What to Expect at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show

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We're headed to the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which opens to the public Jan. 19. It's the last time we'll attend the Detroit auto show in the winter because show organizers have changed things up; the 2020 show will take place in June and promises many changes beyond timing.

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One consequence of moving the show is that several automakers — namely most of the German brands — have decided to skip Detroit this year and wait to make a bigger splash when the show returns in 18 months. That means we'll have two Chicago, New York and Work Truck shows before we see our next Detroit auto show. And just because Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and BMW will not be at the show, it doesn't there won't be automotive news. Besides, none of those brands make a pickup truck. But Ram does and the truckmaker will be showcasing the all-new 2019 Ram 2500 and 3500 models in Detroit. No doubt many of the investments in engineering, design and powertrains that we saw with the introduction of the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 in 2018 will carry over in some form to the heavy-duty lineup. We'll know more by Monday morning when the trucks debut.

Beyond the Ram HD reveal, the Detroit auto show may hold a few smaller surprises. We'll be on the show floor Monday and Tuesday to cover it all and pass along as soon as we can.

The auto show will be open to the public Jan. 19 to 27 at Detroit's Cobo Center, 1 Washington Blvd. Show hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Jan. 19 through Jan. 26 and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Jan. 27. Admission is $14 for adults, $7 for senior citizens 65 or older and children ages 7-12, and free for kids 6 or younger with a parent or guardian. For more info, go to the show's website.

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-1000 miles in a Tesla for $15 worth of Solar? No. Not even close. It is about $60. Which doesn’t take into account fuel taxes, or Solar subsidies. The per mile cost is pretty comparable to a high-volume sales FWD sedan with a 4 cyl. But the total cost of ownership is significantly less for the gasoline car.

Trucks will face means testing, aka taxes, to phase people out of them. In my home state, trucks are taxed much less because it is dominated by agriculture. In my current state, trucks over 9,900 lbs GVWR are taxed higher. Easy to slide that down to 8,500.

Green energy is a net loss and requires offsetting subsidies. Ethanol, the most likely to be profitable, is still subsidized, even though the corn is price controlled, and the resulting mash is dried and sold as animal feed.

Liberal vs Conservative is a funny argument. It is more accurately coasts vs inland. Taking guns, outlawing trucks, putting people on bikes, is all fear based nonsense. Understand that some on the left really do want to take all the guns, ban large vehicles, increase the federal gasoline tax to $1/ gal, increase CAFE to make really small cars the norm, is reality.

As far as the show, I bet every GM HD truck ok display had running boards, is turned so the driver’s side is showing, or some other gimmick to hide the DEF tank. Like a Rock! But don’t drive in the large rocks, you’ll puncture the low hanging DEF tank.

Jeff S is unhinged.

Do you have to be a republican to post on this site?

@Tony B

Jeff and I have both been commenting on this site for a long time, and evidently it makes us, individually, targets for people who post comments under our respective I.D.s---which is unfortunate because our fellow commenters oftentimes cannot easily distinguish Jeff's comments or mine, from the jerks who post inflammatory or silly comments in our place.

@ Tony B. - you are the one who is "unhinged"! Tony once drove from Peel to Douglas with a snapped accelerator cable. My mate leaned out of the passenger window, pulling the cable to make us go, while I was in the driver's seat controlling everything except the accelerator. That was fun.

@Jeff s - Jeff no one bring so much happiness to my life as you. In your company, I find love that I have never known before. I can’t imagine what my life would be without you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

You have given me so much love and encouragement that I don’t think I will be able to return all that to you. You have been lighting up the dark and bringing joy to my heart. When I am with you I feel alive and strong.

I am truly blessed to have you as a part of my life and I cannot wait for the day when we start a new chat.

@oxi--If it makes you feel better to get it off your chest then go ahead. Trucks are here to stay.


Just like our toilets and light bulbs. You can keep on dismissing it and showing your lack of knowledge, but that is not the point oxi was making.

