2019 Honda Ridgeline Nabs Top NHTSA Safety Rating

2019 Honda Ridgeline Front Angle Profile

It looks like current and past Honda Accord owners (and media outlets like Car and Driver) are not the only ones who like the 2019 Honda Ridgeline. In the latest rounds of government crash-testing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the 2019 Honda Ridgeline received the highest possible score with a five-star overall rating. That's higher than any other mid-size pickup truck, putting the Ridgeline in the same safety category as the 2019 Ford F-150, 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and 2019 GMC Sierra 1500. They all earned five stars for their overall rating.

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In NHTSA testing, vehicles earn ratings of one to five stars in frontal crash, side crash and rollover resistance tests. NHTSA also rates vehicles based on whether they feature rearview video systems, forward collision warning and lane departure warning and recommends automatic emergency braking. Vehicles also earn a one- to five-star overall vehicle rating, which indicates how the individual ratings combine to reflect a vehicle's overall safety.

In addition to its five-star overall rating, the 2019 Honda Ridgeline earned five stars in the frontal and side crash tests, and four stars for the rollover test. All ratings apply to front- and all-wheel-drive crew-cab Ridgelines.

The Honda Ridgeline has not been changed for several years but, due to construction and its minivan/crossover-based platform, it has always performed when compared to other mid-size pickups. In our last mid-size truck Challenge, the Ridgeline came within a hair's breadth of beating our winner, the GMC Canyon.

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2019 Honda Ridgeline Rear Angle Profile

2019 Honda Ridgeline Undercarriage

2019 Honda Ridgeline Interior

2019 Honda Ridgeline Exterior Side Profile



Unless you know the dealer and the third party insurance company and where I live, your comments are meaningless to me.


Do us all a favor and stick to one name.

Re: your bleeping Honda. Put whatever dog-food motor oil you want in your truck. Walmart has some two dollar oil filters too. Probably will work great for a few weeks. Good luck.

@papajim--So you are assuming all Honda dealerships use no name motor oil. I have seen the oil that is put into my cars and trucks. There will always be unscrupulous dealers and mechanics. And from your previous comments you don't like Honda which is your opinion but they make good reliable vehicles regardless of your opinion. At least Honda hasn't put faulty ignition switches in their vehicles and then try to cover up that they are faulty. For now I have the dealership change the oil since the CRV is under warranty but I will eventually switch to 0w20 Mobil 1. The owner's manual requires 2w20 synthetic motor oil . I don't have to stick with Honda only oil but I am not going to change the recommended weight nor type of oil.

No I didn't step in poop but you just did with your comments.

owner's manual require 0w20 oil and recommends Honda oil. Recommendations are not a requirement but 0w20 is required.

Not surprising that Honda Ridgeline would earn a top spot in Safety ratings. It's a pretty well built pickup truck and has a lot of
safety technology available.

@2007 Ridgeline Owner--I believe papajim is jealous of our Hondas.


I better not tell papajim about my wife's Honda CRV. It makes a great commuter car!

Looking at the two previous posts under "jeff's" name and "texas1836" it's easy to see that Big Jerk from Down Under dragged his pink, fuzzy a*s out of bed about 10pm EST last night. Talk about having no life. Apart from looking after the sheep, his morning probably starts with a small bowl of Special K and a drop of milk.


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Honda. It's the taste of a new generation.

Honda. It's the taste of a new generation of soy boys.
Posted by: Jeff | Feb 11, 2019

Honda/Acura at current time do not mass produce Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles. I think it's some race track NSX super sports cars around or in the works.
RWD drive has it's advantages & disadvantages but FWD makes sense for Honda Ridgeline. With it's Unibody FWD it offers 4 wheel independent suspension to give a smooth cushy ride. The driving dynamics for a pickup truck are also great. That outweighs added towing to many Ridgeline owners plus cabin space.

I don't know if it's possible to have the in-bed trunk with RWD platform. This is a key feature of the Ridgeline with Independent Rear Suspension.

What is papajim spewing about Honda oil & filters.
The current Generation Honda Ridgeline take the same oil filter as the 1st Genration. It also is the same exact oil filter as my 2000 Acura 3.2TL takes. It is now 19 years old Honda part #15400-PLM-A02 Filter.
The newer truck takes different oil but old oneis same as my Acura. Here is a part number for oil from my Acura 08798-9043 see what you find under Honda part.

