See the Rivian R1T Electric Pickup in Wind Tunnel Testing


By Joe Bruzek

Rivian, the budding electric pickup truck and SUV manufacturer, is showing off its R1T electric truck in wind tunnel testing in an online teaser video of the truck in development. A full-size clay model of the R1T is shown being tweaked on the fly, with mentions of modifying the spoiler location and air curtains during wind tunnel testing. In the video, Rivian says it's using techniques and technologies from the racing industry to optimize the truck's aerodynamics because it's an efficiency directly correlated to potential range.

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Rivian claims the R1T's range will top all current electric vehicles on the market with an estimated 400 miles, a bold claim Rivian attributes to the R1T's aerodynamic performance, which we get a sneak peek at in the vignette. Currently, Tesla tops the electric range charts with its EPA-rated 335 miles of range in the Model S 100 D; Tesla has its own pickup in the works.

R1T deliveries are expected to begin in late 2020 with the first available trucks fully equipped with the highest performance and largest battery packs (180 kilowatt-hours and 135 kwh) that in its quickest configuration (135 kwh) Rivian says will accelerate the R1T to 60 mph in 3 seconds; the 105-kwh battery launches in 2021. You can place a preorder for the R1T now for $1,000.

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