I'd like to hear the official position from MW and putc on man made global warming and how it relates to trucks and controlling our lives. Look to people who are knowledge on the subject like Liberty And Tyranny by Mark Levin and some scholarly articles from the Hertitage Foundation for resources. First there was global cooling in the 70s, global warming in the 90s, and now it's just climate change. What's up with that?

I think papajim needs to write a guest article on trucks, politicians and so called climate change.

So reality about the demise of trucks as we know them continues...

WE already have smaller engines that are turbo, aluminum to save weight, packed full of more liberal controlling devices to distract, 10-speed trans, and so forth...

Future? 20-speed trans, EV motors or smaller 2 liter or less engines with CVT's, and some new plastic body and frame molding, lowering of trucks for safety and aero, massive electronics for 1984 controls, taxed to the end, not allowed in urban areas or liberal green cities, and so forth...

Information control is more powerful than any nuclear weapon and guess who controls those major news outlets like Google, facebook, mainstreet media, Amazon, Hollywood, most radio stations and tv stations, newspapers? Liberal minded folks or globalists!

Look at how they infiltrate the auto industry and call for more regulations upon vehicles, more taxation when registering, the new green deal to destroy oil and gas for renewable energy... folks its coming and NO, the religious right does not have the voting block anymore to win elections. WE are seeing this year after year where socialist ideals are fast becoming more popular, which is wrong and immoral!

Posted by: oxi | Jan 13, 2019 8:37:10 AM

oxi is mostly spot on.

Want to see the specs and pure ev range on the plug in hybrid F-150. Hopefully it is a front wheel drive based sideways mounted 3.5 ecoboost with the entire section from the engine bay back between the frame rails as battery and rear electric drive with IFS.
3.5 ecoboost HO with 450 hp and 510 ftlbs powering the front wheels and the 90 hp and 200 ftlbs electric motors powering each rear wheel.
Combine out put 630 hp and 910 ftlbs and an all electric range of 50 miles.

I think papajim needs to write a guest article on trucks, politicians and so called climate change

@Kevin. Nice of you to say so.

Trucks are real. Politicians are real.

Changes in global temperature caused by human activity is probably NOT real. I've noted here before than providing enough clean water for the world's human population is a far more challenging issue.

You can survive a lifetime of lousy air quality, but one glass of bad water can kill you.

Climate chance is real wether it’s caused by man or not is debatable. That said a warmer climate has many advantages that may actually help man. The forests are bigger and greener because of the warmer climate. Growing seasons are longer and may be needed to feed more people with less land. Less traffic deaths because of less snow and ice. And thief are many more positives. I think we would stand a much better chance against the greenies when you state real facts instead of just saying climate change is a hoax.

Climate chance is real wether it’s caused by man or not is debatable. That said a warmer climate has many advantages that may actually help man.
The forests are bigger and greener because of the warmer climate. Growing seasons are longer and may be needed to feed more people with less land. Less traffic deaths because of less snow and ice. And thief are many more positives. I think we would stand a much better chance against the greenies when you state real facts instead of just saying climate change is a hoax.

Posted by: Snowman

"Forest are bigger and greener" / quote

Assuming they dont burn UP like we saw this summer in Cali,,

Up north in BC and Ontario they had 1500 forest fires,,much more then usual..
Growing season may be longer,problem is we may not have enough water to sustain growing anything,
Google Oglala aquifer water depletion...
Not that I care Im not a farmer there,my neck of the woods have Great lakes around so well never be short of water..
I dont care what anyone drives,or how many guns they pack,but my next truck will be electric or hybrid at least,,the savings are just that YUGE.

See this guys real cost of driving Tesla ev

instead of just saying climate change is a hoax...Posted by: Snowman | Jan 13, 2019


I'm usually precise about what I say. I did NOT say that climate change is a hoax. Please do not mis-quote me. Climate has been undergoing "change" for millions of years. I'm just not convinced that the global temperature changes because some guy drives a V8 instead of a hybrid.

You also missed my point. I said that we have bigger challenges. I never said that climate is not a challenge. My belief is that clean water---or the lack of it---represents a much more immediate threat to human well being.

