Ram Ponies Up With Upscale 2019 Chassis Cabs: Video

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In the world of big-truck towing, the equestrian community uses some of the biggest trailers around, logging thousands of miles each year traveling from event to event. Many horse owners have one-ton pickup trucks with the requisite maximum-towing turbo-diesel under the hood. However, others customize medium-duty 4500 and 5500 chassis cabs to provide more just-in-case capability when towing double- and triple-axle livestock trailers. Now Ram is targeting that demographic with its all-new 2019 medium-duty chassis-cab lineup.

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Once the go-to truck of the commercial market, chassis cabs are becoming more upscale as manufacturers take the best technology from their three-quarter-ton and one-ton pickups and put them into these bigger, work-oriented trucks. Manufacturers are doing this to improve their offerings, target new buyers and reduce investment costs. We're guessing many medium-duty buyers will benefit from having a plush cargo hauler that is most likely carrying costly and important cargo.

The all-new 2019 Ram HD chassis cabs have an impressive bed from CM Truck Bed — complete with a spray-on liner, hidden storage lockers and a gooseneck cutout — set up to tow a top-of-the-line horse trailer. Head of Ram Brand North America Jim Morrison is an enthusiast who owns a few horses for fun and sport. So maybe it's not surprising that he pushed to create a well-featured chassis cab that provides a luxurious cabin for long-haul adventures to horse shows or a mountain trailhead.

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image from p.widencdn.net



If you LOVE pickups, there is no better site than PUTC. Hint: they love pickups too.

I love Fords too, Papa!!

No Fords in this story. All about the new Rams

"No Fords in this story. All about the new Rams"

Posted by: papajim

Every story on pickups leads back to Ford--the one all brands want to be !!

What's that saying again about the sincerest form of flattery??

We are in this business, hauling for the equine community. The Long Horn 3500 took over from the King Ranch a few years back and now this offering from Ram will really take off! A lot of time at some of these shows " best of show" carries over to the parking lot. Ram and Ford seems to get that, I wish GM would try to compete.
Thanks for nothing Mary.

The 2019 Rams all look good, the price of the new HO 6.7L will
cost you $11,700.00 ( WOW ) the technology incorporated within
is quite impressive, the trim levels should satisfy anyone but the
#1 nagging issue I have is reliability. AlGore's internet is rife with
countless horror stories about Ram's breaking, VERY expensive
systems not covered, parts backordered-the list is long. Way too
long to drop 65k on a dream truck that may spend more time on a lift then on the road....
The whole thing leaves me cold. And Ford and GMC ain't a whole
hellava lot better.


since you mention cost, focus on a gas V8

Ram's hemi V8 will satisfy most people's truck (and towing) needs just fine. Unless someone's needs require the ability to address the heaviest loads on a daily basis, get the gasser. Less cost, less maintenance.

Let's just remind all the low information voters:

1. Cummins is the engine to own.

2. Duramax is the besst if you have more money than sense.

3. Ford, well... its a Ford. Let the low information voters think what they want.

Nice to see Ford finally get a competitor in HD Cab/Chassis. I think Chevy sometimes makes HDs... sometimes they don't... depends on their mood... Hopefully Fiat will stick around in this market.

I think Ram is missing an opportunity here to offer the Mega Cab in the C/C 5500. Until you get into an M2 Sport chassis, no one offers that sort of room.
@Old GM guy- GM is increasing their tow ratings for the 2020 trucks to be fully competitive. If you're talking fancy interiors, that's objective.

No Fords in this story.
Posted by: papajim | Feb 21, 2019 9:18:22 AM

Ford loses again hahaha!

You forgot to add johnny doe to the names in that last comment. We all know who you are.

Speaking of Ford. Looks like their will be lots of used ones out their soon from the Ford owners trading up to Ram. You can't get a nicer truck because their isn't one. Ram is at the top.

Define nice. 12 inch touch screens? Who here was waiting to buy a Limited without a bed? There were already Limited 450s


Well said, VERY well said!