@ 2007 Ridgeline Owner --Haven't you figured out that papajim hates any vehicle that is not a GM even though his wife drives a BMW crossover. He has to pick one incident where a Honda dealer misrepresented that they used a cheaper oil instead of the Honda recommended oil. I wonder how many GM dealers have represented that they used genuine GM parts when they used knockoffs. He is going to trash any product that Honda and Toyota make. He believes he can bully you into buying a GM product. Buy what you like and ignore the senile old man.

Any vehicle that's midsized or over 25K should easily be expected to meet a government 5 star crash rating.

@ Jeff S
I sure don't think he could bully anybody into buying a product.
I prefer Honda/Acura vehicles if they have something I like.
But we have had other vehicles in the family over the years.
I myself have only owned Honda/Acura.
GM is what I grew up with in family until I got my 1980 Prelude.
We had the Dodge minivan in the family when my nephew was younger I drove it and kept it serviced at dealer. We purchased a new Ford Focus after Ridgeline for nephew.
So not always brand loyal the Ridgeline fits the needs and use over others exactly.
Don't need any fullsized truck like GM or F-150.
The Ridgeline fits daily driving needs and comfortable highway driving of Crossover.

Since Mark Williams of PUTC said other reviewers like Car & Driver
like the Ridgeline. Here is another review comparison.
It is Ranger review but reviewer mentions Ridgeline a lot near middle and end of review and how it compares and differs from others. Just search 2019 Ford Ranger A Baby F-150 Does It Matter

"Little truck, big safety." ---- Posted by: GMSRGREAT

It's bigger than it looks, even if it's not full-sized.

For the Ridgeline guys there are a number of prescription-only products that will raise your serum testosterone levels without surgery and without owning a full sized pickup.

If your doctor refuses to prescribe the male-booster products, you can always just go out and buy a full sized Chevy or GMC pickup. You will love the feeling of power---and especially the boost you get in the bedroom!!!

@2007 Ridgeline Owner--My wife's 77 Accord lasted her 17 years and she currently has an AWD 2013 CRV. I am not saying I would only buy Honda's but the 77 was my first experience with Hondas which was very positive. The 2013 CRV has been a great vehicle as well. I myself like the Ridgeline but I prefer the Colorado. Papajim has never owned a Honda product and is for the most part biased because it is not a GM. To me a vehicle is something that you need and if a certain vehicle fulfills your needs and you are satisfied with it that is all that matters. I have most likely had less issues with the 2 Hondas than papajim's wife has had with her BMW. Hondas are not a status vehicle but they are very reliable and they are not as expensive to service or repair than an out of warranty German status symbol. Reliability, affordable cost of repair, and availability of parts are what I consider important in any vehicle I purchase. I don't buy a vehicle to make a statement or to impress others.

Fake Jeff.

Hondas are not a status vehicle but they are very reliable and they are not as expensive to service or repair than an out of warranty German status symbol. Reliability, affordable cost of repair, and availability of parts are what I consider important in any vehicle I purchase.

@PUTC commenters

Please re-read the above comment. Now, consider that the person who claims to be Jeff is referring to the vehicles he purchases.

Regular readers here know that Jeff has not bought a new truck since Bush was president. And that one was an isuzu-badged Chevy Colorado.

Although Jeff insists his Colorado/Isuzu has been a gem, the average consumer liked that product so much they dropped the model entirely. Bonus question: How many BMW's has Jeff ever bought? His wife doesn't count.

Regarding Honda. They have terrific engines by and large. Their automatic trans are legendarily bad. The labor rates at Honda dealers make BMW dealers blush. Go figure.

@papajim--I said my wife's 2013 CRV which was bought during Obama's administration. You haven't bought a truck since W's administration which has been 10 years ago and you bought a used truck. You are constantly bashing Hondas when you little about them. As for BMWs my nephew was a service manager at a BMW dealership for years and now sells them. Service and parts on most German vehicles are priced much much higher than most Japanese, Korean, and US brands. I have family members who own them as well. As for automatic transmissions you are saying all Hondas have bad automatic transmissions. My wife's CRV has a 5 speed auto which has not had any problems. Just admit that you hate any Japanese brand. Have you ever kept a vehicle for 17 to 20 years? That 77 Accord was one of the best cars that we ever had. Much much better than your Vega.