Now, say you're sorry.

papajim - you're a hater, I hate you! Climate Change is real man!
If I wanted to kill myself I'd climb your ego and jump to your IQ. Calling you an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people.The last time I saw something like you, I flushed it.Shock me, say something intelligent.

Information control is more powerful than any nuclear weapon and guess who controls those major news outlets like Google, facebook, mainstreet media, Amazon, Hollywood, most radio stations and tv stations, newspapers? Liberal minded folks or globalists!

Posted by: oxi | Jan 13, 2019 8:37:

If you hate Globalism so much STOP buying anything not made here!.
Let us know how it works out

Before disin liberals look up the meaning of it first so you dont sound like a uneducated hilbily moron

Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty and equality.

Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but they generally support civil rights, democracy, secularism, gender equality, racial equality, internationalism, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion.

Btw did you know that Holywood was founded by Russian imigrants?

too many voters to make that happen... The religious right are the ones that go out and vote and most of the liberals complain but do not vote.

Posted by: Jeff s | Jan 12, 2019 10:22:20 AM

Oh really? That's what you think this is about? Representative government? Just vote. The religious right? I don't think so. That's the whole problem with the border issue. We elect the President who is going to do something about the border. We elect Republicans who are going to something about the border. And nothing gets done? We don't need lectures from people like Jeff about representative government. Just go out and vote for politicians who like to us and kick us in the teeth. Great plan, Jeff. Not.

*who lie to us...

@Kevin--If you mean trucks will change then yes but there is little that do about of us can do about that as there is little any of us can do about the rising prices of trucks. Turbo charged 4 cylinders are nothing new just that they are available in more vehicles. Not going to do any good to agonize over it. There are many of us that remember the rear wheel drive V-8 cars that at one time dominated the roads. I had a couple of them and I really enjoyed them but there are few left. Some lament there passing. I miss the vent windows that use to be on the front windows of all vehicles and actual gutter rails that kept you from getting a lap full of water every time you open the door. I also miss actual grease fittings on the tier rods, bail joints, and other suspension parts even though they say the new parts never have to be lubricated I would rather give them some grease to assure that they last longer. Missing windows that were large enough that you could actually see out of. Pickups were the last to have these features and that is one reason that I gravitated toward trucks beside their utility. Trucks use to be among the least expensive vehicle you could buy and many of us miss that.

What I don't miss about vehicles that had those features is messing with points and condensers, mufflers and tailpipes that would need replacing several times during the life of a vehicle, little or no safety standards, and vehicles that would rust out before you could pay them off.

It is ok to discuss your frustrations but then you need to move on. If you really are that concerned then go out and get a new vehicle and plan on keeping it or fix your old one up or get another vehicle that has plenty of life in it. You do have a choice and agonizing about it will not change things so yes I do have an understanding of what oxi says but you just need to get use to it.

I have been driving for over 50 years and have driven lots of different vehicles and each one of them had things that I miss and things that I don't miss.

The strongest voting group are the religious right and seniors

@Jeff S

So let me see if I understand---The religious right elected the previous president in 2008 and again in 2012.

Posted by: papajim | Jan 12, 2019 7:06:33 PM

Jeff S says just elect more politicians who lie to us. Just sit back and veg out if I understand him. And he also doesn't understand socialist government is run by dictators. He can play this "radical right" card crap, but now you see lawlessness in support of the Democrat party. Sanctuary cities, health care for illegals, you name it for illegal aliens. That was never the position of an one in this country until now.

Just look at Jeff S's posting history and his flirtatatuons with the radical Left and so forth.

We as a country are in more danger of going the the radical right

Posted by: Jeff s | Jan 12, 2019 10:22:20 AM

So if you want a secure border, want to prevent people from coming here illegally, you are radical? You are a sick person, Jeff.

@Dave--If it makes you happy you can call me whatever you like. I know myself and who I am. I don't need some faceless person on a website to tell me who I am. I am not going to agonize over politicians or who is liberal or who is conservative. I rate most politicians whether they profess to be liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican as being lower that prostitutes and used car salesmen. Prostitutes at least are making an honest living. Think whatever you want but I just gave you my honest opinion.

