Electric Truck News Roundup: Tesla Pickup Reveal Date, Hummer EV and $125K Bollinger

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By Nick Kurczewski

The future of electric trucks and SUVs could turn out to be a strange, unexpected and pretty expensive place to be in the years ahead. That's based on some of the most recent electric-truck-related news bouncing around the internet.

To start things off, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed we'll see the Tesla pickup truck soon, tweeting, "Cybertruck unveil on Nov 21 in LA near SpaceX rocket factory."

Next, Hummer, a brand synonymous with SUV excess and single-digit fuel mileage, might jump back to relevance as an electric truck brand. GM is exploring the possibility of bringing Hummer back to help spearhead sales of electric trucks and SUVs.

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Leading up to Tesla's truck reveal announcement, Musk took to Twitter to say he's unimpressed with online renderings of the company's future "Cybertruck." Yes, Cybertruck is apparently the title Tesla is now bestowing upon its upcoming electric pickup.

Finally, Bollinger Motors announced pricing for its B1 sport utility and B2 pickup truck. The Detroit-based upstart company has its eyes on well-heeled clients who aren't afraid of muddy trails, rough terrain or six-digit price tags.

Hummer 2.0: The Replanting of a Brand

There are few vehicles less likely to have a green and eco-friendly image than the trucks that carried the Hummer badge. In the early 2000s, sport utilities like the Hummer H2 and H3 had a bravado image that played off the truck's military-based heritage. They were big, bold and had a healthy appetite for gasoline. But when GM teetered on the verge of collapse roughly one decade ago, Hummer was unceremoniously shut down.

Yet, GM is considering a revival and using Hummer as a premium brand to promote and sell a range of high-end electric trucks and SUVs. According to this Reuters report, GM is aiming its electric vehicle efforts at the premium truck class, a market that's currently red hot in the U.S. Both GMC and Cadillac will add electric trucks to their lineups within several years, most likely by 2023. Ahead of this rollout, a stand-alone EV brand might be launched to familiarize shoppers with the idea of a GM-built electric truck and/or SUV in the first place. That brand could be Hummer.

Tesla Cybertruck Goes Commando

Elon Musk isn't impressed. At least that's the impression Tesla's CEO gave in a recent tweet, where he wrote that online renderings of Tesla's upcoming electric truck don't look like anything he's seen "bouncing around the internet." His creation will have the outward appearance of a "personnel carrier," according to the same tweet.

Unless you've skipped all EV news for the past few months, you'll have noticed there have been dozens of amateur design sketches and drawings of the future Tesla truck. And if you're familiar with Musk, you'll remember this is a CEO who enjoys "bouncing" around the internet — sometimes to the consternation of Tesla shareholders, underwater rescue experts, and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Tesla released one indistinct image of its upcoming electric truck earlier this year, during the introduction of the Model Y crossover. Considering how safe Tesla played things with the Model Y — a small sport-ute that looks like a Model 3 sedan on stilts — it's surprising to hear Musk say the company's high-volume pickup will have a much more polarizing design.

We should know more in only a matter of weeks, when the Cybertruck is revealed on Nov. 21, a day before the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show opens to the public.

Bollinger Trucks Cost Big Bucks

Bollinger is a new addition to the growing ranks of electric vehicle companies. To stand out from the crowed, the Bollinger B1 sport utility and B2 pickup have exterior designs that rival a refrigerator box in terms of squareness. If you like 90-degree angles, removable doors and exposed rivets, you'll love the Bollinger electric truck duo.

But if your car budget is tight, this love affair might not last long. That's because Bollinger Motors announced the B1 and B2 will cost $125,000 apiece. Order books are open now, with first deliveries expected by early to mid-2021. While the price is high, the Bollinger trucks will be labor-intensive to build, and volumes are going to be low. Bollinger told PickupTrucks.com that first-year sales in 2021 will be limited to only 1,000 vehicles — split about evenly between the B1 and B2.

Both trucks are EPA-certified Class 3 vehicles, have all-wheel drive and come powered by a 120-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack mounted in the skateboard-like chassis. Range is about 200 miles, or approximately 10 hours of serious off-roading (according to Bollinger Motors). One interesting party trick found in both trucks is a cargo pass-through that extends from the front trunk, through the cabin and into the trunk or pickup bed.

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