless wonder 4.8L Silverado and man up

Then put your money where your mouth is. man up
Posted by: TNTGMC | Jan 18, 2019

you do WHAT with your mouth???

I told you to man up. That’s what I did with my mouth. Or are you to stupid to realize that?

That’s what I did with my mouth.. Posted by: TNTGMC | Jan 18, 2019

@FAKE tntgmc

I have one word for you: LISTERINE

@Clint - have you been shopping lately? They're selling lives, you should go get one.


@ imposter tntgmc

How about you man up and get your own username.

Second what do u drive to call out papajim on his 4.8L? (We know u won't answer bc your a coward)

Btw. He has stated that truck has been great to him, trouble free amd paid for. Why get rid of it. Just like my 98 with 300k on it


@ Brick. Aka. Multiple personalities

Please explain how I have ruined site?

I use 1 name.
I post facts

What do u do to contribute to site/comment section?
Oh ya, u just complain.........good one🤔😤🤬🤢

@TNTGMC - since you ask how you have ruined this site, I will explain. First, it’s kind of hilarious watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary into one sentence. I was going to give you a nasty look but I see that you’ve already got one.

@ Brick

Entire vocabulary huh?

That's quite comical coming from a chronic and cynical complainer.

I'll give u a look🤥🤓

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