2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Focuses on Capability: Review


Although the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 did not win our most recent half-ton pickup truck comparison test, it does offer a long list of upgrades and new technology in a continuously growing vehicle class. Despite the Silverado 1500's fourth-place finish in a field of five, the Chevy half ton could still be the perfect pickup for you, as we point out in our review on Cars.com.

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There are lots of big changes to the 2019 Silverado 1500, including a new trim level lineup that numbers eight models and class-leading new powertrain technologies. We're still waiting for the all-new 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder Duramax Chevy has promised for the pickup — we should know more about it this summer.

So if you're in the market for a half-ton truck, check out the review to find out how the new 10-speed automatic transmission behaves, how the new trailering technology works and how the Trail Boss with the 2-inch suspension lift did on punishing terrain.

We just had our first chance to get behind the wheel of a 4x4 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom Trail Boss double cab, which is a new, more "economically" priced off-road trim level (our test truck listed for $45,055 including destination). It was equipped with the optional active fuel management 5.3-liter V-8. We were impressed with how comfortable, quiet and strong the truck felt, delivering 17.2 mpg on our long-haul freeway trek from Southern to Northern California. The truck was pretty light at just more than 5,000 pounds, offering a payload of almost 1,700 pounds. We'll have more to say about this pickup when we compare it with the all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon (likely costing more than $45,000) in a future head-to-head contest.

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I never told anyone to lie, not a single time ever, these allegations are false, and I need to go back to work for the American people.

@ Turbo

I can respect that. Thank you for being honest. Unlike other clowns on here like Full of $h!t who claims everyone who isn't Ford is a liar

When I was going through my issues with my 2016, I wasn't on the forum. I joined right after I got my 17 because I was searching the web on info about the vibrations

PUTC website came up bc they covered it. I read article, really liked it and joined

Now I have to sign into laptop all the time, bc too many disrespectful fools keep posting under other user names. It's quite childish.

Then they have the b@lls to call me a liar and childish, when they're the ones that imposter others, and don't even drive a truck to offer anything to the forum.

I really do enjoy heckling conversations with You, Fullsize, and Gm blows chunks, bc you guys can heckle without getting all bent out of shape and accusing everyone of lying.

Again, glad you haven't had issues, but my one issue with GM was resolved very professionally and since I and my family have had nothing but solid, reliable trucks with GM, I figured it was a fluke, and I gave them another shot

I was totally pleased with mmy 17 with the 5.3L It did everything a truck should do. But when a 6.2L came available for the price and SLT package, I couldn't pass it up.

Now my father said he liked my 5.3L better because:

1. He doesn't want to pay premium fuel
2. He is very conservative and thought my 5.3L had plenty of power
3. He is a mechanic and knows how RELIABLE the 5.3 is and has been the past 20 years.
4. He likes cloth seats and couldn't get a 6.2l anyways. Shame on GM....I agree, should offer it in lower trims.


if you enjoy a little back and forth jabbing with a few people


if you stop with always putting down one manufacturer

I'll stop posting


can't help you with the other folks since I post only under

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You are so caught up with trying to up me, I don't think you understand what I post

I praised Ford just yesterday for their 7.3L.
I like Ford's 5.0L

I can't stand Ford because they LIE about almost everything they do.

Case in point:

1. If you are going to claim "Class Leading" You better not get beat in comparison tests. Especially when you have to reflash your HD trucks to claim highest HP/TQ numbers, yet haven't beaten the Duramax in YEARS.

2. Don't claim your Ecoboost's get best in class FE when we all know they don't. I have yet to see a magazine company who reviews an Ecoboost EVER get the claimed EPA ratings. I just posted you an article on the Ranger and it was 4 mpgs off the EPA. No one in my family ever gets the EPA mileage on their's either. Now a few on this forum claim they do and that's awesome, but more don't then do!

Finally, you have never posted anything useful on this site ever! You're quick to call me out, yet, all you ever do is bash GM or anything I post. I don't lie, wasn't brought up that way, have no need to lie. GROW UP! When you start posting for yourself and relating it to the topics on hand, then we can have conversations. Until then, your posts make you look rather foolish and vindictive.

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Wow. The guy who talks the most smack on here had his GM at the dealership for 2 whole months and he had to get another truck. SMH. These big smack talkers lie far more often than they tell the truth. Lies of omission are still lies.

Now I understand why he wanted to punch people on here. That's what months of frustration while your truck is sitting and can't be fixed will do. smh

@ Chris or whomever username you are

Tell me how I have lied?