Papajim had very good point, if you don't need to tow heavy weight, you will save money in the long run with a gasser. Our next fifth wheel trailer will likely weigh around 15,000 pounds loaded, so while I will be looking at some of the new gas offerings, I will probably go with diesel. But then again, it is not fun to lay down an extra $10k or so for the diesel, so who knows...

Semi Hemi, I don't forsee a lot of Ford guys trading in their trucks for Ram chasis cabs. Trading in for the new Supported Duty 7.3 gas with 10 speed is more likely. Good luck with your 2015 Ram.

@ Old GM Guy --Agree with you on Mary Barra. Ram seems to have some momentum going on their HDs. GM has some good drivetrains but they need a CEO that actually has a passion for vehicles. It would be good if GM had someone in charge that really took an interest in their products and strove to make GM better than the competition. In his own way that is what Sergio did with Chrysler--he had some misses but he did make Ram and Jeep into competitive brands. Sergio actually liked cars and trucks and was hands on when it came to FCAs products. Not many like him and he earned his pay. Barra is typical GM coming up from the ranks with few new ideas except to stabilize the ship and keep it from sinking. Don't go outside the box.

Jeff's comment about Mary B and Sergio shines bright light on his cluelessness regarding corporate business.

Sergio was a brilliant strategist. He bought some major assets dirt cheap. Most of the Chrysler designs back then were the work of Daimler's brilliant engineers, or at least their refinements. His timing was near perfect. The venture cap guys who sold Chrysler could not wait to off-load that turkey and a lot of people thought Sergio was crazy despite the price they paid for Chrysler.

Mary B is an operations executive.

GM's board does not want a CEO trying to create strategies---they want someone who understands how to execute strategy, to push the buttons and make things happen fast.

Her success is revealed in the fact that her company is getting things done a year ahead of her competition at Ford---operationally speaking.

She's following the direction of GM's board, and it's working. Ford's team has managed to step in one cow patty after another for about 15 years. It shows.

@papajim--You are correct GM wants someone who walks the GM line. Don't shake things up. It has been a long time since GM has come up with a product that is desirable. Mary is following orders tread water and get rid of some more assets and hopefully there is enough of GM left to sell off. Bonuses and golden parachutes over a company that plans for long-term success. Sergio worked a lot harder and yes he kept some of the Daimler products the ones that customers actually bought. Sergio was the first to see cutting some of the car lines needed to be done. Barra came from the old GM which still exists but not in name. I know enough about business to know when a leader is uninspiring. Read Iacocca's book "Where Have All The Leaders Gone". Iacocca says in his book the we have a crisis when it comes to corporate CEOs, Presidents, and leadership in general. Just as you said Barra follows orders and is only qualified to be an Operations Manager. Papajim that is not leadership that is following orders blindly and not having the guts to speak out when given bad advice. Go ahead and cut but have sense enough to know what to do after you make the cuts. A leader knows how to inspire their employees--Mary inspires GM employees as much as a wet dish towel.

GM really wants to get things done then why has GM ignored and buried the problems at Daewoo, Buick, and Cadillac? It appears Barra is not the only one.

If you think Buick and Cadillac have such great products then why don't you put your money where your mouth is and buy one.

Jeff you keep saying that it's better to hold on to non-performing assets (regardless of the cost) than it is to cut 'em loose. I'm glad you aren't running GM. Strategic CEOs operate in a casino-styled universe where companies either make big money or they lose big.

Brilliant operations execs serve the board of directors (the senior stockholders) because that's where the money is. Most of the guys like Sergio are in Silicon Valley because tech and software is all about strategy.

Industrial stocks are a different animal. Guys like Sergio and Jack Welch get all the big press by it's guys like Warren Buffett who survived over the decades because they have a respect for capital and they are versatile.

You bark up the wrong tree trying to debate me on this stuff.