@Tom--I don't want to waste money on things that don't work. El Chapo had an air conditioned lighted tunnel under one of those walls. You can tunnel under a wall or fly over it. They actually had someone take chain saw and saw a hole in the wall. I don't have a problem with having some wall which we already have but I don't think it is worth spending 20 billion dollars on one when more boarder patrols and drones will be much more effective. I would rather spend the 20 billion dollars toward are crumbling roads and infrastructure. If we are going to build a wall on Mexico's border then we need to spend one on the border on Canada because there have actually been people that have crossed over from Canada that are know terrorist. Maybe we can use Mexican labor to build the wall and then not pay them that way Mexico will pay for the wall. I really don't give a damn about the wall but if you want one then why don't you volunteer to help build it. I got much better things to do with my time. Maybe you need to move out of your parent's basement and get a job. I am too busy working to waste my time worrying about these things.

I look forward to reading Pickups.com coverage of the Detroit Auto Show. VW and Ford are suppose to announce their joint venture. Mark if the new Bronco is there can you take some pictures and tell us about it. There has been little or no news about the Bronco.

@papajim--Who do you think elected are current President?
Posted by: Jeff s | Jan 12, 2019

The answer has been known for more than a year Jeff. Average middle class voters in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania who had not voted GOP in decades came out for the president. During the last 2 years when he goes on the road you have people standing in the rain for hours just to get a glimpse at the guy.

You are way off target on this.

Posted by: papajim | Jan 13, 2019 3:36:02 AM

Jeff S is a fool who is unencumbered by any facts or information. No offense.

@Dave--Talk is cheap and if you don't like a particular party or politician then it is you duty to exercise your right to vote. If you don't then you shouldn't complain.

@Tom Lemon--So I see we have the fake blogger back. I remember you.

Stop cherry picking Jeff S' statements.

Here it is in totality.

I agree with Jeff on the radical right being more of a danger.

The Green New Deal isn't radical Left. It is natural for wind and solar energy.

Whether Ocacio Cortez can get any traction on the green New deal is questionable. Speaker Pelosi supported creation of a new select committee on climate crisis use directive isn't as ambitious as a green New deal.

Change is good.

Not going to happen. There are too many red states to elect enough radicals to take over both Houses. Any President who is to much too the left will be deadlocked. As for the current President we will see what happens. We as a country are in more danger of going the the radical right than the radical left. Too many religious right to make that happen. The religious right are the ones that go out and vote and most of the liberals complain but do not vote. We are more in danger of becoming a dictatorship than a socialist country. Some where in between extremes would be safer but I don't see that happen.

Posted by: Jeff s | Jan 12, 2019 10:22:20 AM

you're a hater, I hate you! Climate Change is real man! ... say something intelligent...Posted by: snowman | Jan 13, 2019


Let the feeling of hate get out of your system. Hating me won't help reduce your anger or fix the climate. There is a higher power. Surrender to his authority.

Agree with me. Admit it, I'm way smarter than you.

Looks like the email server at the sheep farm is back up.

@ Chevrolet builds a better way to see the USA,

Defending liberals? Let's see:

civil rights: liberals use this for political gains and talking points, they care NOT about civil rights, just divide and conquer. That is place people into groups and not look at them as AMERICANS!

democracy: This is not the answer, nor shall it be. Look to places like Egypt that vote in monsters, or the occupied lands outside of Israel, look at Germany WWII. WE are a republic, not a democracy!

secularism: Unless you bow to the liberal creed, you are an enemy, immoral and the ends justify the means on attacking you. We have seen this by liberals attacking anyone that does not believe their religion.

gender equality: Equality is for the courts, everything else is up to you as a citizen because focusing on equality outside of courts is racist and discrimination as well as sexist.

racial equality: again for the courts, we already have rules and laws in place, by brining this up, you liberals seek to continue to divide people into groups based on the color of their skin.

internationalism: globalism is not worthy of supporting, you are not American supporting globalism.

freedom of speech: what happened to Roseanne again? What is happening on liberal campuses, online social media that is censoring anything that goes against their leftist religion? Wake up!

freedom of the press: A free press is not biased and does not support liberal ideals, they stay neutral and do not hate our President. Liberal press is not free, they are under orders!

and freedom of religion: So why is Christian belief under attack and not other religions?

