Tesla Teases Electric Pickup Truck, the One Said to Be Unveiled This Year

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By Fred Meier

Ever the master showman, Tesla chief Elon Musk followed the webcast reveal of his Model Y electric SUV Thursday with a quick teaser image of his promised Tesla electric pickup truck, shown as the end titles from sci-fi movie classic "Blade Runner" played. So quick, in fact, that many missed it; Musk followed on Twitter on Friday with tweets applauding the "sick" 1982 flick and showing the teaser rendering for his "cyberpunk truck" inspired by the movie.

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It was a cryptic image so cryptic that it's not entirely clear which end of the truck you are looking at. But the tease continues to stir the pot for what he has previously tweeted will be an unveiling of the Tesla pickup this year.

Given that the time frame for Model Y production models extends through 2020, we don't expect to see pickup production any time soon. But if Tesla follows form, you'll be invited to plunk down a deposit after the unveiling, as you now can for the coming Model Y.

While Musk offered no more details about the truck, he sketched out some potential capabilities in a twitter exchange with fans last June in which he asked what they would like to see in a Tesla pickup. Among the tidbits he offered were that it would be a big truck and hold six passengers, have "crazy torque" (pretty much a given for electric motors), have available range up to 400 to 500 miles (more than any current Tesla thanks to room for a bigger battery), have a dynamic suspension that adjusts to load, have dual-motor all-wheel drive, have 240-volt for tools and have a huge towing capacity. Oh, and despite the cyberpunk description, it will look like a truck.

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