Sergio and Jack Welch get all the big press BUT it's guys like Warren Buffett


@papajim--I have made it perfectly clear my position on that stop twisting my words. Barra is not a leader she is a Operations Manager and beyond cutting and closing operations and following direct orders that's all she can do. She is the yes person and will do whatever she is told to. If that is all that GM needs then GM would be better to contract the IBM Watson to make these decisions. I believe Watson would be more effective since Watson's judgement would be based on facts. Barra again is an Operations Manager and would be better to go back to that position. Barra is not a leader. You have no idea what a leader is. Read Iacocca's book. Do you believe that Iacocca did not have to make tough decisions like closing plants and discontinuing some unprofitable products. Iacocca had one thing that Barra and the credenza man at Ford had is that he was a leader. He would get out in front of a problem and take full responsibility and he was not afraid to speak to his employees or to the public in general. Iacocca became the face of Chrysler and became Chryslers spokesman even in advertising. Iacocca also was instrumental in coming up with new products that customers wanted. If you believe that that the only attributes in being a CEO are closing plants and cutting costs then you are myopic. That is just part of what a leader does. You have to not be afraid to shake some things up. Go back to your earnings per share and stock price because that is all you can see.

Iacocca had one thing that Mary and the credenza man at Ford lacked he knew what a leader was and he did it. Not just being a hatchet man but willing to make tough decisions and take responsibility for those decisions.

@papajim--I respect Warren Buffett but he is not the CEO of GM or Ford. Leadership just not entail earnings per share and stock price. You can get a computer program to make those decisions.

You don't sound like a guy who's ever had to answer to the men and women who own millions of shares of your company's stock.

Surprise! They are real people Jeff and they want to assure the long term value of their investments.

Guys like Mr Iococca come along every 50 years or so. Corporate boards don't have that sort of time to burn waiting for the next genius to come along.

Although you dismissively refer to market metrics like EPS and daily stock prices, it's the life blood of finance. Your attitude about it makes you sound like a goofball---which is putting it nicely.

@papajim--No you are the one who cannot see the entire picture. What happens when a company just concentrates on earnings per share and stock price and nothing else? How much stock do you own? I bet I own much more stock than you do and for a longer period of time. As I said a good computer program can trace the value of the stock and earnings per share and make a decision as to what a corporation needs to do in order to raise that. You are only looking at short term and not long term. I agree this is an ideal strategy if the corporate board is wanting to eventually sell GM off or liquidate it. If the value of the assets does become worth more than GM's potential earnings after taxes then sell off the assets. The proceeds could be used for more worthwhile investments with less risk. If this is the strategy sell Daewoo off since the only vehicles they make for GM NA are the Trax and Encore and the mounting labor disputes will cause GM further problems and drain off profits. Sell off Buick to the Chinese and do something with Cadillac besides trying to compete with BMW and next Tesla. That is one reason I will never own GM stock again and I am glad I got out of the old GM stock before it collapsed. I might change my mind if I saw them as a potential takeover target because their value would go up and then they would be worth more than what they are now. PSA managed to turn Opel around in 1 year from a revenue draining operation to a profitable one. PSA did make some cuts but they weren't burdened with GM's career management and mindset.

@papajim--There are leaders out there like Iacocca and Sergio but a corporation has to look for them and not just except the yes man. GM needs to bring in some new blood once the corporate cutting and selling off is done. GM's corporate hierarchy needs a major shakeup. Start with retiring the old with an attractive retirement package. Keeping these people will only hurt GM in the long run. There might not be many Iacocca and Sergios out there but they are there. You can make all the excuses in the World for GM but if they lack real leaders they will not make it in the long run and maybe that is for the best.

Jeff should have his own show about Investing---put it on the Comedy Channel.

I sent an email to Mark Williams on Friday at his Cars.com account. In return I got an auto-reply indicating that there is no such address on the system. I forwarded my message to a another person at Cars.com; as a result I learned from Mark personally today that he's movin' on.

As always this is a really gracious guy. I'm going to miss his reporting a lot.

He asked me to convey to the rest of you that our comments mean a lot to the people in the industry. The engineers and other creative folks love to get the feedback straight from the customers. His skill with editorial content and video, along with his deep understanding of the subject (trucks) means that he'll be popping up again soon at another publication. My sincere best wishes to him and hope the rest of you feel the same.

Papadim are you living off of investment profit or just social security. I am beating on social security.

Thanks for reporting that papajim. I wish Mark well in his future endeavors, I have really enjoyed reading his articles and watching his videos over the years. Mark will truly be missed.