@poopajim, Tom, Dave, Kevin, Chris or whoever you are and all other detractors and climate deniers,

On what basis do you deny climate change?

papajiminy says he knows a lot about science, so believe him instead of all the scientists who work for the federal government.

Others seek refuge in the fantasy that there is reasonable doubt as to the existence of climate change or the severity of the problem, citing fringe characters without expertise on the subject.

Those who know better or suspect climate-change denial is irrational (but are too cowardly to confront know-nothings who dominate the party) are willing to string along with the mob, even at the expense of endangering the country and the planet.

Far Right Republican senators from Florida and Texas, where their constituents' lives and property are threatened by the rising sea levels that result from rising temperatures, won’t admit the origin of the problem. They simply want bailout money each time another disaster strikes.

In both the Cold War and the debate over climate change, ideology has won out over empirical reality, and those opposed to spending any time or money on either problem have preferred to wish it away rather than engage in good-faith arguments that entail policy trade-offs.

Jeff S is 100% correct on the religious right.

Deniers like papajim have disqualified themselves from holding power since willful blindness puts Americans at risk, and their propensity to disregard reality makes one question both their judgment and honesty.

That’s where we are on the climate-change debate.

And you do wonder how long Americans are going to put up with the dangerous campaign of denial on the far rght.

Remember B.A. is watching.

For Texas1836. One way to stave illegal immigrant cost is modify the born on soil citizenship of the 14th amendment. Read schooling cost and food stamps. Very controversial.

As far as the auto show GM is going to have a interesting time.


I disagree with you that the green new deal isn't from the radical left...it is a heck of a lot more than solar and wind power...it is complete elimination of fossil fuels, free health care for all, free college education for all, free universal income for all, guaranteed jobs for all, reparations, government taking over the banking system etc. Have you actually read Ocasio-Cortez's version of what the green new deal is? I would love to read what Ocasio-Cortez thinks such a plan would cost, because it would be around $60 trillion dollars (and she wants to do it all in 10 years). Right now, the Federal Government spends a little over $4 trillion per year...this sounds like a RADICAL expansion of Government to me. I do agree with you though, the radical right will become a problem if this thing ever passes. Where would $60 trillion come from? If the socialists eliminated the military completely and taxed all millionaires at 100%, that would only bring in $17 trillion over 10 years (statically scored, realistically much less). WE WILL GO BANKRUPT AND TURN INTO VENEZUELA IF THEY TRY TO IMPLEMENT THE OCASIO-CORTEZ VERSION OF THIS THING.

Climate change is not a debate. It is a reality.

The climate in North America for example has been changing for millions of years. Where Chicago is today was buried under giant glaciers 20 thousand years ago.

Today the Gulf of Mexico is over 100 feet deeper than it was during early Bronze Age societies of Asia Minor. They had to melt a lot ice and snow to pull that off.

It's obvious that climate is a complex discussion but quoting some professor who wants to publish a book about it isn't the answer.

Nor is the so called Paris Accord, (or Kyoto for that matter).

Give up, Al. The political left is collapsing. Ask former VP Gore how that's going for him these days.

Bupropion helps some people deal with moderate-to-severe anxiety.

Back when I was in cancer treatment the stuff really helped me overcome some difficult days.

Benzodiazepines are the next step if something like Bupropion isn't enough.

Whatever you do don't let them give you Haldol unless you're really freaking out.

Trust your doctors to know what's best. Don't try to self medicate, and Al, whatever you do---don't stop taking your meds without talking to your doctor first.