As for Isuzu if you remember GM sold Isuzu off. GM ownership of Isuzu and Saab was the end of both except Isuzu still survives globally. GM for the most part has destroyed any brand they bought. As for my Isuzu after almost 11 years of ownership and few issues I will not take your word that it is a bad truck. Kind of ironic that you are such an ardent supporter of GM would bad mouth any GM product. GM will eventually be sold off in pieces and the proceeds will go to Mary Barra and the board. I don't hate my GM products but I don't care much for the direction GM is going in. Incompetency has allowed a once great corporation whither away. Time to move on. Regardless of stock price Ford will survive much longer than the GM we all know unless GM survives as a Chinese corporation. What a shame but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Please do not include your wife's purchase. YOUR last purchase was a line of trucks that was dropped by GM after building a few thousand of them.

Not long thereafter the entire assembly operation at Shreveport was closed in hopes of keeping the Isuzu Q/A virus from spreading to the rest of GM's operations. As of 2017 the Shreveport plant is still for sale following several failed efforts to sell it off. Presently reports indicate that a company has leased some space on the property to store stuff.

Now do you see why I keep harping on the global auto economy being over capacity. If you cannot get someone like Kia to buy the Shreveport plant, that means there's really zero market for it.

Time to move on. Regardless of stock price Ford will survive much longer than the GM we all know unless GM survives as a Chinese corporation. What a shame but that's just the way the cookie crumbles....Posted by: Jeff S | Feb 15, 2019

Looks like I got spoofed by B*g J*rk from *z again.

That little passage above reads a lot like the clown from down under, not the guy from Texas/Kentucky

Why does Jeff keep talking about his wife's purchases? Because Jeff has low T.

@papajim--Do you think I bought the Isuzu because there was a market for it. I bought a new 4x4 crew cab pickup with heated leather seats, tow package, fog lights, cruise, and many other features for about 21k tax, licensing, and registration. Even in 2008 that was a heck of a good buy and it was a new truck not a used one. As for GM I am not the only one who has the opinion that GM has been mismanaged. GM management is good about closing plants and selling off assets but beyond that they have very little interest in maintaining GM as a viable company. GM's drive trains are one of their biggest assets but their product designs and marketing have all the luster of K-mart. The biggest product GM has going for it are the full size trucks and suvs and they better not mess with them too much are the game is over. GM is losing even in China where they were strong. GM needs someone in charge that actually has an interest in vehicles (the same can be said for Ford and the credenza man). Agree about GM selling off unprofitable assets and discontinuing much of their auto line but beyond that GM really doesn't have any viable plans and has less than desirable new products.

GM ownership of Saab which was a legendary brand was the end of Saab. GM didn't do much better with Isuzu which had a good reputation for their 4x4 vehicles and commercial trucks. GM still has a joint venture with Isuzu on diesel engines. GM needs to do some more with Chevrolet and needs to either sell or make Buick a Chinese exclusive brand. Chinese and Korean made Buicks are not helping Buick and shrinking the products down to eventually 3 crossover models is not a viable option. GM has experimented with Cadillac so much that Cadillac has lost its cache. Cadillacs use to be the brand to aspire to and now they have become BMW wannabees. Those who want a BMW are not going to buy a Cadillac and those that want a real luxury vehicle are most likely going to buy a Mercedes or a Lexus. Experimenting with latte shops in New York City was a total failure.

@papajim--It was GM that destroyed Isuzu and not Isuzu that destroyed GM. GM has spread their own Q/A virus and any venture they get in they will destroy that company. Toyota was smart to end the Numi operation because Toyota would have eventually caught the GM influenza. GM has so much potential to grow but such inept management. Such a shame to see once what was a great corporation with competitive products and Number 1 in the World become a has been. Eventually GM will go the way of Sears, International Harvester, Woolworth's, and a few other giants that withered away and either died or became a shell of their former selves.

Jeff S (or BAFO)

There's nothing wrong with GM's North American operations that a GOP Congress operated by real Republicans cannot fix. The previous GOP Congress was run by anti-White House forces who may as well have been Democrats. A GOP Congress might even save Ford at this point---there still may be enough time for that.