Those are going to be some pretty big shoes to fill here at PUTC, I guess all we can do is hope for the best.


It all comes down to one's own orientation---Your life is governed by fear, or by optimism.

You love a challenge, or you don't believe you're able to face it.

You're either positive (or not). Mark's a talented editor and a good guy. He'll do well no matter where he is.

thanks for the reply.


Why not give me a call. I was going to give you all of my account numbers and my SS number.

You might be interested in knowing that my family is getting ready to off load some residential property we have in East St. Louis Illinois. I think it's right up your alley. Interested?


Why not give me a call. I was going to give you all of my account numbers and my SS number.

You might be interested in knowing that my family is getting ready to off load some residential property we have in East St. Louis Illinois. I think it's right up your alley. Interested?


Going back a number or years, when Mike Levine was still here, I thought this was a really good website. Over time, I felt that Mark Williams truly took this website to the next level and beyond. This has been one of my single favorite websites for several years, all a testament to how well Mark Williams ran things here. Aside from all the great detailed content and comparisons etc. Mark did a very good job of not showing bias. Again, Mark will be truly missed.

@Texas1836--Agree Mark will be missed and Mark did not show any biased. Most of the trucks on the market today are good. I can't get too hung up on brands like many on this site. I have owned Fords but never a Ford truck but you never know I could one day.

@papajim--If my bonus was based on earnings per share and stock value I wouldn't care what happened to the company. Get while the getting is good and let the company fail. If this is GM's only strategy then it will be gone sooner than later. You should be on Comedy Central because if you are this naive then you are a joke. If you believe GM is such a great investment then put your money where your mouth is and buy GM stock. I gave rational reasons as to why I believe GM is not a good investment and that these reasons are not based on whether I like GM products are not. I don't let my emotions rule over rationality when I invest my money. If I were Barra and the board I would suck as much money out of GM as I could--run the stock price up and then sell GM off and take the money and run. GM is just a shrinking automobile company in a competitive Global market. GM will continue to lose market share and eventually become just a distant memory. This is not what I want but the handwriting is on the wall. I bet the Chinese could make Buick and Cadillac a very relevant brand in the US and maybe even globally.

Not the real Jeff.

Why not give me a call. I was going to give you all of my account numbers and my SS number.
You might be interested in knowing that my family is getting ready to off load some residential property we have in East St. Louis Illinois. I think it's right up your alley. Interested?

Posted by: papajim | Feb 24, 2019 4:35:37 PM

Thanks for the thought. I only buy in a ten mile range.

@papajim--Wouldn't you do the same thing if you were given a bonus based on raising the earnings per share and the stock price? I seriously doubt you are that altruistic and would do it for the greater good. I would run the stock price up who cares about a corporation it is a legal entity and not a person and if I could make a killing off them I would do it. Corporations come and go.

You're in Collinsville. You can damn near walk to E. St Louis if you have armed security with you. Not even 10 miles

@papajim--The Chinese will probably make most of our cars and trucks in the future so who cares whether it is a Chinese company making the vehicles or an American company that is outsourcing production of vehicles to China. If you are paying me based on stock price and earnings per share I can easily rationalize that GM is going to either be sold off or liquidated and might as well get the money while I can.

You're in Collinsville. You can damn near walk to E. St Louis if you have armed security with you. Not even 10 miles

Posted by: papajim | Feb 24, 2019 6:41:34 PM

I am not in Collinsville or Illinois for that matter.

@papajim- Do you remember Gordon Gekko "Greed is Good." -Now do I sound like a liberal or a socialist?

The real JTT grew up in Granite City and moved to Collinsville in the 1990s when his family lost their jobs at the steel mill.

Maybe you're the fake JTT

The real JTT grew up in Granite City and moved to Collinsville in the 1990s when his family lost their jobs at the steel mill.
Maybe you're the fake JTT

Posted by: papajim | Feb 24, 2019 7:15:47 PM

I am real. I live and breathe.

you also post under multiple IDs

you also post under multiple IDs

Posted by: papajim | Feb 24, 2019 8:27:18 PM


and you're a garden-variety sociopath

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