Very interested. Please explain


I get your points

I don't trust any of the manufacturers advertising

some commercials are funny and make you laugh but

they are there to make money, and if they do

that marketing firm will be retained

it is marketing in many forms

if I was you (and I know I am not you)

I would urge you to put a filter on when interpreting

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@ Yard Sale

I can respect that!


Have a great day!

I meant DEAL!

@ Drools

$1500 it cost me.

I did get upgraded from a 6 spd to an 8 spd, plus heated and cooled seats along with the Z71 package.

So, well worth it

It was in shop for over 2 months. Had tech guy from Texas up working on it,

And they never once said you have to live with this, unlike many Ford technicians have said.

Heck someone posted on here a Super Duty customer with death wobble and FORD told him truck isn't designed to drive over 55 mph??????

It's on youtube also!

That's the company you buy from......so sad

Posted by: TNTGMC | Feb 22, 2019 11:12:25 AM

Well said hahaha!!!!

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Why does the front end look like puzzle pieces put together wrong?

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Posted by: TNTGMC | Feb 22, 2019 1:34:12 PM

What did TNT lie about?

Still waiting for an answer!

I'm still waiting for Chris to respond as well?

@Rummage Sale

Good point on Iran, except that Obama gave them $150 billion up front, not $1.5 billion. What a great strategy, we know we can trust Iran.

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I see one live man it look good

What is the story with ford MPG ,,,,

I saw another 2019 High Country today. This one was black, and damn it looks good. It really makes the F-series look dated. Ford will need a new grille soon . HaHaHaHa!

More of ford's Quality test results,

Aren't women in charge of G.M. trucks? I could care less because i'll never own one but i thought i recalled that sometime ago.
Maybe the little bit sassy G.M. fans can answer honestly.

Isn't Fiat-Ram run by an Italian company? I could care less because I would never own a Ram. The Italians are known for good spaghetti and pizza..but pickups? No wonder why Ram has the worse reliability in the industry.

I do notice the Chevy has nice straight body panels even the aluminum doors look good. Ford has the wavy panels that I just can't stand especially for a 60-70K truck

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I am really worried about this fuel economy falsification thing that Ford is doing and how it is harming our planet, I sure hope this does not put us over the climate tipping point that I have been hearing about on CNN. As I understand it, we only have 11 years left to save the planet, but with what we are now finding out about Ford, we may have nowhere near that much time left to save ourselves. It is almost like this is a clandestine effort by crypto-fascists to destroy our planet and take away our p

LMBO! Ford still hasn't learn bout lieing for MPG numbers! It been 6 years since the cmax and the other junk ford cars they lied bout , now the ranger and f150 are under the glass LMBO!!!!!!!!!!! 4mpg for the ranger! That's worst then a fully built offroad beast zr2 Colorado! Ford lies and fails again! LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





get ready for a fleet of Schwinns...We'll all be riding bikes in a few months but even that won't be enough to save the glaciers.

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I hear you papajim. CNN also mentioned that the climate crisis is much worse than they thought, minimizing our time to act, and that was BEFORE Ford was caught dramatically overstating their fuel economy ratings. I agree about the vegan part, but I recognize that is not easy for everyone. We just have to get rid of all of those cows as soon as we can, because they are also a big part of the problem. Lately, I have had some trouble sleeping worrying about the climate crisis, one thing that I have tried during the day, is to just try and sit still as much as I can, breathing as little as possible (reducing my carbon dioxide emissions), therefore reducing my personal carbon footprint. By doing so, I feel like I am starting to do my part to help save our planet.


Most importantly, it's not WHAT you do that matters so much, it's how much you CARE that counts.

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The Silverado 4cyl got 16 mpg on the road, but the sticker says 20? Investigate! Investigate!

@ Lionel

I agree not fan of 4 cylinder. But its still gets better FE than the ranger.

After nearly 1,000 miles of measured highway travel and three fill-ups, the final average was 19.5 MPG. This was all highway driving, but we faced an elevation change from sea level to the Rocky Mountains, higher speed limit in Utah (80 MPH), some head wind in Utah, and snow in Colorado.


Ranger 4cy 19.5 mpg in the snow going 80mph

Silverado 4cy 16.5 mpg in the sun going 50mph

TNT is lying again

Silverado got 16 mpg not 16.5

Thanks TNTonline


My F150 ecoboost can get 27 mpg all day long, and the Silverado only gets 15? Sad.

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