Companies like Ford & GM buy foreign operations for one of two reasons---currency leverage; and access to foreign markets that would otherwise be off limits because of unfavorable trade conditions---i.e., blackmail. GM bailed on the EU and actually got some of their original investment back because they pulled off the deal before the stronger dollar made it impossible.

Ford waited too long and now the only foreseeable buyer for Ford assets in Europe would be someone with a lot of US cash. The banking system in the EU is on life-support presently and it's getting worse by the day.

I keep referring to this because transactions of this size require stable currency and the EU's Central Banking big shots want no part of the US controlling any more of their remaining manufacturing operations, especially now that another four years of the current US president are almost assured.

@papajim--Ford and GM should stay away from buying out foreign competitors and better manage their own brands. GM and Ford both have poor track records when it comes to running companies that they buyout. I am not Big Al I am Jeff an American whose family from my grandparents, to parents, and to some of my siblings have owned GM products. Few of my nieces and nephews have owned or will ever own a GM product. If you ask most of the generation of my nieces and nephews about GM vehicles they would tell you that they have a negative opinion about GM and negative opinion about American based car manufacturers. The ones that own trucks at least three nephews have Ford trucks, 1 nephew has a Ram, and 1 has Toyota. Many of them own Toyotas, Hondas, Nissans, Hyundais, Fords, and Kias. Only one niece has a Suburban and that is counting at least over a dozen nieces and nephews. Maybe that does mean much to you but that tells me that when a corporation such as GM loses a generation of customers whose parents, grandparents, and great grandparents for the most part bought GM products over their lifetimes something must be wrong. I have had some of my nephews tell me they wouldn't even take a new GM car, truck, suv, or crossover for free. That is an epic failure of any company when after generations of loyal customers that the following generations wouldn't even take your product for free.

I myself was done with GM until I bought my first GM product in years which was a 99 S-10. Again this is not Big Al. I bought it anyway and the truck was better than expected. You ridicule me for buying my Isuzu which I clearly stated why I bought it but it has been a good truck--maybe not the absolute best truck according to Consumer Reports but I have not had any major issues with it and it has been reliable. I didn't buy it to please you nor as a status symbol but I bought it because it was a good value and it was basically a Chevy which I knew I could get parts and service and I had a good experience with my S-10. Your rantings have almost convinced me not to buy another Chevy truck in the future. I like the new Colorado better than the prior generation but I am very satisfied with my Isuzu. It doesn't do you any good to slam my Isuzu and call it a piece of junk--I do not respond to insults and when you insult someone's truck it is like insulting someone's wife. I have learned as many others on this site that that is how you communicate by insulting others and tearing them down.

I get that you hate Hondas but that is your opinion and not based on fact or experience. The CRV might be my wife's vehicle but I put most of the miles on it and I am the one that has it serviced. I will be driving long after your wife's BMW is gone and it will be worth more than the BMW in 10 or more years because the CRV is a reliable vehicle that people still will buy after 10 or more years. It is one of the most reliable crossovers you can buy and is one of the best at retaining its value. That says it all which is worth more than your opinion.

@papajim--Also I would like to add that the Buick Envision is made only in China--100% Chinese. Nice vehicle but much more expensive than the equivalent Honda that is made in the United States of American and the Honda has a known track record. I would much rather buy an American made vehicle from a Japanese manufacturer than a Chinese made vehicle from an American manufacturer especially when Americans are employed and pay taxes to the United States and the Honda has a better track record. I have more loyalty to Americans than Chinese.

Relax Jeff. The Bimmer is a lease. The average Mercedes, Audi, Volvo or BMW is best leased due to the steep depreciation.

As if that wasn't enough---then you wrote "I do not respond to insults..."

Not much, I'm guessing that your non-response ran more than 500 words.

It must be getting dark in Australia by now. Nitey-nite!

@papajim--Not in Australia. Maybe you are the Fake Papajim.

I love mine. Raised it two inches and put bigger tires on it toand now it looks like a man’s truck and it has the best bed and tailgate in the business. Drives great with 19 mixed and 24 mpg highway
I love this little city truck
Pulls my bass boat with ease

The Honda Ridgeline is not a truck. In fact, the poor little thing doesn't even know which bathroom to use.

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