Nissan Unveils Ultimate Work Titan at The Work Truck Show

image from photos by Aaron Bragman

By Aaron Bragman

Nissan's Ultimate Work Titan, debuting at The Work Truck Show 2019, is a product of Nissan's Calling All Titans campaign that gives back to various communities with specialized trucks created in conjunction with, and for, three charitable organizations: American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and the National Park Foundation.

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The first truck was the Ultimate Service Titan created with the American Red Cross, and built as the ultimate mobile command center/first responder truck. It's currently in service in south Florida. The second is the Ultimate Work Titan unveiled at the annual industry trade show in Indianapolis, made for Habitat for Humanity and designed to be the ultimate construction site manager's tool.

Capable Origins

Nissan's Ultimate Work Titan started as a 2019 Nissan Titan XD Midnight Edition truck equipped with the turbocharged 5.0-liter Cummins diesel V-8 engine and four-wheel drive. But as soon as this Titan XD rolled off the assembly line, Nissan's partner at Fluid Peak modified it for ultimate work duty, aimed at helping Habitat for Humanity's efforts in building low-cost housing for disadvantaged families and individuals. After consulting building site managers and volunteers, Nissan determined three key areas needed addressing: getting to the work site, managing the work site and doing the work.

Get on Site

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To get to the work site, Nissan increased capabilities by adding a factory-authorized 3-inch Icon suspension lift kit with 17-inch Icon Alloys Rebound wheels wrapped in 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler off-road tires. Addictive Desert Designs Stealth steel bumpers were swapped in front and rear, Calmini fender flares were added, and a Warn Xeon Platinum 12-S winch was installed up front. Additional job site lighting is mounted to the truck with Baja LED lights all around, while AMP power retractable running boards adorn the sides.

Manage the Site

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Once at the work site, managing the project is of paramount importance, and Nissan upgraded the Titan's interior to become a mobile office. Up front, there's a laptop station with charging capability for mobile devices, a 13-inch laptop and 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity. A custom mobile office desk replaces the backseat and houses a dedicated power inverter, a printer and file storage for forms, blueprints, site maps or other paperwork.

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Do the Work

But you can't sit in the truck forever; eventually you must get out and do some work. The Ultimate Work Titan comes equipped with a Bedslide 2000 Heavy Duty sliding rack anchored to the Titan's Utili-track bed channel system and a Decked lockable storage system housing a variety of DeWalt power tools. A Zamp 200-watt power inverter mounted in a lockable toolbox provides additional power sources, which is secured underneath a TrailFX aluminum ladder rack.

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You can't buy a turnkey Titan with all this Ultimate Work stuff added, but just about everything is commercially available from various suppliers and sources to build your own. This one will be displayed at The Work Truck Show through Friday before going to Habitat for Humanity.

Stay tuned in May for the third truck to be unveiled; that one was created with and for the National Park Foundation.

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Another medium to display non OEM add ons.

front looks like Opie with that bumper

Too bad the "Ultimate Work Titan" isn't available in crew cab/8ft. box.

"Too bad the "Ultimate Work Titan" isn't available in crew cab/8ft. box.

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Mar 6, 2019 2:00:28 PM"

I highly agree, also I'd settle (maybe even prefer) a king cab with the 8' bed.

I don't really care for this particular type of setup but overall it's not bad at all and quite useful, at least as far as the exterior goes. I personally don't like high-side toolboxes because they block the view, and the Decked drawers (I've had them) take up a lot of space and aren't very secure. I prefer the crossover boxes or jobsite boxes closest to the cab.

I'm curious about that mobile office in the back seat. I don't want one but want to know how it works. Do you sit there at a desk with paperwork or something? Seems like a huge waste of space. What I'd really like to see is a system of shelves to be able to store more tools, paperwork, etc. inside the cab but be able to be taken out quickly and easily when you want to use the back seat. A lot of us use our work trucks as personal and family vehicles as well and it would be nice to have a storage system that goes in and comes out quickly depending on the task at hand.

I forgot to add that if you raise the height of the bed of your truck up by using drawers like that you might want protection for your back window, like the headache racks with steel mesh. I've seen more than once someone stomp on the brakes and have something go sliding or tumbling through the glass.

The Cummins is great in the XD, except for the bad mileage.

So pair it with an electric generator/motor to turn this thing into a REAL mobile office/workshop. Then you could have an office and a welder, campsite, or.. whatever.

As soon as you park this truck to do any work in south central Los Angeles it wont be where you parked it. I will stick to my NV Van thank you so much. It allows me to lock everything inside and also has a gps tracker.

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