I freely admit that I am a "flat-earther" or even a "denier". I do respect your opinion...we all have them. I actually believe that the climate has warmed, and that we almost certainly contribute something to that (after that I drift away from the Al Gore, Dr. Hansen, Dr. Mann versions of global warming). Remember Al Gore's movie, and how he proved global warming was man made? He showed the vostok ice core data going back around 600,000 years which in turn showed that all of the warming/cooling phases of the time frame were tied to carbon dioxide...there was one significant problem with all of that, that he did not show or mention...if you zoomed in to the graphs, it was pretty clear that the earth's temperature almost always rose first, well before atmospheric carbon dioxide rose...generally it took a few hundred years of warmer temperatures to bring up carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere...if this was the case, how did carbon dioxide cause the warming? Why did what was once believed to be the coldest period in the earth's history, the snowball earth period, occur when atmospheric carbon dioxide was 9 times higher than today? Why did the earth cool from 1940-1979 while we were dumping more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (I realized that they conveniently removed this data over the last few years)? Why was the medieval warm period apparently a little warmer than today (I realize that they conveniently removed this as well)? Why did global warming pause from 1998-2015 (I realize that now changed the temperatures to show that there was actually warming...conveniently this was done about a month before the Paris accords)? Why does the satellite temperature data disagree with the land temperature data showing considerably less warming? Why do many of the rural temperature stations reveal roughly the same amount of warming as the satellite data, while the urban data show much more warming (could it have anything to do with urban heat islands)? Why is the IPCC telling us that we have 12 years to act, or we are all going to die, when they already told us this around 1998, and we have already gone several years past the date of which we were supposed to be beyond the point of no return? If the all of this climate stuff is so much worse than they thought (I see this headline every month or two), why did so many of the scientists involve manipulate temperature data to show a cooler past, and warmer recent past and current temperatures (has anyone ever heard of climate gate? probably not, that kind of stuff never gets reported on MSNBC, CNN etc.) What about Dr. Mann's hockey stick, where he proved that the earth's temperature has been largely stagnant for the last 1,000 years or so, until around the beginning of the 20th century...he used 3 trees within a few square mile area...other scientists have went back to same area and found different trees that gave different data showing that the temperature had not been stagnant for the last 1,000 years. I would like Dr. Mann or Al Gore to tell us precisely how much man has contributed to global warming/global climate disruption/global climate change etc., is it 72.3%, is it 94.38%, or is 22.6498%?


Thank you for your comments. I am not against the illegal immigrants themselves, I really don't blame them what so ever, and I don't want to punish them either. I am worried about the future though, as AI/Robotics takes over many of the jobs that they (and many of us are working), what will these illegal aliens do for work? If they can't find work, will they go back home...I don't think so, as conditions will be worse in Central America...most of them will want to stay here for the benefits. As a taxpayer, I don't want to be on the hook for that...we can't afford to even pay for the Government we have today, let alone 10 or 20 years from now with many millions of illegal immigrants unemployed and basically unemployable.

Mark Williams--I can't wait to read your coverage of the Detroit Auto Show. I would like to read about trucks and not politics. I hear enough of it. If at some point you get to drive a new Bronco I would like you to write on it and add a video. Some will get their dander up saying that the Bronco is not a pickup but others would be interested in the Bronco. By the way great write up and video comparing the Ranger and Tacoma.


By the way, I am kayak paddler, I just load the thing on my ____ truck, and take it down to one of the local lakes or rivers in my area during spring/summer. We may end up getting a canoe too, not sure yet.

Gillett's new #metoo ads and political correctness (liberals) are continuing the assaults against men because according to liberals, we are all guilty of bad things by being men, case closed.

This has inroads to trucks because trucks are fast becoming more feminine to steer men away from being "toxic" and so forth.

Even you know half of domestic abuse is by women, only men get focused upon as being bad. The feminization of men is a reality in media today and soon regulations but thankfully I refuse to budge and will remain a man!

Remember the Kavanaugh hearings and how he was guilty until proven innocent? That is what I am talking about today folks and it will land in pickup truck land, we are already seeing this.

Fight this as you can. My trucks will always be masculine and yes, "toxic" according to these strange liberals. Boycott Gillette!

Re: the Kavanaugh hearings...Posted by: oxi | Jan 15, 2019


In fact, the judge was confirmed for several lower-court slots during his career. It was only when he happened to be nominated for the high court, by none other than our current president, that the left got so enraged.

Their crazed anger was all about smearing the man who appointed him, not the nominee.

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